Ridiculous, worst and unnecessary drama! This is what I think of daily television soap operas. But ask to my mom about these things and you will get answer-simple, sweet and best.
What’s going on? The thing I hate is my mom’s favorite. Yes I am talking about all those ridiculous television soap operas and the problems they created to the innocent (?) child like me. My mom is a huge fan of all those family soap operas coming in TV and what I know is she never wants to miss any episodes of such rubbish(as I call them) shows. They start in the evening and runs until nearly midnight and my mom is totally glued in the sofa watching all those craps. I’ll bet if the glue company finds my mom then they are going to make her their Brand Ambassador. No kidding, afterall she is glued to the sofa for such a long time.
I don’t think you will believe but I have slept many nights without having food as my mom was busy watching her favorite’s soap operas and I HATE TO Cook. YEAH I AM THE WORST COOK EVER. If you ever tasted some dish cooked by me then I’ll bet you are never going to have that dish ever in your life. My teacher once suggested me that if I ever wanted to do social service then I should STOP cooking and that will be the best social service in my whole life. He he. Oh sorry! I am going out of topic. Yeah I have to sleep without food because of those TV dramas(they are such a crap that if you show such soaps to any person who is not able to sleep for months, he will sleep in five minutes and chances are he may never wake up ever).And do you know another worst thing? My poor dad is our new cook now and I don’t have to say that he is also a worst cook like me. And do you believe my mom kept the name of her grandchild by the name of the so called hero of her best TV drama, Anurag.
The most of the daily soap she watches are Indian and the topic they cover is about family. What is the nice family? Who breaks the family and how they reunite and have a happy ending is the main theme there. Do you know the most common things on all of those dramas? There is always a negative woman on the family and she always try to destroy the family (shit man, I really feel pity for such women as they are losing all their energy on breaking a small family. If they use such tricks as they use on TV then they can break the country. He he).You may ask, isn’t it true? Doesn’t a woman break the home in real life? Yes I know, a bad woman always breaks the home and it is happening on everybody’s home. So my point is if it is happening in every home then why the hell do you watch it on TV? Just open the curtain and watch it on every home of your society. I too don’t understand why the housewives are being addicted to such craps? In one of the show there is the girl who is married nearly five times in last two years and has dozen of children (including steps children too). Sometime I wonder if it is a home or CHILD CARE CENTER. And you know she is the heroin of that television show. Such a loose character women is heroine in that show? Are all good girls in this world are drown by river or swallowed by sky? I think now all the loose characters women are really happy to see that and may think themselves too as heroine. He he. And before some months. I read in a paper (I mean newspaper idiots, who reads the blank paper?) that there was a protest in India after a hero of one show was shown dead. My mom too becomes sad sometimes after watching such show and I will be in problem. In such days it’s hard for me to get pocket money because of her bad mood and if I don’t have money, WHAT THE HECK I AM GOING TO DO ON MY DATE? So all these craps are putting me in lots of problems which may seem funny to you but I am living with it. And you know the worst part of these daily soap operas? They don’t even have any HOT SCENE. I hope it will be lot better if they kept Pamela AND Britney in those Indian soap operas. If they do so they will get a loyal viewer like me. He he.
Its already 9 p.m today and mom is still glued on her sofa watching TV. So I am going to ask the same common question with her; Mom should I sleep without food again?
This is my experience and I know you too may have such experience with soap operas. Please share it with me posting a comment.
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Posted by hoody | 12:41 AM


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Some UNBEARABLE posts.
Some SHITS of Adsense
What should I do now? START SELLING POTATOES?
4 UNCOOL ways to increase your BLOG TRAFFIC

1. DONT WRITE ABOUT YOUR DOG, YOUR BOYFRIEND OR YOUR KID-Yeah mind it! Don’t write about your boring personal stuffs or the one you like. Readers don’t want to waste their time by reading the boring stuffs. Get something aspiring to write.

2. DON’T INTERRUPT YOUR WRITING WITH LOTS OF LINKS: - Lots of link on your writing makes the blog seems like the dirty clothes and who wants to wear dirty clothes. So it’s really better if u don’t make your blog dirty and avoid using lots of links. This helps to make your blog eye candy

3. DONT PROMOTE YOURSELF- Who are you so that you promote yourself? You are not Bill Gates or new Newton. You are just one in a billion user of blogosphere.So nobody gives a damn care at your biodata and story. So keep your attitude and story within yourself and STOP promoting yourself and your stuffs at the expense of readers.

4. DONT BE BORING- Yeah don’t be boring. This means don’t write boring articles. Rather try to make it interesting by using nice examples and good language. Excitement and entertainment rules here man, so screw your boring articles and put some more pressure on your head ob how to make articles interesting.

5. NO COPY AND PASTE- This is one of the biggest mistakes that new bloggers do. Do you think that by copying and pasting John Chow’s articles you will be next John Chow? Just adding pages on blogs doesn’t helps you be good blogger. Mind that nowadays there are so many new bloggers here that now onwards ONLY CREATIVE BLOGGER CAN SUSTAIN HERE and copy paste doesn’t make you creative, does it? This is not a school exam buddies! so you have nothing to lose. So come with great ides and blow the lid.

6. JUST DON’T GIVE YOUR ALL ATTENTION ON ONLINE MONEY- Nowadays blogging is so popular not only because of its great features but also because of money behind it. And I think almost half of the new bloggers here are to make money than getting recognition. I don’t tell that its bad to give attention on money but too much attention are always bad. Too much attention may decrease your interest from blogging. I can tell this because I have seen many new bloggers who are only after money. So what they do is copy the other people’s articles and paste them in their blog and try to earn more. Isn’t it hampering their creativity? So keep money and fun of blogging in the same ratio.

Lindsay Lohan quitting drug and Hollywood. This was the biggest joke I heard currently. What’s going on in Hollywood? The freak is leaving drug? This is the resemblance to dog leaving bone. But yeah the course was quiet trustable. Lindsay’s media-whore dad currently told about this while talking about the emotional (?) reunion of world’s BEST father and daughter. Why best? Why not? Her father is her idol. Both were found guilty in drink n drive case. Have you seen any daughter following her father like this? Ha ha. Acc. To Michael Lohan; ‘When we finally came face to face we just clung on to each other and did not stop crying for at least half an hour. Lindsay said, ‘Daddy, I have done some terrible things and been addicted to drugs but please believe me I will never do drugs again’. She assured me she has given drugs up for good. And when I looked into her eyes I 100% believed her. She said she does not want to live in Hollywood as that is where this evil in her life happens. She said, ‘I hate Hollywood and I don’t want to work there. I need a break and I am moving away’. Wow what a promise. Hey Lindsay! How could you be so selfish? Hollywood gave u fame n name and you think this is the bad place? And you are quitting drug too? Then for what are you going to live? For your bad boyfriend Calum Best? And if you leave Hollywood, what are you going to do for living? Sell potatoes?

And yeah I’ve got some pics of Lindsay smoking a cigarette in Utah, where she is in rehab. I was the biggest fan of Lindsay before but now I am slamming her because now I hate her now. Yeah I knew she was into drugs before but I have not seen her sick face and worst eyes. Look in the below picture, this is not the eye of hot girl rather this is the eye of drug addicts. I’ve lost many friends having same eyes battling with drugs. So I really hate such eyes. Damn god. I really hate her now.
Lastly, this is not the first time Lindsay is in rehab rather this is the third time. And she couldn’t leave drug before then how she is going to leave it now. But if Lindsay quits the drug then I must say that SOME DOGS CAN LIVE WITHOUT BONE.

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What should I do now? Start selling potatoes?
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i m out of topic n i wanna say a joke.

if this is the WORST joke you ever heard then please subscribe me.

Britney Spears and Paris Hilton were caught by police and kept in Jail. The charge on them was giving a series of worst performances and videos. Police had a proof that nearly seven million people were badly sick after watching their live joint performance. There were even separate charges on them. Seven people attempted suicide after listening to Britney’s CD and one man was robbed and killed because the robber was in urgent need of money to buy Paris’s love making video. So they were even facing for this thing too. After court gave them order to stay for in jail for one year, they were taken to the jail of California. They didn’t have many problems living in jail because it was not their first time. They had only one problem and that was THEY WERE WEARING THE SAME UNDERWEAR FOR TWO MONTHS as jail authority did not provide them new underwear and they were prohibited to take things from outside. So they were facing great problems. And days were going really hard. But one day the warden of the jail came to them, and said that he had got one good news and one bad news for them. Okay now let’s listen the remaining thing from their mouth.

Warden: Girls, what you want to listen first? Good news or bad?

Girls: good news, obviously.

Warden: the good news is you are getting new underwear.

Girls: wow! And what is the bad news?

Warden: the bad news is; Paris you exchange your underwear with Britney’s and Britney please exchange your underwear with Paris. Afterall you got new underwear.

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Hello fellas! Since I am engaged with google adsense for more than half a year and made a few bucks of money, I think I know something about adsense. Adsense , this was the thing I first used while starting online business. I think you are now calling me as a stupid person who got money from adsense and now talking a shit about that but please don’t forget that THIS BLOG DOESN’T TALK GOOD ,IT TALKS REAL! Yeah I know adsense is really a good program and it is really helpful for making money. AND I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THE DRAWBACKS OF ADSENSE AND LABELLING IT AS A BAD PROGRAMME I am just talking about my shitty experience with adsense in last half year.I started adsense before six months and I began working on it. But since I was the begineer I didn’t had a great site and good content, so there was no traffic in my site. I WAS THE ONE AND ONLY READER OF MY SITE. How does it feel? And what can you do in such situations? Just sit at home and wait for the reader for all life or do anything to make money. Well I choosed the latter option and I STARTED CLICKING ON MY OWN ADS THROUGH DIFFERENT IP ADDRESS. No wait don’t tell me a cheat bcoz many people here do the same stuff. Okay that was the way and I made a referral luckily and he made 100$ in 3 months and I got the awesome bonus of 250$ and my total became 278$. Now I started to have a problem with adsense. Since pin code is required at first before getting payment I started waiting for pin code. Since I am really far from America (I live in Nepal) it took more than a month for a pin code to come to my hand. As I entered pin code to my account they sent me cheque after 18 days and I went to the bank to deposit cheque and withdraw money. Yeah this was the shittiest time. I waited and waited and waited and after 44 days of deposit I got my money. When I got my money it was like winning a world cup for me as I had nearly lost my patience. This is my story and my shit encounter with adsense. May be this story be urs too if you live in south asia. Well if this shit smelled good to you and you want more shit don’t forget to subscribe me because THIS BLOG DOESN’T TALK ` GOOD, IT TALKS REAL and reality always smells shit

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Wait! Before you start thinking I will clarify the title. I am not saying that my hair was planted to Zidane’s head and after that to theRonaldinho’s. I am just sharing the one year journey of my hair. From its size of Zidane’s to its growth to the size of Ronaldinho’s.
It all started a year’s ago. I had quite long hair and I loved it. But unfortunately while escaping from college (I mean bunking college), the bike I was riding banged on the wall and I fell and broke my head (excuse my English). So I had to cut it (I am talking about cutting hair not head!). Then I had a small hair. But I used to feel uncomfortable with that hair as I want to be like rockster and usually rockster got long hair. This was the time when I entered in blogging field. I am in fact a guy with a deep eyes and thin mouth as of Zidane. So I used to compare myself with Zidane that time. And to be frank, I don’t think Zidane is handsome. So I felt sorry for my short hair. As I was waiting my hair to be long, something good was happening to me. That is my online thing was going okay. So I ran both things on same ratio. The growth of my hair and growth of my blog were going up slowly and steadily.
Day went and night went, so was my hair going longer and longer. I really liked this hair. It was slowly converting to Ronaldinho from Zidane and I was happy for that. This is a real great thing (at least for me). But you know, I live in Nepal and you got really narrow minded people here. If you gotta long hair then they think that you are a bad guy. All of your neighbors start to look you in such way. And my parents too are some how conservative so they started to give me pressure to cut my hair. But why would I? Why should I listen to them? I am a youth and a freak. So I neglected them and told them to leave my hair alone (can it be? leave your hair alone?). But when my hair got long I too felt that it was not suiting me too much. So with due respect to my parents (?), I am cutting my hair today and going to put stop in the journey of my hair. But I am wishing that if I was Britney Spears then I could sell my hair to eBay. They can sell everything. If things go this way then I am sure that one day their shit too will be on sale in eBay. Ha ha.
This was the journey of my hair from Zidane to Ronaldinho and today it’s going to stop.
R.I.P my lovely hair.

A one year’s blogging journey of an unsuccessful blogger
It is nearly one year i started blogging. But frankly speaking what did i got from it in whole one year? Just a $100 adsense checks. Wait… not hundred, $25 dollar was cut as express delivery charge. And it too took 2 months for me to receive money after depositing money. This is the thing I don’t like about adsense.Was my one year just worth of $100. If I had got married instead of doing this job then i would have become a father! Frankly speaking i got in this business because i had heard that there was much money in this field but what i got? Just $75? Ha ha
I had many hope from this but it is not working. I thought Lindsay Lohan was a good stuff so I wrote lot about my love with Lindsay Lohan. But what happened? Nobody read that post and i was the only reader of my post. Then i thought i will write about Aerosmith and me, but same again. I was the only LOYAL reader. Ha ha. You know, John chow was my favorite blogger before but I don’t feel same for him now. You know why? Because he published his earning in his blog and I was really sad comparing my earning with him.
What’s going on? Why can’t we earn? Please don’t tell me that you don’t have good posts or site. That is outdated man. It feels like saying Angelina Jolie is world's most hottest girl(was she ever?),isn’t it outdated.(P.S. I dont know much about her but I have currently listened that Lindsay Lohan's love making video (am I using decent word?) was recently hacked from her computer, so I am desperately waiting for it to spread in the internet.). Oh sorry I think I am going out of track..
Before,I was a thief but now I am penniless because I got no place to thief as all the lockers of my house got new keys. I am really being screwed. I need money, I need work. I need new work because this work is not earning me. So I have thought of many new ideas. Oh yeah actually I am reading engineering now but I am going to be engineer after 4 years. So till that time I need money and I cannot hope from dad because he don’t give me money as I have very bad image in my family. Do you believe that my dad often says I WAS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE HE EVER MADE?
So what can I do now? So I got some new rebelling ideas. I have heard that there is lot of benefit on selling potatoes. You nearly earn 30% profit. Yeah it is better than eBay or Amazon. And yeah you too should not sell ads there. But like readers need to click your ad, customers need to buy your potatoes. Isn’t it like online business? Ha ha. So after running an unsuccessful blog and using some uncool ways to promote the blog for long time, I have come to conclusion that I should do something new. So you tell me what should I do now? SELL POTATOES?
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Earn money from Blogvertise.
6 mistakes blogger should avoid while writing.

What I READ and what I DID.

Hello! Did you thought that this is the site that will help you to gain traffic? Ha ha But the reality is THIS IS A QUESTION NOT A ANSWER. But wait don’t try to press back button, I am sure you too will get some information from me too and since information from everyone is important so you better give some few minutes for this blog. I know I am not a professional blogger but I had tried different ways and read a lot of articles from professionals, I think I can share something with you.
Now here I am writing about the things I read and things I did to increase the traffic for my blog. Here it goes
1. Content Rich Site
What I read – “I’ve talked about this many times create original timeless content and maintain it the search engines love it! You need rich content to prepare for the next PageRank update and for search engine optimization”-Jason Neuman www.jakeldaily.com

What I did- Yeah content is really the main thing to make a great blog. So in order to make great contents (I don’t think my contents are great but may be readable) I thought a lot . I thought about the possible topics and their popularity. At last I thought about online money making thing.. Yeah that is the topic today if you really want to make money. Because it is the most interesting thing for me in internet these days. So then I started trying to give good contents. But since I am not a professional blogger , I didn’t had lot of knowledge, so I started reading lots of stuffs in the internet and began implementing it. So fellas! Why don’t you trying these things.
2. Blog Commenting
What I read- “Commenting on blogs is an excellent free traffic generating method (time consuming though). Many bloggers have joined in on the Dofollow wagon and you can now get a full credited backlink when commenting on a blog that has it. If by chance they do not have the dofollow turned on then you will most times find a top commentators section that if you comment enough your link will appear on the side bar for a full linkback. Sometimes blogs have both like this one so you are in a sense getting rewarded twice for commenting” Jason Neuman www.jakeldaily.com
What I did- Yeah this was also a better idea and really time consuming too (As Jason said). I initially thought that this was a positive TIT-FOR-TAT kind of thing. Yeah once you think what would you do if someone comments on your blog? Obviously you too send a comment for him. This is the great thing here because while passing comment you certainly give a look for each others blog. BOTH ARE IN PROFIT. Okay now let me tell you what I did. I went to blogger searched a lot of sites and gave them a comment and voila I too got a lot of traffic. Hey if you are serious about your traffic then this is really needed.
Hey are you searching for what I read for this too. I am sorry I didn’t read anything this time except a link in google. When I was surfing Google I saw a link stating JOIN A BLOG COMMUNITY. Blog community? I didn’t knew what does that mean at that time but when I get in there I easily found that it was also an really easy way to gain traffic. As you can find lots of blogger like you there and you can also filter the people of similar interest. So it is easier to get connected and as you get connected you got a reder for your blog. Ok while joining community I recommend you to www.mybloglog.com and www.blogcatalog.com because as I used then I found them really easy to use.

These are my knowledge POLISHED with experience to get traffic for a blog. If you love that and want more of my articles then you can subscribe me. I DON’T MIND . Ha ha. GREETINGS FROM NEPAL.

Ever wondered about new ways of making money except adsense? You are not Paris Hilton, So that you cannot put your spicy things in pay per view. Nor you are any good rockster to put your multiplatinum album in your own site to sell it through eBay and get commission. So what can you do to earn some easy extra income? Wait…. have you ever heard about paid-to-blogging? Are you confused where to take first step? If you lie on this category then the following article is for you.
There are many ways to earn by the way called paid to blogging like pay per post, Loudlaunch, sponsoredreviews etc. The best thing about these sites are they pay us for the post that we write for free now. Among all these sites, today I am just talking about BLOGVERTISE. (Because they paid me ha ha).
Blogvertise is the site that pays bloggers to promote the advertisers site. But the difference between other paid to blogging site and Blogvertise is you don’t have to endorse advertiser’s website or product. What you have to do is just mention the advertiser’s website or product in your blog and link to the advertiser’s website three times in your entry. After the completion of your assignment you will be paid through paypal and the earning of the new account is $4-$25 currently but most will fall into $5-$15 range. My god! If I will be paid then I will give 100 links to advertiser’s site ha ha. So imagine that if you are assigned for 10 tasks then you can earn $150. Isn’t it great?
Acc. to site, at least 2 or 3 paragraphs and approximately 75 words or more is required for blog entry approval and the task must be completed within 5 days of being emailed. And last thing to remember is the blog having pornographic and mature content will not be approved (isn’t it sad?). So play safe and give a try to it.
Oh wait1 am I sounding like Blogvertise’s pimp? You may say me pimp because I am just talking about their good sides. Ok the flip side of this site is they don’t have a marketplace and the assignment you get is less. So you can change your name to Mr. lucky if you got more than three assignments per week. But three assignments are good if we calculate the money. If you try this site, you may make good money from it and if you make money from it because I gave you information about then WHAT THE HECK GOES if you subscribe my blog or leave the comment below!!

If you are doing the online job (or whatever we call it) then John Chow shouldn’t be new name for you and you too may have seen his site. I have written about him many times in my last posts. As I am a beginner taking first steps on online job, I have used his site and I should tell that I have got many interesting ideas and good tips from that site. So I am writing review about one of my favorite site, www.johnchow.com
I WRITE WHATEVER I LIKE- this is the new tagline of John chow dot com. And I too think he writes whatever he likes but the good part of the story is his ‘whatever’ writing also contains good stuffs and are helpful for the bloggers. Powered by wordpress, his site looks attractive and user friendly too. There are many sections on the top like home, archive, advertise, top post and etc. but my favorite stuff on the site is TOP POST category which has the collection of all the top posts of John chow. This site has contained lot of collection of pay per click programs, affiliate programs and other programs like agolco. So this site is also a platform for all the money making ideas.
This site also has comment section where users can leave comment about the topic. So what’s different, almost every blog under the sun has comment section? No the difference is the top commenter will be displayed in the side of this famous blog which will certainly increase the blog traffic of commenter and this is not the end of good news, another good news is johnchow.com is currently distributing eBook full of money making ideas. And that too for FREE!! Don’t you think that is great? Yeah take it as a great bonus of great site.
But this doesn’t mean that it is the best site and it doesn’t have any drawbacks. Nothing is perfect in this world and why this site should be exception? In my view the flip side of this site is its enormous banner ads on the side. There are more than 10 banner ads on the side of johnchow.com which helps the site to look like a dirty kid. And another flip side is these days many articles are made for advertisers rather than publisher or blogger. But as a whole this is really great site with some great content. Recommended.

Paris HIlton Is A Whore?

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just a funny joke

What Do you think? isnt google too thinks she is a ..., well what do you think?

Fed up with old dying ideas to give recognition and generate traffic to your blog? Or do you want to try some cool new ideas? Ok if you want to get some uncool new ideas then I heartly welcome you fellas. Below are some of the ideas. Let’s get started.
1. PRAISE ON MYBLOGLOG: I think most of the bloggers have mybloglog account. And I think this is one useful thing to get some readers for your blog. Go to the some community, look at the picture, click on the picture which looks like of kind person (it wasn’t necessary) and leave them some message along with the link of your blog too. If they look good then don’t forget to praise them too. Praising the person in mybloglog is a real and working trick. Who will not respond if they got a message stating “hey girl you look really cute. My blog is also cute as you. Take a look”. I have done this and it has worked! You can send message to many people per day and nearly 90% of them will visit your blog. I think 90% is not a bad number, is it?
2. BEG ON TECHNORATI :You should use this too. I am telling about some new ideas so that I am not talking about ping. But I am talking about adding to faviorites. Technorati ranking also plays a vital role in blog’s popularity and traffic rates so you must have many people who call your blog as faviorite. But I don’t tell you to write great articles and wait for years in search of person who says you faviorite. If you want it in fast way then don’t hesitate to BEG! Yeah begging is really good thing here. Catch some people and beg them to add you to their faviorites and tell them that you too gonna do same for them. It goes like; “hey I am a new blogger and found same about you. So I request you to add me on your technorati faviorites and I promise to do same to you”. To be frank, nearly cent person of people who added me to faviorite where impressed by my style of BEGGING. So why not give it a try?
3. MISUSE YOUR FRIENDS: An old proverb says: “A friend in need is the friend indeed”. And now when you have no traffic and you are in NEED of readers then friends are the most useful resources. They have the responsibility to help you. So convince every friend of your to go through your site and have at least FIVE pageviews whenever they use internet. I think this is the best way of utilizing friends. And also tell them to click on some of the ads so that you may earn some bucks too.
4. DO I KNOW YOU: This is the common reply of the unknown person who you will send email. I think it is really better if you started getting lots of this sort of messages. Because this means that you are sending lots of email to lots of person with lots of LINK of your site. And when the person gets that sort of mail with a link on it then there are chances of that link to be clicked which means page view and if you have five stars in today’s horoscope then he may click on your ad too. So don’t feel hesitate to send email with your blog link to as many people as possible.
This is for today and I assure to give you some more quality post tomorrow. If you liked this post then don’t forget to subscribe me.

Affiliate marketing refers to selling other peoples products for a commission, they are usually free to join and the owners usually provide marketing tools that can help their affiliates effectively promote their products. Every affiliate marketer is always looking for the successful market that gives the biggest paycheck. But records show that just a little over 15% of all those who get started with affiliate programs will ever make a sale and then only a smaller proportion will ever make good sales, those who have tried affiliate marketing will agree with me that this is the fact. There are simple reasons why many affiliates fail. If you are able to avoid these simple mistakes you will be able to increase your sales and survive as an affiliate marketer online.
What are these five reasons?
- They simply choose the wrong product: the worst mistake any affiliate can make is to promote a product for which he knows little about, most affiliate put commission first before the product and that is why many of them fail it should be the other way round
- Promoting affiliate products without a website: Although it is still possible to earn affiliate profits without having your own website, I don't recommend it because having a website makes it easier to market more effectively and it makes you look more professional.
- They don't learn from their mistakes: Many affiliates simply just don't learn from their mistakes or they give up too easily especially if after their first campaign their performance does not meet their expectations.
- They don't build their list: most if not all top internet marketers and affiliates all agree on one thing, the fact that the money is in the list, this common saying is very true and has been proven over and over again. A full time affiliate needs to have a list to turn to whenever he needs to market any product unless he is already preparing the grounds to fail, my advice is if you don't have a list try and get one.
- They don't attract enough traffic: If you don't attract people to your site, no one will visit your site, no one will buy anything using your link and ultimately means you are not going to succeed, the easiest way to fail as an affiliate is by not promoting your offer it is that simple

People may admire your blog because the theme is stylish. Butmost will leave quickly if the text and links are not easy toread. Your blog may not seem hard to read to you, because you alreadyknow what it says. But it may still make your visitors' eyestired. So they leave and may never return. Looking at blogs these days, I find many are so hard to readthat they make my eyes hurt. So I don't read them---even whenI'm interested in the subject. There are millions of blogs. I just move on to another on thesame topic. Research shows that you have only 5 to 8 seconds to capture apotential reader. So I know other people are leaving withoutreading, too. That's sad, because many of these bloggers are good writers.They have something interesting and valuable to say, but theyare unaware of their blog design problem. They already know whattheir blog says, so they don't realize how hard it is for othersto read it. If you know just a few things about typography, you can makeyour blog or website much easier to read---and moreappealing to your potential audience. So you can keep newreaders and attract even more. Typography is the art and science of designing and usingtypefaces---what most people call fonts. (Actuallya font is one particular size and style of a typeface,such as or 9 pt Arial italics or 10 Times Roman.) What does that have to do with blog design, since most peoplesimply choose a ready made theme? A lot, if you want people tostay and read your blog. It is important to choose a theme that is easy read. That has alot to do with the typefaces that are part of the theme---notonly which typefaces, but what sizes and what colors they are. Doing just these few things can help make your blog easier toread:
1. Choose a theme that has black text on a whitebackground. Not gray, not blue, not yellow orange or greenor lavender---black! It may not seem as cool, but it will beread---and that's what you want. White or light colored text and links on a dark background aremuch harder to read. If you want people to read your blog, avoidthem. If you do use them, the type has to be much bigger andbolder, or people won't read it. The current fad of light text and links on colored backgroundsis simply deadly if you want to keep readers.
2. Choose a theme with a sans serif typeface (such as Arial,Trebuchet, or Helvetica). It will be much easier to read onthe screen. Luckily most themes already use san serif typefaces. If for some reason you must use a serif face (such as Times NewRoman or Palatino), remember that it will have to be larger thana sans serif face to be equally readable (easy to read). Sochoose a theme that has larger type. Do not use a typewriter-style typeface like Courier on a blog orwebsite. Ever. They are just too awfully hard to read on thescreen.
3. Make sure the subheadings and links are in darkcolors. Yes, they need to be in color to show that they arelinks. For that, a medium dark blue is best. Not yellow, notpale blue or yellow green, not orange, and certainly not gray.
4. Chose a soft color or black if you use a coloredbackground outside the text area. Too bright a color alongthe sides of the text area is distracting. Patterns are worse. I've seen some that are so bright and busy that they make myeyes water. That tires the eyes, too. It's annoying. And itmakes readers want to leave. So we do.
5. Choose a theme that has large-enough type in proportion tothe column width. This is something you might never havethought about, but if you read enough blogs in different themes,you will see what I mean. Research shows that if the column of text is too wide comparedto the size of the text, the reader's eyes get lost trying tofind the beginning of the next line. The result, again, is tiredeyes---and an annoyed reader who quits reading sooner.
6. Take time choosing your blog's theme. With hundreds ofthemes available, it sounds simple to find a good one, but itisn't. It takes a bit of care and thought. There are not so many good themes. And when it comes toselecting one for a new blog, most people are more concernedabout the color and overall stylishness than about how easy orhard the text and links are to read. So picture this: Two blogs cover the same topic. One has lightgray text and pale blue links on a pale gray background. Theother has crisp black text on a white background and bright,clear links that are easy to read. If you only have time to read one of them, which will it be?

Business Opportunity Leads

Business Opportunity Leads Monthly. Discover How to Quickly & Easily Get Your Hands on All the HOT LEADS You Need to Send Your Sales, Affiliate Commissions & Marketing Profits SOARING!


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This is the black day for all the people of Katmandu. Everybody is worried and sad and an unknown fear has taken place in their heart. Today the biggest explosion took place in Katmandu. It is considered as the greatest explosion in the history of Katmandu. The city which is known for its temples and natural beauty was full of blady smokes of bombs which killed two people and made several hurt. It happened nearly at 5 p.m. which is the closing time of office hours and at that time many people are on the street to get bus for home. So the bombers thought it as an appropriate time and 5 bombs were serially exploded in Katmandu valley. A college student and women of nearly 40 years were killed in this accident. Every Nepalese are worried and are feeling unsecured now. Terai Army, which is the small rebel group of Terai area, took the responsibility of the bombing. But the saddest part of the story is the responsible governmental people has not even visited the hospital and give a sympathy note. This is really sad moment and I want to share this article with the world so that you guys will know the reality and give sympathy to the people. This article is totally dedicated to the dead and injured people of this accident.