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After waiting long time for my blog to be eligible with terms of Payperpost, I recently got approved by it. What does this means? This means now I have access to the biggest money making game in the internet. Yes, if I haven’t heard untrue, Payperpost is one of the biggest sources of money that you can earn from blogging.

I was impressed by Payperpost when I first heard about it before a month but then I was not eligible for it. This means my blog was not 90 days old at that time. As they do not accept the infant blog of 30 or 70 days, I had to wait for full 90 days to apply for them. And when I applied after being eligible, VOILA! I got approved.
When I entered the world of blogging, the only thing I wanted to do was earn money from it. But it was not so easy to earn good money wholly depending on Pay per click programs. As my blog is new and don’t have much traffic so it’s very hard to earn from such programs. So I was in search of such programs that would pay me without being my ads clicked and also pay nice money. That was the time when I read about Payperpost in some blogs. Then I thought this was the right place but I was sad to hear that they only accept blogs that were older then 90 days. So I didn’t had another option than waiting. But the waiting has been fruitful as now I have been approved and I think I will put good cash in my hands afterwards.
Payperpost is the biggest marketplace connecting bloggers and advertisers together. You can call it a giant in that field. Doesn’t this means we can get more assignments which leads to more income? Yes, it means that. And the best thing is you don’t desperately have to check your inbox to see if there is any new job for you as you can find minimum(note MINIMUM) 1 assignment per day. What does this means? I think it means that we can buy more gifts for girlfriend without thieving money from wife’s purse. He he
These are the things I have known about Payperpost and I think this is really great for every blogger out there. As there is nothing wrong with giving Payperpost a try as you have nothing to loose. What do you think? And for me, I have already planned to use the money I earned for having lots of fun and parties. And the best thing is I shouldn’t take money from dads purse for that now.

  1. moneyking November 18, 2007 at 3:25 AM  

    hey ya...
    congratz on being approved by pay per post...im still waiting..do update when you earn money from the program...

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