This is my fourth post on How To Get Traffic For Your Blog. If you haven’t read the previous post, please have a look at it.
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Have you heard of Blogcatalog? Yeah I am talking about same Blogcatalog which seems like the mybloglog. I mean both have many similar features. If you are driving traffic from mybloglog currently then imagine what your traffic will be after having 2 mybloglog. But you may ask, what’s new on Blogcatalog than mybloglog so you are writing entire post about it? But although they seem like the brothers lost on childhood, there is one new and really important widget in Blogcatalog through which we can generate good amount of traffic. So why not devote this post on the name of Blogcatalog?
Blogcatalog can be used in many ways to get traffic. Like messaging other people about your post, promoting your blog and many other things you are doing in mybloglog. But there is one twist on the tale and that is called Discussion which is the main way I am using to generate traffic. This discussion place is the one where we can discuss anything we like. Anything which is related to our niche or anything which is not related to our niche, from Bush to Saddam, from John Chow to Rabin can be discussed here. And this is the place which we should use to generate traffic. How?
1. Answer The Question:
You can answer the question asked in the discussion followed by the link to your site. This makes your link visible and somebody can click it. When you answer lots of question with a link then there are more chances of getting clicked. I too got some traffic just for answering, so you too will get that.
2. Ask the question:
Next step, start the discussion asking some logical question (if your question is without logic, it’s even better). You will be surprised how fast somebody will answer you. It takes even less time than counting Nicholas cage’s GOOD movie. But one thing to remember: again don’t forget to put a link of your site in the question. Chances of getting clicked are even better. But it will be really good if you ask the question related to the post of your blog.
3. Shameless Blog Promotion:
This is the best thing about discussion. Shameless blog promotion is a thread which can be used when you are trying to promote your blog without shame (why to feel shame hah, everyone wears UNDERWEAR). And if you are asking the question for shameless blog promotion then you can ask anything which will drive people to your blog. For example, before some days I started discussion asking ‘What is on the top of my blog?’ and I got nearly 15 people to my site searching the answer. Isn’t it great?
These are the main things you can do to generate traffic from Blogcatalog. So feel free and promote your blog SHAMELESSLY!
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