There are two types of people in this world. One, who read my blog and others who don’t. This post is totally dedicated to the people who read my blog. And for the people who don’t read my blog, WHY THE HELL SHOULD I DEDICATE THIS POST?
You all know Youtube, don’t you? If not please shoot yourself in head and curse your parents for giving birth to such a DUMB-ASS like you. But if you know Youtube, read the following post carefully.
You have probably log on to, watch videos and had frequently tried to download youtube video. You may be searching the download link to download youtube video.Youtube never give you to download its video. You have to crack the video URL. Just simple.

First remember this link:

Open Youtube video

Copy Video URL from address bar (Ctrl+c)

Suppose Your Video URL is: (Black Sabbath paranoid)

Now combine these two links, then it becomes like this:

After you combine the code paste the code in download manager like DAP, Limewire, etc

After download rename the file with extension .flv with default video title.

This is the end of the post and I hope it will help you someday. If you have anything to say, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT.

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