Fed up with old dying ideas to give recognition and generate traffic to your blog? Or do you want to try some cool new ideas? Ok if you want to get some uncool new ideas then I heartly welcome you fellas. Below are some of the ideas. Let’s get started.
1. PRAISE ON MYBLOGLOG: I think most of the bloggers have mybloglog account. And I think this is one useful thing to get some readers for your blog. Go to the some community, look at the picture, click on the picture which looks like of kind person (it wasn’t necessary) and leave them some message along with the link of your blog too. If they look good then don’t forget to praise them too. Praising the person in mybloglog is a real and working trick. Who will not respond if they got a message stating “hey girl you look really cute. My blog is also cute as you. Take a look”. I have done this and it has worked! You can send message to many people per day and nearly 90% of them will visit your blog. I think 90% is not a bad number, is it?
2. BEG ON TECHNORATI :You should use this too. I am telling about some new ideas so that I am not talking about ping. But I am talking about adding to faviorites. Technorati ranking also plays a vital role in blog’s popularity and traffic rates so you must have many people who call your blog as faviorite. But I don’t tell you to write great articles and wait for years in search of person who says you faviorite. If you want it in fast way then don’t hesitate to BEG! Yeah begging is really good thing here. Catch some people and beg them to add you to their faviorites and tell them that you too gonna do same for them. It goes like; “hey I am a new blogger and found same about you. So I request you to add me on your technorati faviorites and I promise to do same to you”. To be frank, nearly cent person of people who added me to faviorite where impressed by my style of BEGGING. So why not give it a try?
3. MISUSE YOUR FRIENDS: An old proverb says: “A friend in need is the friend indeed”. And now when you have no traffic and you are in NEED of readers then friends are the most useful resources. They have the responsibility to help you. So convince every friend of your to go through your site and have at least FIVE pageviews whenever they use internet. I think this is the best way of utilizing friends. And also tell them to click on some of the ads so that you may earn some bucks too.
4. DO I KNOW YOU: This is the common reply of the unknown person who you will send email. I think it is really better if you started getting lots of this sort of messages. Because this means that you are sending lots of email to lots of person with lots of LINK of your site. And when the person gets that sort of mail with a link on it then there are chances of that link to be clicked which means page view and if you have five stars in today’s horoscope then he may click on your ad too. So don’t feel hesitate to send email with your blog link to as many people as possible.
This is for today and I assure to give you some more quality post tomorrow. If you liked this post then don’t forget to subscribe me.

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