$25 just for signing up? At first I thought it was a Christmas gift. But CHRISTMAS IN OCTOBER? And this company doesn’t even looks like Santa Clause. So it forced me to take a little more knowledge about this $25 stuff. And after the Bondish(like James Bond) investigation I came into conclusion that Widgetbucks is giving this lovely cash for all the people who will sign up with them .
Lets first talk about Widgetbucks and what can it do for money lover bloggers like us. Okay, Widgetbucks is a Pay per Click Program which works on the same base like our old man Adsense. It is also a CPC program which will help Blogger to earn more money and luckily it covers referral tool too. And as I told you earlier you will get a $25 bonus after signing up.

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!

Signing up is extremely easy here. Just a simple 1-2-3 step and BANG! At first you just have to give your email id and password. Just that much for $25. If someone gives me $25 then I will give the email id of whole family he he. Okay after filling form using your email id and password what you have to do is get ad code and paste it into your blog and after that the widget will display to your blog and when someone clicks on that widget, you get paid. You may get confused if you look its ad as it seems like the affiliate ad of auction ads or eBay. But in fact it is a Pay per Click program. Its ad looks like this.

So all the money lovers fellow, take this as a sweet SECOND WIFE in the field of making money. And the best part is your FIRST WIFE (i.e Adsense) too doesn’t have any problem with her as Widgetbucks and Adsense can be run together. So why are you in tense? Just bring new profitable wife and be a HAPPY HUSBAND OF TWO WIFES.

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!

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