Straight to the point, yes some of this free Seo ebooks really can help you while some will put you into mental trauma. No kidding, some has such a worst Seo ideas that you may think they are the bad writer than me. But if you find some good seo ebook in the net then it can really help you. After a series of unsuccessful blogs without any readers (exclude me), I began to think about the possible causes of the disaster of my blogs. I always wanted to give good content (forget Britney and Paris Underwear stuff for a while) as I have heard that CONTENT IS THE KING. But my blog was like king without a queen. As there were good contents (ha ha ha …please don’t laugh) but no visitors. So I was thinking about the ways to drive the wild traffic to my blog. Then somewhere I heard that search engines are the major ways to drive traffic to the blog and search engine optimization is the best way to show your idiot face in search engines. Then started my hunt for free seo ebooks. I downloaded lots of free ebooks from Google and started reading it. I read the first one from top to bottom and found that for better search engine rank you should go to some websites and pay them. Funny, isn’t it? They are asking money with me who even makes his girlfriend to pay the bill during date. And next one put me in mental trauma. No kidding, this was the worst ebook that I ever read. But I was happy in a sense that there is someone who writes WORST articles than me. But then I found income for dummies ebook and frankly speaking I found that it was the best seo ebook I ever read but hell it was not FREE. Only two chapters of it were free. It was like giving a full scholarship and asking hefty sum of money to fill the form (it happens in Nepal, you get full scholarship for guitar class worth 1200 but you have to fill a form costing 1000 rupees.) I got confused, the free one is not good and the good one is not free. After that too I read a lot of free seo ebooks and found some were quite interesting too and that helped me in some cases like putting keywords, caching by Google and other stuffs. In a nutshell, I suggest you to read lots of free seo ebooks because even some are bad, they give you some nice information. And the best part is you don’t have to lose anything coz THEY ARE FREE. I will even watch Pamela Andersons movies if it is for free. So take all access to the things that are free and why these free seo ebooks should be exception. If this is the worst post you ever read then please Subscribe me. OPPURTUNIY Get A Free Backlink. Some WORST posts. Worst Ebook I ever read. Lindsay Lohan Quitting Drugs- can Dog live without bone?4 UNCOOL ways to promote your blog- Praise, Beg, Misuse and Irritate.