Check at feedburner, saw the growing rate of subscribers’ everyday and hope to have more readers of the new post. But when checked the stats, FUCK UP! Excuse me, why aren’t subscribers reading the new posts?
The above thing is like an unsolved mystery for me. Seriously I think this is most complex thing then finding the total number of person Paris Hilton slept with. The amount of subscribers is rising day by day but if you filter the readers among the subscribers, the result is nearly null. Why is this happening? And the shittiest thing is if people don’t want to read the future articles of the post then WHY THE FUCK DO THEY SUBSCRIBE?
People just subscribe the blog if they find it interesting and useful for them. But the useful things they subscribe are deleted so fast like the movie of Jennifer Lopez goes out of cinema hall. I don’t get even 5% of my subscribers reading my new post. What may be the reason behind this? I DON’T KNOW!!!!
I don’t think this is just my problem rather I think it happens to all of the bloggers around. People subscribe to your blog; you get happy to have more readers and while checking your stats, don’t forget to put your hands on your head!!!
Here I am not giving the solution nor am I investigating the question. I am just asking to all of you in search of better advice. Excuse me, why aren’t my subscribers reading my posts?
If you too Fall In My Category Then Please Share Your View Through Comments.
If you find my post somehow okay and want to Subscribe then please Promise me that YOU WILL READ MY POST!!!

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Selling Lindsay Lohan’s ASS To Get Blog Traffic!!
The Easiest Way To Get Traffic From Digg!
How To Get Traffic From Mybloglog?

Caution: If you have good blog and don’t want to loose the reputation of your blog then PLEASE DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!!!

This idea is for losers. Losers like me! Got a blog, saw a dream of making money, tried writing worst posts but NO TRAFFIC AT ALL! Lie in this category? Oh then you are a loser too!! He he .This post is completely dedicated to YOU!
What do you do to get traffic? Say you mom to open your blog many times a day? Or extend your church hour to make god happy so that he will send you traffic? Why don’t you try what I did? Ok tell me first, do you have hot celebrities picture in your computer (exclude Angelina Jolie, she’s a mom afterall)? USE IT AND GET TRAFFIC FROM DIGG OR REDDIT?
I did that and got great traffic. Read my post Selling Lindsay Lohan’s ASS To Get Traffic. I always submitted my post ion digg but never got traffic. So I began searching for the ways to get traffic from Digg. From my survey I found that there is great mass of people using DIGG who loves to see the hot things of Hot People. So why not drive them to your blog. Now I am going to teach you how to drive them to your blog. And yeah I don’t need a Hallelujah!
Take a hot picture of super hot people and then edit an old post of your blog and upload the picture there and publish it. Go to Digg or Reddit. Fill in the blanks and your post is submitted! Now just see the flow of people coming to your blog to see that hot pictures or video. What? You wanted the traffic and you got it!
Some people’s writing is so great that they will easily get traffic because of their writing. But what about the losers like us? Don’t we deserve traffic? So I used this easiest and instant way. What about you? Try it to believe it!

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No traffic from search engines, no traffic from mybloglog and really no traffic from anywhere! But I need traffic to get nice pagerank, to boost the Alexa rank. But no traffic at all! What am I going to do now? Pray the god whole day to request him to send traffic to my blog? Or buy some so called cheap but Expensive traffic? But I found the way. SELLING LINDSAY LOHAN’S ASS!!!!!!!
Was that a Hard hitter? Read the rest of the post.
I was submitting all of my posts in social networking sites like digg or reddit wanting a great traffic. But the traffic was really low like the selling of Paris Hilton’s music album. Then I felt that it’s really hard to get traffic from digg with my pathetic posts. So I tried by writing Lindsay Lohan’s post. Then the traffic increased slightly. I thought Lindsay lohan sells in such sites. So why not take a bold step? Then I started selling LINDSAY LOHAN’S ASS! Voila! It sold like the Led Zeppelin’s concert tickets. I never knew Lindsay Lohan’s ass was so precious. What I did was take a super hot Lindsay’s picture from my computer and post it in my blog and then submitted the URL in digg and reddit. And see the flow of traffic coming to my blog.
Lindsay’s ass is really my blog saver. At last, HAIL Lindsay Lohan’s ASS!!!!!!!

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Straight to the point, yes some of this free Seo ebooks really can help you while some will put you into mental trauma. No kidding, some has such a worst Seo ideas that you may think they are the bad writer than me. But if you find some good seo ebook in the net then it can really help you. After a series of unsuccessful blogs without any readers (exclude me), I began to think about the possible causes of the disaster of my blogs. I always wanted to give good content (forget Britney and Paris Underwear stuff for a while) as I have heard that CONTENT IS THE KING. But my blog was like king without a queen. As there were good contents (ha ha ha …please don’t laugh) but no visitors. So I was thinking about the ways to drive the wild traffic to my blog. Then somewhere I heard that search engines are the major ways to drive traffic to the blog and search engine optimization is the best way to show your idiot face in search engines. Then started my hunt for free seo ebooks. I downloaded lots of free ebooks from Google and started reading it. I read the first one from top to bottom and found that for better search engine rank you should go to some websites and pay them. Funny, isn’t it? They are asking money with me who even makes his girlfriend to pay the bill during date. And next one put me in mental trauma. No kidding, this was the worst ebook that I ever read. But I was happy in a sense that there is someone who writes WORST articles than me. But then I found income for dummies ebook and frankly speaking I found that it was the best seo ebook I ever read but hell it was not FREE. Only two chapters of it were free. It was like giving a full scholarship and asking hefty sum of money to fill the form (it happens in Nepal, you get full scholarship for guitar class worth 1200 but you have to fill a form costing 1000 rupees.) I got confused, the free one is not good and the good one is not free. After that too I read a lot of free seo ebooks and found some were quite interesting too and that helped me in some cases like putting keywords, caching by Google and other stuffs. In a nutshell, I suggest you to read lots of free seo ebooks because even some are bad, they give you some nice information. And the best part is you don’t have to lose anything coz THEY ARE FREE. I will even watch Pamela Andersons movies if it is for free. So take all access to the things that are free and why these free seo ebooks should be exception. If this is the worst post you ever read then please Subscribe me. OPPURTUNIY Get A Free Backlink. Some WORST posts. Worst Ebook I ever read. Lindsay Lohan Quitting Drugs- can Dog live without bone?4 UNCOOL ways to promote your blog- Praise, Beg, Misuse and Irritate.

Was the title a Hardhitter? If yes, read more.
As of fact, around 90% of revenue of Google is generated by Adwords advertisement. The advertisement given by a Google (ads by Google, in common) to different sites or blogs or in Google search is the main resource of Google income. What does it means? Does it make Google eligible to be called a PIMP? Yes!
You have a blog and I am so sure that you use adsense there. If the answer is NO, I should have to shave my arse. Now the story begins. When a user clicks on the ad of the site or blog, you get paid by Google. But do you know that you are paid only around 30 or 40% of the total money that advertisers pay to Google? So where is other money? Surely, in Google’s stomach. Now you see, Google takes money from advertiser, puts ads about them in your blog and gets commission as a middleman. What do we call such a middleman? A PIMP?
The main source of earning of Google is generated by acting as a middleman. Advertiser pays for clicks, Google too pays little amount to the clicks and eat other. Now I think you all are clear about what was I saying? So isn’t Google eligible to be called a pimp?
I don’t have any angriness with Google as adsense too is the main resource of my blogging income (although it is less than $100). I just wanted to make the story clear. Lastly, hey Google PIMP MY BLOG!
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I am not starting this post with the definition or work of mybloglog as I hope you all know it. So for what purpose are you guys using it? Obvious answer, for promotion of blog! Second obvious answer, to know what is going on blogosphere. Should I give the third obvious answer? I don’t think so. but have you ever used it to make great friends? I am not so fool to expect an obvious answer again. But yeah, we can get many great friends from mybloglog and this post is dedicated to all the sweet friends I made from mybloglog.
We use myspace, we use hi5 and may be facebook too to know new people and make friends. But have you ever used mybloglog? I too hadn’t used it before I started giving pain to people (doesn’t my post gives you pain? He he). But when I entered to blogging then I started using it. My first days were boring and I was just wondering what to do. Then I started making contacts and messaging them. But fortunately I met some good people of my age (unfortunately, for them!) and we started sharing message about our blog. But during the sharing of those messages we became close and we became friends. Nowadays with more than my five great friends I made there, I chat almost everyday and we just don’t talk only about blog rather we also talk about other common things. And the best thing about making friends from mybloglog is ‘Make a friend, get a Reader FREE!”. So why not try to befriend with the people of similar interests using mybloglog?

Oh yeah, Please don’t forget to remember that THIS WAS NOT A SPONSORED POST!!!!
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Poor part of the world or least developed world or whatever you call it, welcome to the third world.
Difference in color of skin, difference in ability or difference in attitude but similarity in one thing, MONEY. Yeah this money thing is the only major similarity between the so called first world and us third world. We love money like them and really want to earn loads of it. Since this blog is about making money from blog so I am going to talk about blog today. So how is blogging in third world? Are there any problems in making money from for blogging?
To be true, yes we got some problems in making money from blogs and I am going to talk about it tonight. Let’s start from the base, what makes a Blogger? Of course internet and there is something rotten in the first step. Internet is really expensive here and for a normal family it’s hard to use it. Yeah we got cyber cafes but they too are somehow expensive. So we got a problem in first step.
Okay let’s imagine you did blogging and made some money. Now the problem starts. This is the step where you start feeling depressed. Why? I have a reason. For example let’s talk about getting paid from adsense. When you make $50, they will send you a pin code by post. And you have to wait for more than a month to get that pin code and after you out in your account, they send you a check. And after depositing check in the local band, you are free. Yes free to do anything as it really takes long time. In my view you can get married and finish the loooong honeymoon before you can get your money from the bank. I got 2 checks and it took my more than 45 days both times. God Britney spears can do 22 marriages and divorces between that time. We should wait for that long. Any first world people who has been so late to be paid? And I too have heard that in some rich Asian or European country you get paid by western union. But this is not applicable for Nepal and I think I will be old when it will arrive in Nepal.
Now let’s talk about paypal. The big player of internet money like Payperpost, Smorty and some more programs pays you through paypal. And WE CANNOT RECEIVE MONEY FROM PAYPAL IN NEPAL. Now what am I going to do with the money I earn through this program? SEND TO CHARITY!
These are the only some problems there are more lots problem to make money from blogging here. Because this is third world and this is the story of Blogging in Third World.
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Jon Davies Ebook

word of mouth ethics
After waiting long time for my blog to be eligible with terms of Payperpost, I recently got approved by it. What does this means? This means now I have access to the biggest money making game in the internet. Yes, if I haven’t heard untrue, Payperpost is one of the biggest sources of money that you can earn from blogging.

I was impressed by Payperpost when I first heard about it before a month but then I was not eligible for it. This means my blog was not 90 days old at that time. As they do not accept the infant blog of 30 or 70 days, I had to wait for full 90 days to apply for them. And when I applied after being eligible, VOILA! I got approved.
When I entered the world of blogging, the only thing I wanted to do was earn money from it. But it was not so easy to earn good money wholly depending on Pay per click programs. As my blog is new and don’t have much traffic so it’s very hard to earn from such programs. So I was in search of such programs that would pay me without being my ads clicked and also pay nice money. That was the time when I read about Payperpost in some blogs. Then I thought this was the right place but I was sad to hear that they only accept blogs that were older then 90 days. So I didn’t had another option than waiting. But the waiting has been fruitful as now I have been approved and I think I will put good cash in my hands afterwards.
Payperpost is the biggest marketplace connecting bloggers and advertisers together. You can call it a giant in that field. Doesn’t this means we can get more assignments which leads to more income? Yes, it means that. And the best thing is you don’t desperately have to check your inbox to see if there is any new job for you as you can find minimum(note MINIMUM) 1 assignment per day. What does this means? I think it means that we can buy more gifts for girlfriend without thieving money from wife’s purse. He he
These are the things I have known about Payperpost and I think this is really great for every blogger out there. As there is nothing wrong with giving Payperpost a try as you have nothing to loose. What do you think? And for me, I have already planned to use the money I earned for having lots of fun and parties. And the best thing is I shouldn’t take money from dads purse for that now.

This is my fourth post on How To Get Traffic For Your Blog. If you haven’t read the previous post, please have a look at it.
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Have you heard of Blogcatalog? Yeah I am talking about same Blogcatalog which seems like the mybloglog. I mean both have many similar features. If you are driving traffic from mybloglog currently then imagine what your traffic will be after having 2 mybloglog. But you may ask, what’s new on Blogcatalog than mybloglog so you are writing entire post about it? But although they seem like the brothers lost on childhood, there is one new and really important widget in Blogcatalog through which we can generate good amount of traffic. So why not devote this post on the name of Blogcatalog?
Blogcatalog can be used in many ways to get traffic. Like messaging other people about your post, promoting your blog and many other things you are doing in mybloglog. But there is one twist on the tale and that is called Discussion which is the main way I am using to generate traffic. This discussion place is the one where we can discuss anything we like. Anything which is related to our niche or anything which is not related to our niche, from Bush to Saddam, from John Chow to Rabin can be discussed here. And this is the place which we should use to generate traffic. How?
1. Answer The Question:
You can answer the question asked in the discussion followed by the link to your site. This makes your link visible and somebody can click it. When you answer lots of question with a link then there are more chances of getting clicked. I too got some traffic just for answering, so you too will get that.
2. Ask the question:
Next step, start the discussion asking some logical question (if your question is without logic, it’s even better). You will be surprised how fast somebody will answer you. It takes even less time than counting Nicholas cage’s GOOD movie. But one thing to remember: again don’t forget to put a link of your site in the question. Chances of getting clicked are even better. But it will be really good if you ask the question related to the post of your blog.
3. Shameless Blog Promotion:
This is the best thing about discussion. Shameless blog promotion is a thread which can be used when you are trying to promote your blog without shame (why to feel shame hah, everyone wears UNDERWEAR). And if you are asking the question for shameless blog promotion then you can ask anything which will drive people to your blog. For example, before some days I started discussion asking ‘What is on the top of my blog?’ and I got nearly 15 people to my site searching the answer. Isn’t it great?
These are the main things you can do to generate traffic from Blogcatalog. So feel free and promote your blog SHAMELESSLY!
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Get Traffic From Digg.

This is my third post on the series of how to gain traffic for your blog and in fact this is my one of older posts and I hope it is really beneficial this time too. I think you don’t want to miss the first and second part of the story.
Part1- How To Get Traffic From Mybloglog?
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Are you furious with your mom for not reading your blog today because you didn’t have any one visitors and your blog went without a page view? Or you dislike your parents for not giving birth to many children as lots of brothers or sisters means lots of readers of your blog. Or do your friends hate you just because their inbox is full of your messages asking them to visit your blog? Or you can’t take this unsuccessful blogging anymore and are watching Nicholas Cage's movie to die faster (Trust me, his movie are more dangerous than poisons) If this is the case then STOP DOING THAT AND LISTEN TO ME?You all want more than thousands of people to see your things (except your private videos) and want them to praise you. This is true for everybody. for this you need traffic and the main source of traffic is search engines but what if you don’t have a search engine friendly sites or what if your blog is never in top 10 pages of search engines? Does this mean you will never have any readers for your blog? No, in such cases we have DIGG. (What the hell is this?)So what is DIGG? Acc. to its website;’ Digg is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web’. In fact Digg is the social networking site where you can submit your articles and will be visible for all the smartass of this world. As this is a free site you don’t have to worry about money. But before submitting I want to make it clear that it is best to submit only the best articles rather than the articles which you are reading just now. This means submit only good stuffs there. Submission is really easy. Just go to the Digg homepage and sign in or sign up and after entering to your profile just submit it. And after submission the users of Digg may read your story and vote you I mean digg you. And if you have many diggs then you will be in the first page of Digg which means enormous traffic to your blog. I can assure you that if you are on the first page then you will get the biggest traffic till date. As I already told you will get really heavy traffic with Digg.But if you failed to come to the first page then also you need not to worry as you can small traffic easily. I too submitted my article called Sorry Lindsay Lohan But You Just Became Cheap Sex Icon in Digg and I got quiet traffic though it never went to the front page. So I think it’s much better to submit your article to DIGG rather than scolding mom for not reading your blog. Isn’t it?If this is the WORST Post You Ever Read Then Please Subscribe Me.

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Firstly, let me notify you all that this is the second post on how to get traffic for your blog. If you haven’t read the first one then I would like you to read it here.
This is the easiest and cool option on what to do when you have no reader for your blog except your mother (only if she can read English, my mom cant. So I don’t have that option too). So what to do next? Easy, comment on other people’s blog!
You have a full size Jesus picture on wall, you go to church every Sunday, you help little kids to search their lost penny BUT god is still not helping you, God is not sending traffic to your blog! What you going to do then? Extend your praying hour? I have an easy option. Just go to other blogs and comment with a link to your site. I don’t know about big bloggers but small bloggers like us will really visit your blog. I have done it and still doing it. And this is not my new ‘freshly brought from a poultry’ idea. Big bloggers like john chow also did it in his struggling age. So I can guarantee you that this is one of the best ideas for some free traffic to your blog.
This will not give you a crashing traffic but for the blogs that are drought without any traffic this is the easiest idea. And this fruitful not only for you, but for all the people associated in this process. You can read some great post of the blog you comment and have a reader later and the blog too will get traffic. So why not help other and help yourself. I think this brotherhood may make the world a better place. He he. Strongly recommended!
And if you want one free traffic then COMMENT this post!

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Before I start, let me guess something. You have a blog and loads of content too but you don’t have people to view your blog (exclude your mom and other family members for a while). Am I right? Why not, this is the reason you are reading this post now. So today for my valuable readers I am going to share some techniques or ideas that I am doing to get traffic to my blog. And the best thing about this post is I am not going to teach you same old SEO ideas or something that you find everywhere in this wild wild web. So if you are not a geek but a clever person then BOOKMARK THIS PAGE or Subscribe me because for some days I am teaching you cool new ideas to get traffic to your blog and I know you don’t want to miss it.
1. How To Generate Traffic From MYBLOGLOG
I think you all know about mybloglog, if you don’t shoot yourself on head and run in the railway track (shame on you). So for what reason you are using mybloglog? To check your site’s stat? Or to meet other people of similar interests? Please don’t tell me you are searching for date on mybloglog. I think this is most ridiculous thing than searching good movie of Lindsay Lohan. He he. Have you ever thought mybloglog can generate you a lot of traffic? Yes, it gives you traffic and I can tell it because mybloglog is a biggest source of my traffic. I love you mybloglog, I can’t imagine my blog’s life without you! Did I put you in trauma? Okay now without any delay I am going to share what I did to generate traffic from mybloglog.
First thing I did was I made my own MYBLOGLOG community. The benefit of building such community is you can send a message to all of your community members at once. Still pain in head? Okay let me explain, if I have 50 members in my community then I can send them a message about my new post with a link to my post at once. And when 50 people see the message then I am sure 25 will follow the link and go to your blog. This means I got 25 traffic from a single message. Now if you have more than 200 people on your community then imagine how much traffic you will get. CALCULATE IT!
And it’s not so hard to build own mybloglog community. Its much easier than being fail on your exam or thieving money from your dads pocket (its my story, never mind). Yeah I swear of your mom, it’s so easy. If you don’t know how to then please check this post about how to build your own mybloglog community. Okay then we made the community. What after that? After that it’s time to gather people for your mybloglog community. As I said more members means more traffic. So what I did was offered a FREE BACKLINK for those who would happily join my community. I wrote a post about it and searched people in mybloglog and started sending them message about my historical backlink contest. If you want to know more about my strategy then visit mybloglog community building strategy page. And rest is the history. Now whenever I write my new post I send message to all my community members at once and hence get some good traffic.
This was my post about How to Generate Traffic from Mybloglog. Tomorrow I am going to write about how to generate traffic from other websites too. Feel free to Join My MYBLOGLOG Community.
I hope you are not such a DUMB-Ass to forget bookmarking this page or subscribing me because movie is still not over my friends and you are getting some more groundbreaking ideas to generate traffic to your blog which you will not get anywhere.
Lastly, hey simplyjo thanks for asking the question that led to this post.

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So you guys have a blog and are using adsense to earn from that blog? This is every bloggers story. But you aren’t earning much money from it; this too is the story of 99% of bloggers. You have a nice traffic to your site but you are still collecting pennies, it is also a story of 99% of bloggers. But still do you want to be on the gang of 99%? If not, read this post in a way you read the hot cheating wives stories (I love that, seriously)
In this post, totally dedicated to my rich wife adsense, I am going to teach you about that factor which many of the bloggers don’t care. And that is AD COLOR.
Many of the bloggers doesn’t care about the ad color and leave the same color that Google gives them. And I think this is the biggest mistake they ever make. Yeah, much bigger mistake than missing the adult movie shown in the midnight through the cable. What I mean to say is never keep the color of your ad default. It will only help you to earn less than expected. Now you may ask me what color scheme is best to use in the blog. Or which color ads are more likely to be clicked? Read more to know more.
There are five factors that you can alter with the Adsense color palette. And these five stars are the color of your ads title, background, URL, text, and border. To make long story short, ads perform better when their color schemes matches that of your website. So you should always match you ads background with the background of your site. And another thing to remember is you should make the border and url invisible. You can do this simply by matching the border and url color with your blogs background. Then make match the text color of ads with that of your website and finally make the title color of your ads same as the link of your website.
These was my today’s post about some tricks that can make your ads better clicked and earn better revenue that can make you a better blogger with a better earning and a better future. If you think this post was better than its better that you leave some better comments that may help me better to write better posts. Happy earning.

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Around 200 page views per day, some clicks on low paying ads and just a few pennies per day. Looks depressing, isn’t it? Yeah this is the story of my site and IT IS DEPRESSING. But no, it doesn’t depress me anymore. Because at this moment I am not blogging for today, I am blogging for tomorrow, a better tomorrow. That tomorrow when I will have name and money, that tomorrow when I should not think for ten times before spending a penny, that tomorrow when I will be called a successful Blogger.
‘BLOGGING GIVES LOTS OF MONEY.’ This was the line that played a great role for me to start blogging. So I build a blog, copied some pages from other people’s site and started waiting for money. But Alas! Money never came to me and I started thinking that blogging does not give any money. But I was wrong. Blogging gives money but only if you are eligible for that money. This is the greatest rule of blogging and I understood it lately. So these days my less page views and less income doesn’t harass me rather it gives me strength to do something more and better. Because as I told you I am not blogging for today, I am blogging for a better tomorrow. I dream of having high page rank, heavy traffic and lots of money tomorrow and I know blogging can give all that to me. So I am working hard for a better tomorrow.
This is not only my story rather this is the story that comes at least once in the life of each and every bloggers. I know you too may have experienced the problem of not having good traffic and good earnings. And you too may have been depressed after checking your stats. You too may have dreamt of coming to the top page of Google and you never made it. You too, yeah I mean you. This is every blogger’s experience and this is every blogger’s story. No one is exception not even John Chow, not even Yaro Starak. So what do they used to do at that time, curse the god? I don’t think they cursed the god or waited for good luck to be in their favor rather they worked hard on their blogs. They are top today because they dreamt of being on this place. Yeah they dreamt and worked hard for a better tomorrow.
I still don’t know why I am writing this post today and what effect would this post make. I am just writing this because if I feel depressed again someday then I would read this post again and will get some more strength. You may think that this post is only for me and it is right in some sense too. But I know it is your story too and may make sense to you too. And I am serious about this topic because I blogging for better tomorrow, WE ARE BLOGGING FOR BETTER TOMORROW!

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There are two types of people in this world. One, who read my blog and others who don’t. This post is totally dedicated to the people who read my blog. And for the people who don’t read my blog, WHY THE HELL SHOULD I DEDICATE THIS POST?
You all know Youtube, don’t you? If not please shoot yourself in head and curse your parents for giving birth to such a DUMB-ASS like you. But if you know Youtube, read the following post carefully.
You have probably log on to, watch videos and had frequently tried to download youtube video. You may be searching the download link to download youtube video.Youtube never give you to download its video. You have to crack the video URL. Just simple.

First remember this link:

Open Youtube video

Copy Video URL from address bar (Ctrl+c)

Suppose Your Video URL is: (Black Sabbath paranoid)

Now combine these two links, then it becomes like this:

After you combine the code paste the code in download manager like DAP, Limewire, etc

After download rename the file with extension .flv with default video title.

This is the end of the post and I hope it will help you someday. If you have anything to say, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT.

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Get Heavy Traffic With DIGG.

You may have tried Google adsense, you may have tried YPN and you may also have tried Widgetbucks. Now can you tell me the similarities between them? Please don’t tell me that they all consist of English letters in their spellings. They are similar because THEY ALL ARE PAY PER CLICK programs and now my dear friends, I think its time to expand the list and welcome to the new player on the scenario, ShoppingAds.
ShoppingAds is a cost per click product powered by the major shopping comparison sites. It allows displaying relevant merchant offers in the form of an image and a text description to your readers and every time a visitors clicks on the ad, YOU GET PAID.
According to an inside source, ShoppingAds are seeking CPC’s in the $.20 range on average and I think that they can deliver a great return for your site. And you should not think hundred times about your old wife adsense as ShoppingAds can be run alongside Adsense (and other ad networks too). Just imagine how beneficial will it be to have two wives, adsense and ShoppingAds on your home (blog, literally)? You may have a JACKPOT. The minimum payout here is $50. But one thing to notice is that they are just paying through paypal this time but that will change next month.
If you are wondering what sorts of ads will be displayed in your site then I suggest you to remember the ads of Widgetbucks as both look quite similar. In fact they look like TWINS like Olsen twins. Don’t even know what Widgetbucks is? Then look at the ad on top of this page, that ad is of ShoppingAds.
And another great thing is they too have an affiliate program. So buddies! I think there is nothing to loose using this stuff. So GIVE IT A TRY.
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