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Britney Spears and Paris Hilton were caught by police and kept in Jail. The charge on them was giving a series of worst performances and videos. Police had a proof that nearly seven million people were badly sick after watching their live joint performance. There were even separate charges on them. Seven people attempted suicide after listening to Britney’s CD and one man was robbed and killed because the robber was in urgent need of money to buy Paris’s love making video. So they were even facing for this thing too. After court gave them order to stay for in jail for one year, they were taken to the jail of California. They didn’t have many problems living in jail because it was not their first time. They had only one problem and that was THEY WERE WEARING THE SAME UNDERWEAR FOR TWO MONTHS as jail authority did not provide them new underwear and they were prohibited to take things from outside. So they were facing great problems. And days were going really hard. But one day the warden of the jail came to them, and said that he had got one good news and one bad news for them. Okay now let’s listen the remaining thing from their mouth.

Warden: Girls, what you want to listen first? Good news or bad?

Girls: good news, obviously.

Warden: the good news is you are getting new underwear.

Girls: wow! And what is the bad news?

Warden: the bad news is; Paris you exchange your underwear with Britney’s and Britney please exchange your underwear with Paris. Afterall you got new underwear.

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