Caution: If you have good blog and don’t want to loose the reputation of your blog then PLEASE DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!!!

This idea is for losers. Losers like me! Got a blog, saw a dream of making money, tried writing worst posts but NO TRAFFIC AT ALL! Lie in this category? Oh then you are a loser too!! He he .This post is completely dedicated to YOU!
What do you do to get traffic? Say you mom to open your blog many times a day? Or extend your church hour to make god happy so that he will send you traffic? Why don’t you try what I did? Ok tell me first, do you have hot celebrities picture in your computer (exclude Angelina Jolie, she’s a mom afterall)? USE IT AND GET TRAFFIC FROM DIGG OR REDDIT?
I did that and got great traffic. Read my post Selling Lindsay Lohan’s ASS To Get Traffic. I always submitted my post ion digg but never got traffic. So I began searching for the ways to get traffic from Digg. From my survey I found that there is great mass of people using DIGG who loves to see the hot things of Hot People. So why not drive them to your blog. Now I am going to teach you how to drive them to your blog. And yeah I don’t need a Hallelujah!
Take a hot picture of super hot people and then edit an old post of your blog and upload the picture there and publish it. Go to Digg or Reddit. Fill in the blanks and your post is submitted! Now just see the flow of people coming to your blog to see that hot pictures or video. What? You wanted the traffic and you got it!
Some people’s writing is so great that they will easily get traffic because of their writing. But what about the losers like us? Don’t we deserve traffic? So I used this easiest and instant way. What about you? Try it to believe it!

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  2. setaswall July 6, 2011 at 11:38 AM  

    nice post as per my view, with time u an i will learn something new everyday, not just like a pro but just like a trainee... but as u say in this idea is for losers, i am not agree with that, actually every blogger tries this tactic minimum one time.
    well I am also in dearm as u to make money by websites ... work in progress.... keep it up bro ....
    thanks for the nice post.