This signature stuff at the end of the post is a fascinating thing for me. For the first time i saw it in Blogger university, i was like Whoa! That's so cool. I don't know why bloggers keep it at the end of the post still. Its to show that it is their creation or just to show their name? I have no idea. So my dear students! In this crappy class today we are learning how to add signature on your blog post. And Nelson, don't worry for your bad handwriting because we have got someone to create our signature. Click on Read more more!

livesignature is the site that helps us to create the signature online and instantly. Its so easy and simple. just follow few steps and you got it. So without wasting my time telling what to do inside that site, i will tell you what to do after you create the signature.

Step 1
Go to your dashboard' and then to 'edit HTML'. Dont forget to click 'expand widget template'.

Step 2
Search for the following code:

<div class='post-footer'>

Step 3
Paste the following code just below the code from Step 2.

Replace 'IMAGEURL' with your signature image source link.
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Widgets, widgets and widgets. now in the lot of these widgets comes another cool widget to place in your blog. And that is ..........(drumroll please!) A Google talk widget. Google talk is a fixture in Gmail which lets you to send messages,transfer files, makes voice calls and lot more.Click on Read more to see the COOL screenshot.

Google talk is a software that you can log in by using your gmail id and password. So i think after the screenshot you already got some idea about the looks of the widget. So click on the below link to add it into your blog. Have fun!

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Clueless on the title? Or just want to know what does it means? Okay, if you want to see the demo Just go and hold a mouse on any image of this blog. Cant find any image? how about the title image of the blog? Did you see anything? Yeah right the images are tweaking. How can we do that? Click Read more to know the most simplest way to make your image tweak on mouse over.

It's so simple yet so nice. Just a little code on the Template and Voila! Okay, just copy the code below and paste it in the head section of your template. Now you are done, congratulations!

img:hover {
position: relative;
top: 1px;
left: 1px;

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Bloggers review, a site that connects advertisers to the bloggers may not be new to many of us. The bloggers like us use it as a source of extra income while advertisers use it to create buzz about their site and products. It is the platform for both advertisers and bloggers, where both bloggers and advertisers are equally benefited. Click Read more more!

BloggersReview can also be referred as a junction where both bloggers and advertisers meet. Here, advertisers pay for blog advertising and bloggers blog for pay. Today every big companies are operating blog for the easy interaction with the people and to spread their word easily. So here too advertisers will find really easy way to go to the people and promote their products. Since blogging is becoming one of the best promotional media these days and blog advertising being one of the simplest way of advertising, advertisers can really be assured of getting their niche market if they promote through Bloogersreview.
No, i defend before you guys start saying that this post was only written for advertisers. this is completely untrue. We, bloggers too can earn handful of money from this site. This site works on the format of other get paid to post sites. First you have to sign up in bloggers review. After getting approved, you will be notified through email if any new opportunity that suits you will be in the marketplace. The rate per post can be varied but i assure you that nothing less than $5 would be a great surprise in the bloggersreview marketplace. So, we bloggers can use this as one of the good and stable way to create extra income.
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This template was designed by the kid behind the blog called BLOGANOL, who unfortunately happens to be my brother. so as an old saying says 'a Brother in need is an brother indeed', i am here to promote the template my brother has created. The blue and white combined template is really a cool blogspot template you can look into. A 3 column template with cool color combination and stylish way is what he called his new 'New Era' template. Click on read more more n see the screenshot!

I hope now you have some idea a
bout how the 'New Era' template looks like. If not, check this demo site. And if you want to download the template then click here to download 3 column blogspot template. Lastly, if you have any complains and suggestion to that template, then go and comment in the Bloganol blog not here!
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It was really irritating and boring to look at the codes and use them into your blog. But i was so obsessed about making expandable posts that i tried it so long and finally now i have expandable posts in my blog. Click on Read more more.

The total credit of this expandable posts goes to Ramani from hackosphere. Its not that long i have been reading his blog but i can say that he has some coolest blogger hacks on store. Expandable Posts not only take small space on your blog rather they help your blog look tidy too. So this post was just to inform you guys that i too have expandable posts now. In the next post i will show you all how to create Expandable posts on your own blog. Till then, Subscribe me!

While wandering all long to know the best blogging tricks and tips, i came across some cool blogs that really changed the look of my blog and expanded my horizon on blogging. Those blogs were the blogs where i learnt different blogger hacks and got some coolest widget ever. Here is the list of coolest blogs on blogging and yeah my blog is not listed there anyway.
Blogger University: The coolest blogspot template and some of the best hacks in the blogosphere, welcome to Blogger university! This blog written by annie is a must see blog if you are really willing to change your ASS looking blog. Check it.
Beautiful beta Blogger: Hans really deserves the hallejulah for the hacks and the widget he has provided in his Beautiful beta blog. this guy not only creates widget rather he modifies the widget of other people too to give the best outcome.
Tips for new bloggers: This too is the blog to be checked out. Though the templete of the blog doesnot seems cool but you will be amazed by the hacks or tricks you can find here. Covers all the part of the blog from head to the tail.
Hackosphere: This is the blog to look into. the templete called NEO used in this blog is really cool and the post are coolest itself. Ramani scores here and scores in the big way. dad of the blog hackers, at least for me.
These were the coolest Blogspot blogs about blogging i found and also learnt a lot from them. so if you are an old newbie(?) like me in blogging then check these blogs. More blogs will be updated soon.
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Now you can add another browser inside your browser. add this new Mini browser to search or visit mine blog in the small part of you browser and the best part of the story is you can do it while doing your own personal stuff.Check the demo and know yourself.

This mini browser is the product of widgetbox.You can use this in your favor while not having to leave the current working page. its much easier than tab and much faster too. Bloggers can put this widget in their blog too.And the best thing is you wont loose any visitors as all the people will visit other site without leaving your blog. Congratulation for the non leaving visitors,fellas!

No matter how much you read John Comm's make money from adsense book, no matter how much you optimize your ads, in a nutshell, you are gonna suck at the end of the day. And this is the bitter reality of the sites like mine. A site with no good visitors and a site without huge traffic. And i know i am not alone. There are many losers like me in the blogosphere who are dreaming hard of being so called the next internet millionaire with a blogspot sites with no good visitors. And this post is especially dedicated to them and ME, losers!

What is the profit if you keep your ads so optimized and so clickable if you just have some 20+ visitors per day coming to your site. Let us assume that around half of the visitors clicked your ads, then what are you gonna be paid? Peanuts? You will be having your last breathe when your first check comes to you.

I dont see any benefits of pay per click programs like adsense and bidvertiser to me and the bloggers like us. We put the ads by costumizing and thinking but the money we earn from it is not enough to do anything, forget being the next internet millionaire. So in my personal view, earning money from pay per click is just a mere dream for a blogger like me. What say fellas?

Aren't you tired of exchanging links with the fellow bloggers? I know these two way links SUCKS. As I read in many blogs, the best form of backlink is ONE WAY BACKLINK that is there is a link in a blog pointing to your blog and you haven't given a link pointing to that blog. Language is making you confused, isn't it? Yeah this is the drawbacks of reading the blog of a third world blogger. And I happily admit i don't have that good command over English.

Okay, now lets get to the point. Have you ever heard of Smorty? If this is the first time you ever read about Smorty then thank me because it is the site you really need to know about. yeah the backlink I was talking about was from Smorty. Well in a short description, Smorty is the site like Payperpost, where you can get paid to blog. And for me this is the best get paid to blog site as i have made more money from it than payperpost. If you want to know more about smorty and make money from it then you can have a look at this page Make Easy Money With Smorty!

Ok, we were talking about One way backlink. Smorty have launched new program called Post Exchange and here you will get your post reviewed by a fellow blogger. Its a Tit(not tits) for Tat as you too have to review a post of a blogger BUT not the one who reviewed your post. What does it means? It means that you are getting a one way Backlink. Congratulations!

For this,. you have to sign in with Smorty. I assure that it is going to be a profitable sign in as you will get a backlink and also at the same time make some money. For more information check this get backlink from smorty page.

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Ah hah! This is in fact an 'Ah hah' that you can now make Google your Slave!Whaaattt? No i am not talking about making Google CEO to wash your underwear. Now we can add Google custom search engine in our blog which can be used by our visitors to search the content of our blog. Wow Google is doing work for us, isn't it our slave now?
So fellas, its so easy and simple to add Google custom search engine in our blog. We can add it with co-up now with custom search engine. You can customize it the way you want and also order it to search only your site or the sites you specify(Don't forget to keep my site too in the list please). And lastly place it in your sidebar and be boss of the Google......................exactly.
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A clone to the John Chow, in my personal view, John cow is selling his blog which he had been nurturing this long. The making money online blog of Mr. Javo reports it. According to the report i read in Mr Javo dot com, John Cow is selling his blog as he is moving to Australia from Europe. As it will be now hard for him to manage his blog after moving, he is selling his blog. According to the information quoted in Mr Javo dot com, The value of the blog is around 25k-50k.
I don't think it is good idea to sell the blog you made and worked hard to promote it. But Mr. Cow may have his problems so i think it may be reasonable too. Well what you guys think, is selling a blog which gave you god name in the field of blogging is a better idea? Leave your comment.
To get the full information, read Mr Javo's blog.
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In this lame world of making money from blogging, one thing acts like the leg and that is writing sponsored post. Some BIG bloggers are against it as it ruins their so called prestige of the blog but i really support writing sponsored post. How can small bloggers like us earn good bucks by getting our Google adsense ads clicked? See, i even don't have adsense ad and thanks to Google for getting me banned(It's a secret). So what should the blogger like us do to earn some dollars? I think there is no other option(read Good option) than writing sponsored post.
After all the lecture i gave you in the upper paragraph, now i am going to the point. This site that pays us for writing our crap about other products is called Sponsored Reviews. I think most of you have already known it and those who have no idea about what Sponsored Reviews dot com is then i am at your service,sir!
Sponsored Reviews dot com is the site that pays us to write about the advertisers around 150 words. The minimum payout for one post is $5 and it increases as you blog grows. $5 for 10 minutes work? Now count how many adsense ads you need to get clicked for $5?
So i think you are smart enough to check site and learn more about it. So Sign Up for Sponsored Reviews here!
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You must have seen label clouds(if not used) in many blogs and you may have been fascinated by it. And i hope you too have used some part of your worthless brain thinking about the ways to get it to your blog too(You have, if you are good blogger!). So what do you think about them? If you think yourself a dedicated blogger but wondering what may be this label cloud then pleaasse Shave Your Arse and look at the right side of my blog.
I hope now you have seen the label cloud and might be wondering how can you too use it in your blog. I have good solution for you. Phydeaux3 has given really easy and interesting way to add Label cloud in blogger. If you too want to learn it then you can go to phydeaux3's blog and look for the post called Create Label cloud in blogger.
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Is this possible to be paid for clicking ads from your computer. I hope you havent started calling me crazy and if you have then too i don't give a 'F' as what i am talking is not a crap. There are many sites that pays you for clicking ads. Funny, isn't it? Yeah it is but it wont be funny to take money from such sites. So below i am giving the lists of SITES that pays you for clicking ads. This is the easiest way to earn money online in my view. but who hears my fucking view?
Minimum payout is $10 and pays you through Alertpay. Want to know more then help yourself by reading FAQ and if you don't have ALERTPAY account then don't hesitate to click here!
Here comes another sultan that pays you for clicking some poor advertisers ad. Here too minimum payout is $10 and again pays you through Alertpay. Again read the FAQ and get register for ALERTPAY!

This was the first pat of the story Get paid for clicking Ads and tomoroow i am coming with the second part. So be ready and DONT FORGET TO TRY THESE!
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Was the title of this post good?If yes, thank you and if not then also i don't give the F. He he. But imagine the time when you will be paid for giving your suggestion. Money and for your suggestion? I know it sounds weird but these days many weird things are going around the world. So i guarantee you that your bullshit suggestion is going to be paid too.
So you may be in trauma that who the 'F' is going to pay for the bullshit you write. Yeah, these ugly idiot's website is called Mylot. So what is Mylot? Mylot is the site where you can take part in different discussion and give ideas and suggestion. You can also make many friends here. So its also like "Get Paid For Finding a Chick". He he. So this was my bit of information. If you want to know more about Mylot then why not Sign Up here.
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Are you seeing something with 5 stars in the bottom of my each posts? Ever wondered what are those WHITE STARS( yeah they are still white as i have not received any ratings, my bad luck) are? For those who seriously don't know what the F the stars are then i think it's better i tell that it is a widget called POST RATING WIDGET.

It's cool, it looks good and the best thing is IT'S FREE! Yeah, it's free and also so easy to install. No long forms to fill for registration or no banner of the widget provider in your blog to make it look even more shitty then it is now. He he. This widget is FREELY provided by OUTBRAIN dot com and THIS IS NOT AN SPONSORED POST! Try it in your blog. But please dont be angry with anybody if your post just got out of rating because i know you guys deserve that!

Tired of all the hard and useless ways to remove the blogger navbar? I know you are! I was also tired of searching for the easiest way to remove blogger navbar from my minima template but all the posts i read were confusing and hard(for me, at least). So now i am giving you the easiest way to remove the Blogger navbar from your blog. So here comes the idea!
-Login to blogger.
-On your template go to Layout and then go to Edit HTML from your template tab.Hey are you seeing your blog's HTML now on the screen?

Now paste the CSS CODE as follows!



Blogger Template Style

Name: Rounders

Designer: Douglas Bowman


Date: 27 Feb 2004

Updated by: Blogger Team

----------------------------------------------- */

#navbar-iframe {

display: none !important;


/* Variable definitions


<Variable name="mainBgColor" description="Main Background

type="color" default="#fff" value="#ffffff">

<Variable name="mainTextColor" description="Text Color"

default="#333" value="#333333">


Remove the code to show it again!
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