So you guys have a blog and are using adsense to earn from that blog? This is every bloggers story. But you aren’t earning much money from it; this too is the story of 99% of bloggers. You have a nice traffic to your site but you are still collecting pennies, it is also a story of 99% of bloggers. But still do you want to be on the gang of 99%? If not, read this post in a way you read the hot cheating wives stories (I love that, seriously)
In this post, totally dedicated to my rich wife adsense, I am going to teach you about that factor which many of the bloggers don’t care. And that is AD COLOR.
Many of the bloggers doesn’t care about the ad color and leave the same color that Google gives them. And I think this is the biggest mistake they ever make. Yeah, much bigger mistake than missing the adult movie shown in the midnight through the cable. What I mean to say is never keep the color of your ad default. It will only help you to earn less than expected. Now you may ask me what color scheme is best to use in the blog. Or which color ads are more likely to be clicked? Read more to know more.
There are five factors that you can alter with the Adsense color palette. And these five stars are the color of your ads title, background, URL, text, and border. To make long story short, ads perform better when their color schemes matches that of your website. So you should always match you ads background with the background of your site. And another thing to remember is you should make the border and url invisible. You can do this simply by matching the border and url color with your blogs background. Then make match the text color of ads with that of your website and finally make the title color of your ads same as the link of your website.
These was my today’s post about some tricks that can make your ads better clicked and earn better revenue that can make you a better blogger with a better earning and a better future. If you think this post was better than its better that you leave some better comments that may help me better to write better posts. Happy earning.

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  1. Anonymous November 7, 2007 at 8:24 AM  

    how about mine?
    google suggest 3 way of ads display;
    #1 totally blend wt u page
    #2 compliment
    #3 totally contrast wt u page