This is my third post on the series of how to gain traffic for your blog and in fact this is my one of older posts and I hope it is really beneficial this time too. I think you don’t want to miss the first and second part of the story.
Part1- How To Get Traffic From Mybloglog?
Part 2-How To Get Traffic From Commenting Other Blogs?
Are you furious with your mom for not reading your blog today because you didn’t have any one visitors and your blog went without a page view? Or you dislike your parents for not giving birth to many children as lots of brothers or sisters means lots of readers of your blog. Or do your friends hate you just because their inbox is full of your messages asking them to visit your blog? Or you can’t take this unsuccessful blogging anymore and are watching Nicholas Cage's movie to die faster (Trust me, his movie are more dangerous than poisons) If this is the case then STOP DOING THAT AND LISTEN TO ME?You all want more than thousands of people to see your things (except your private videos) and want them to praise you. This is true for everybody. for this you need traffic and the main source of traffic is search engines but what if you don’t have a search engine friendly sites or what if your blog is never in top 10 pages of search engines? Does this mean you will never have any readers for your blog? No, in such cases we have DIGG. (What the hell is this?)So what is DIGG? Acc. to its website;’ Digg is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web’. In fact Digg is the social networking site where you can submit your articles and will be visible for all the smartass of this world. As this is a free site you don’t have to worry about money. But before submitting I want to make it clear that it is best to submit only the best articles rather than the articles which you are reading just now. This means submit only good stuffs there. Submission is really easy. Just go to the Digg homepage and sign in or sign up and after entering to your profile just submit it. And after submission the users of Digg may read your story and vote you I mean digg you. And if you have many diggs then you will be in the first page of Digg which means enormous traffic to your blog. I can assure you that if you are on the first page then you will get the biggest traffic till date. As I already told you will get really heavy traffic with Digg.But if you failed to come to the first page then also you need not to worry as you can small traffic easily. I too submitted my article called Sorry Lindsay Lohan But You Just Became Cheap Sex Icon in Digg and I got quiet traffic though it never went to the front page. So I think it’s much better to submit your article to DIGG rather than scolding mom for not reading your blog. Isn’t it?If this is the WORST Post You Ever Read Then Please Subscribe Me.

How To Get Traffic From Mybloglog?
How To Get Traffic From Commenting Other Blogs?
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