I used a new(actually not new as I copied that idea from a renowned blogger, Mr. Ade) idea to make a large community in Mybloglog(now if you are asking me what mybloglog is, I am coming to kick you). I was always fascinated by the big communities in mybloglog and I always wished of making one big community of mine too. I too wanted my blog to have a community of some good people where we can share about our new posts and some cool new ideas (why am I not saying directly that I want to promote my new posts easily?). Then one day when I was visiting my favorite adesblog, then I found that he was going to give backlink for everyone who will join his community in mybloglog. It seemed to me as the bell ring at the end of class (Please excuse my English. In fact getting 7 out of 9 in my IELTS exam too didn’t helped me to improve my English). I mean it made me really happy and I thought I will use same strategy to build my very own mybloglog community. So I took the community building code and wrapped it on some text and wrote a post called GET A FREE BACKLINK. And then I sent this message to lots of members of mybloglog. And the result is I have more than 35 members in my community called Easy Money Online and that all happened in just in 2 days. Isn’t that great?(I am feeling happy that I am doing 35 times better than Britney Spears as she made only one husband(faggot) in 2 days while I made 35 members in 2 days)
In fact I still don’t know the other benefits of making big community as I made my community just to fulfill my want of having community. But the real profits were for the great people who joined my community. They got a free linkback and a friend like me who is always ready to help for his friends (I hope that was not too much!). And I have assured all my fellow bloggers that I will be the first one to read their new posts always if they will inform me about their new posts(and please my lovely members don’t write such posts that will make me the only one to read your post!). I am happy that I have made lots of friends of my niche and a nice community using a win-win idea for both members and founder of my community (Well, I am the founder of that community and myself is Mr. Rabin). And all the thanks goes to Ade and his superb adesblog for that wonderful idea. I have done lots of advertising for Mr. Ade; don’t you think I need a backlink from him now?
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  1. Ades October 11, 2007 at 12:19 AM  

    Actually, I gave you backlink just this morning. ;) please check adesblog.com and thanks for the nice words about my blog. I am flattered.

    P.S It's Ades by the way, not Ade. ;) but it's okay, I get that a lot.