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It has not been long that I have heard of Kontera. Its only a week ago that I read about it but I was really sad when I read that it required over 500000 page views per month and that was impossible for my blog. I am not a Paris Hilton so that people will give a look in my site to get my new stuffs. I am just a new blogger who is trying his luck on blogging. So I thought that Kontera was not for me. But after some time I got good news that I too can participate with Kontera and thanks to John Chow whose site made it possible. Okay let’s talk about Kontera. In this age of digital media, there are many sources to earn money from blog. Even a personal blog has many chances to earn money because there are many publisher programs in the row. And among them lies Kontera.
When you are approved by Kontera, they provide you with the content links. ContentLinks are contextually relevant keywords discovered in real time on a publisher’s web page that are automatically turned into a link to the most relevant and highest paying text ad from one of Kontera’s thousands of advertisers. As Kontera states they help publishers to maximize their revenue and earn higher click through rates. And the best thing about Kontera is they don’t take your space rather they highlight the appropriate keyword which is the ad. So this makes Kontera unique then other programs which take space of your site. But according to many bloggers, this is the flip side of Kontera too because it can be annoying to the readers. And another problem I have encountered is they provide less money. Yeah they do. So please don’t wish to earn more than adsense through Kontera because I think it’s never gonna happen. But if you want to earn some more with stylish ads then Kontera welcomes you. The good thing about it is you shouldn’t be afraid that adsense will be angry as adsense and Kontera can be used together and also you should not worry about the link popularity. But the main thing to earn more from Kontera is to use as many keywords as possible as they can turn into more ads and more revenue too. Don’t worry about the budget or something as it is free to join and I have read that it helps for search engine ranking too. So there is nothing to lose with signing this text ad as they can help to earn some more bucks. And yeah if you are a beginner then don’t forget to read as they give access to Kontera for the new blogger. So I am using this and I know I will get some more information and don’t worry I will give it to you too. And if you like this post and hope for some more news then don’t forget to subscribe the RSS or EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION in the end of page. KEEP BLOGGING.


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I never thought myself foolish and stupid. But thanks to JON DAVIES who made me realize that I was really foolish. Foolish to that extent that I downloaded his e book and read it (I am still confused if it was really an e book). That was not a book that was a real piece of shit. So advice for beginners, stay away from it or it will give a bad smell.In last two days, I read two e books. One was this piece of crap and another was by John Chow. I think the latter was hundred times better than this one. This is the worst book I had ever read. It doesn’t sounds like e book rather it is an advertisement of some new kind of business which will turn your computer to ATM which gives money 24/7(as stated on first page). My first impression about book was really great. But when I kept going I began to feel that it was a stupid thing and at the end I thought that I really wasted my time reading this shit. Yeah this is shit. And my god I was really astonished by the money making idea of writer. That was really the childish thing and he wants himself to be called honest. Ha ha I think he needs to SHAVE his arse before writing any other books. And yeah there were some stupid comments from people. One was like this book saved me from coming to street and was thanking the writer. That was best joke I read today. I think this kind of people should be called scam and warned. So for all the bloggers INCOME FOR BEGINNERS is the worst so called e book on the lot. So totally IGNORE IT. Keep blogging.

What happened in last six months? Lot of things happened, isn’t it? Paris Hilton went to jail……Lindsay Lohan suffered hit n chase and entered rehab for second time……Australia won the world cup for third time……..John Chow became father (ha ha I think this was not so necessary to write)….But yeah really lot of things happened in the world in last six months but I am not talking what happened to others rather I am talking now about what happened to me in this last six months. For sure these six months were the most memorable time of my life till today. Because it made me capable to stand on my own feet. Okay let’s talk about my journey from mom’s piggy bank to adsense checks.
I am young and I am a freak. In this age you need lots of money because you’ve got so many reasons to spend them. But since I am a middle class guy from the third world, I never had enough money. I was getting younger and my pocket seemed emptier. So what should I have done in this situation? I was just a high school guy so I would get no job and I had no good ideas to start some business. So I started doing some bad thing, I started THEIVING.
My mom had a piggy bank. She used to keep it under the couch. This woman had lived a very hard life and got many problems in her life. Since we are a middle class people we never get any spare money. The money we earn is only enough for food and other household stuffs. We can’t save any money. My mom always wanted to wear a good golden chain. So she was collecting money in her piggy bank to buy the chain. But what she didn’t know was the money she was saving was getting low day by day as her son was taking it for his expenditure. It is very easy to take money out of those things; I think you all know this. Okay then I started taking some money from it everyday and finally there were only little money there. Unfortunately one day mom thought that there was enough money collected now to buy the chain. So she break it to get money and ALAS! There weren’t even the 20 percent of total money she kept. You should have seen her face then, I could never forget that face ever and it stills give me pain. She cried so much that time as she was totally broken. I could not sleep that night and whole night I regretted on my deeds and thought how I can correct the mistake I did.
Then I heard of online job. At first I did not believe that thing but later I met some people who have been doing that stuff and I asked them to teach me too. Since I am a good user of internet so it was no harder for me to learn it and then I started my online business. It was adsense from which I started and for this I always love adsense and I like it. Then time moved and moved and finally I got my money from adsense. Good that was the best day of my life. I thought I was the happiest man on earth. I too knew that it was just a beginning and there were lots to come. This adsense check really made me fly higher. And I always feel happy that I used that money in really good place, I bought my mom a good shiny GOLDEN CHAIN.


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If you asked me before two months about John Chow then you would get no answer. I would think that it was a name of another rocker or movie star. But now I can say who is John Chow and what he does.Yeah I am sure that I can something about him( But plz don’t ask me about his biodata) . Since I am involved in blogging these days, I read a lot of post about blogging and he is one in the game whose articles I read often. Once I visited his blog (or website whatever) I found that we can signup to get free e book written by him. FREE? I thought it was totally a stupid thing to miss an e book which is FREE. So what was there to stop me? I sign up using my gmail and download the book and voila! The book was in my desk (it’s desktop actually)
MAKE MONEY ONLINE WITH JOHN CHOW DOT COM- how I went from zero to $10000+ a month and how you can too!!
This thing was in first page and it really made me curious. I thought that it was full of great and easy ideas to make huge money online and I began reading it. But after some lines I felt like something stuck in my teeth. As stated by John, this e book was a compilation of old blogs posted on John Chow dot com. Screw that! Is this the reason John that you let it for free? Yeah it was a collection of old blogs but however it makes you feel good because everything is in order and it’s readable too (I am talking about other e books which cost you money and boredom too). But john have done something clever too, he had put many links to the book which leads to his blogs. Talking about the book, it was okay (its my only opinion, it may be great book for some guys). Some articles were really interesting whereas some where boring too. (I found wordpress articles really boring because I don’t use wordpress).
If you go inside then you can find many links that let you inside different money making ways. They give access to many sites which help you to earn something. And there are some factors that are really aspiring and interesting too. Like the seven habits of highly successful bloggers, beginners blogger tips (as I am a beginner), six top linking strategies and some more. They were really interesting to read. But I don’t tell that all the stuffs were very great. Some of the articles were avoidable too. (At least for me)
Oh yeah one thing I would like to comment Mr. John. As you stated that some of the MFA sites don’t pay you good and you should filter them, but what about your site? It too doesn’t pay well. I think it never pays more than 10 cents (well it paid 7 cents for me). So is MFA word is applicable to you too? Should your site too need to be filtered? Why you don’t see your mistake too?
There were many things to read on the book but what I enjoyed most was his history. That was really great and inspiring too. After reading that I started to respect him even more. And yeah really thankful to john for the adsense stuffs. I think it will help me somehow. And as a whole it has good contents and some good tips too and it is an okay book. But don’t miss it! Because you have to miss nothing reading it as it is FREE!!!

1.WHAT THEY ARE WRITING: This is the main thing blogger should keep in mind. They should always know what they are writing. As we know that CONTENT IS THE KING. So blogger should write deeply so that they can gain many readers and the topic too should be described fully. They should give full information on what they are writing and what they want to give to the readers. I think good content is the key topic to get the loyal readers. So always know what you are writing.
2.FOR WHOM THEY ARE WRITING: yeah before writing always think that for whom you are writing and what mass you are targeting. This helps to make your writing better and also helps to convey your message with greatness. For example if you are writing about toys then you should always think that you are writing for children. So it’s better if you use some simple description rather than the game of words. If you want your blog to be read by a lot then always know for which mass you are writing.

3.WHY THEY ARE WRITING: Yeah my good buddies, why are you writing? You are writing just to spread your feeling or you are serious about some bucks you can earn from blogging? If you are writing just for fun then you can write in one way and you can write in another way if you want to pocket some bucks. This is true, if you are writing for yourself then you can write normally but if you are writing for readers and money then you should be serious about contents and its mass appeal. So these things are different. So it will be lot better if you know why you are writing.

4.WHEN THEY ARE WRITING: This doesn’t means about your writing time rather it means about appropriate time. This doesn’t tells that you should write in evening or night but this means writing in the favorable time and appropriate time. You should be up to date and write in appropriate situation. For example now it doesn’t matter if you write about September 9/11 but it will be more effective if you write about Harry Potters Last installment. Yeah I am talking about making articles effective. So always try to write in appropriate time and situation.

5.HOW THEY ARE WRITING: This is the last tip and really important too. About how to write also you should be always sincere. You should be alert about grammar, spelling and other grammatical accuracies too. And yeah always write with confidence and try to make writing interesting by giving examples and other interesting stuff. NEVER LET A READER BE BORED of your writing. All people like interesting stuffs and if you write good thing but in a boring manner then never hope for a better traffic in your blog.
This is my today’s article and I hope you will follow this and improve your writing too. Catch you soon with another article.

1. DONT WRITE ABOUT YOUR DOG, YOUR BOYFRIEND OR YOUR KID-Yeah mind it! Don’t write about your boring personal stuffs or the one you like. Readers don’t want to waste their time by reading the boring stuffs. Get something aspiring to write.

2. DON’T INTERRUPT YOUR WRITING WITH LOTS OF LINKS: - Lots of link on your writing makes the blog seems like the dirty clothes and who wants to wear dirty clothes. So it’s really better if u don’t make your blog dirty and avoid using lots of links. This helps to make your blog eye candy

3. DONT PROMOTE YOURSELF- Who are you so that you promote yourself? You are not Bill Gates or new Newton. You are just one in a billion user of blogosphere.So nobody gives a damn care at your biodata and story. So keep your attitude and story within yourself and STOP promoting yourself and your stuffs at the expense of readers.

4. DONT BE BORING- Yeah don’t be boring. This means don’t write boring articles. Rather try to make it interesting by using nice examples and good language. Excitement and entertainment rules here man, so screw your boring articles and put some more pressure on your head ob how to make articles interesting.

5. NO COPY AND PASTE- This is one of the biggest mistakes that new bloggers do. Do you think that by copying and pasting John Chow’s articles you will be next John Chow? Just adding pages on blogs doesn’t helps you be good blogger. Mind that nowadays there are so many new bloggers here that now onwards ONLY CREATIVE BLOGGER CAN SUSTAIN HERE and copy paste doesn’t make you creative, does it? This is not a school exam buddies! so you have nothing to lose. So come with great ides and blow the lid.

6. JUST DON’T GIVE YOUR ALL ATTENTION ON ONLINE MONEY- Nowadays blogging is so popular not only because of its great features but also because of money behind it. And I think almost half of the new bloggers here are to make money than getting recognition. I don’t tell that its bad to give attention on money but too much attention are always bad. Too much attention may decrease your interest from blogging. I can tell this because I have seen many new bloggers who are only after money. So what they do is copy the other people’s articles and paste them in their blog and try to earn more. Isn’t it hampering their creativity? So keep money and fun of blogging in the same ratio.

There are time where cheap data recovery methods may be useful, but it also can make thing worst than in the beginning. According to the NCSA, this problem will continue to as programmers become more sophisticated and creative when writing viruses. Data recovery is something that will usually require the fixing and rebooting of your computer. Data backup involves the storing of files from your computer in another location.

You can try to use various computer hardware as a cheap alternative source to recover your date. They are usually between ten to twenty dollars. There are a couple of local supermarkets that have hardwares for PCs.

What idea is good in recovering data?

It is always good to create an image of your hard drive with a imaging program. Perform this act before you start to do your work and save it on a back hard drive. In fact, there are possibilities that you may not able to read the file on the computer due to data corruption. I am sharing a procedure that will assist you to prevent losing your important data even without you knowing it.

How can this program or software help me?

In today's information age, every piece of software does has it purpose. There are also lots of people that are so poor that they could not afford a simple data recovery software, then this alternative of a low cost recovering program may come in handy. With lots of experiences that people are not able to launch their hard drive since the data had been lost, the only advice is not to run the drive. There will be damage if more people are using certain kind of software to recover the data as it may take a long and tedious process.

When the drive becomes more damaged, it can make the recovery process almost impossible. The recovery software does serve it's purposes when you can afford to bring your drive to a professional recovery service. It can also make a situation that was already bad even worst. Sometimes the situation can become impossible. However, when you are short on the cash flow, and you need to have the information, cheap data recovery can be the answer.

In conclusion

If the data you are trying to retrieve is vital and important, the best way to engage a professional help. He will make sure that extensive damage will not be created wile trying to recover your data. You can use cheap data recovery software or program if you think the data is not important. Some simple hardware can easily do the job and you for sure will see further damage to your hard drive when you use cheap data recovery methods.

There are all kinds of risk in everything we do, not to mention recovering your beloved data.

Therefore, Eddy has started a information guide on how to help any level of computer users to manage their data recovery process with ease and also recommend some tips and techniques in data recovery.

Are you tired of adsense or want another pay per click that can be run with adsense on same page? Or you are fed up with old types of ads and want to take another option? If you lie in this category then text-link-ads is for you.

TEXT Link ads helps you to earn money being a Publisher, Affiliate and feedvertiser. And all the professions can be accessed with a single account. Doesn’t it sounds like ONE BULLET AND THREE SHOTS? I don’t know how you think but this is really another cool affiliate program here.

Signing as a publisher in TLA you can control what links appear in your site . It means you have full right to accept or deny the links . And another plus point is IT CAN BE RUN WITH ANY AD SYSTEMS like google adsense or any other.To talk about the payment, the payment is sent out on the 1st of every month and you can be paid by checks or paypal both and the minimum account sent by the cheque is $25 whereas there is not any minimum amount for paypal.So this is the part work and you can run with adsense and other ad network then why not give it a try.
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So today I wrote about TLA and tips for earning money from it. Next time I will teach you about other money making tools. Keep in touch.


So u r in online business? And I’ll bet that you are doing pay per clicks program. That’s cool. Are you satisfied by the bucks getting from there or you want to earn some more cash. Then keep aside pay per clicks for some minutes and give here a glance.
I know every blogger has creativity of writing and if the writing is about the things you use or know well about then its really great and if you are even paid for your review, then it’s a JACKPOT. There are many sites they pay you for reviews but here I am talking the sites I used and earned a few bucks too. As I used them I can assure you that they are trustworthy.
REVIEWSTREAM is the premium site for the reviewers. It pays you $1.50 per review if your review is accepted. If the review does not meet their criteria, you can choose to earn the bulk rate which is the regular rate divided by five.. They accept reviews on anything including airlines, electronics, hotels, and websites. Reviews accepted by ReviewStream may not be published elsewhere. You also earn money if readers vote for your review. The minimum payout is $50.How does it feel when you are paid for the review of movie you watched or the cd you brought? Isn’t it a JACKPOT. Just spend some time writing about things and the money is in your pocket.But I want to tell you that never thief a article from anywhere because it is strictly prohibited and don’t worry if your article is good or not because it is not an essay, it is a REVIEW of your own and you don’t have to be worried if people likes it or not. Below I have pasted the FAQ section of the site which will give you lot of information about the site.
1. What kind of reviews can I write ?As we have mentioned, we are interested in ANY reviews that you can write. We only ask that you are very specific. For example, if you are reviewing a hotel or car rental company please specify where it is located. If you are reviewing a store near you, please specify the city and the street. If you're reviewing your boy/girl friend, husband/wife or boss think about your future first :) 2. Do I need to install any additional software ? Absolutely not. 3. How much will I earn per review ?The regular rate is subject to change and can be seen anytime on the home page. 4. How can I see my account total ?You will receive confirmation email every time your review will be published. The updated total of your account will be shown in every confirmation email. Additionally you can request your account total anytime on the Request account total page. 5. What does the bulk rate mean ? Sometimes we receive reviews that don't match some of our criteria. In these cases we are ready to publish it, but we'll pay you the bulk rate for it. After you have written your review on the Write Review page you'll have to decide if you're ready to get paid at the bulk rate for your review. If yes, check the bulk price box. If not, don't check it. How your payment is evaluated : - If your review meets all of our criteria you'll be paid the regular rate; - If your review doesn't meet some of our criteria, and the bulk rate box was checked, you will be paid at the bulk rate; - If your review doesn't meet some of our criteria, and the bulk rate box wasn't checked, the review will be sent back to you without payment (you can resubmit it with the bulk rate box checked); - If your review doesn't meet any of our criteria, your review will be sent back to you without payment whether the bulk rate box was checked or not. 6. How much is the bulk rate ? The bulk rate value is calculated as follows : regular rate divided by 5. Example: if the regular rate is 5.00 USD, the bulk rate will be 1.00 USD. 7. Can I publish the same review on my own blog/website ? It's strongly prohibited. This may cause your account to be terminated. However, to let your blog/website visitors read your reviews you can create "My Reviews" block and place it to your blog/website. The code can be created here. 8. How do I get paid ? You will be paid through PayPal by the email address the reviews were sent from. The minimum amount to be paid is 50.00 USD. Please make a formal request to be paid. 9. How does "Every vote pays" program work ? Every reader can vote for your review and every vote will be paid by ReviewStream. More votes - more cash you'll get. So, why not to place the links to your reviews everywhere - on forums, message boards, blogs, websites, etc. ? Everybody can follow the link and vote for your review. Easy, isn't it ? Promote your reviews by placing the links everywhere, get votes, receive the payment. - The vote rate is subject to change and can be seen anytime on the home page below the regular rate. - The minimum amount to be paid is USD 5. - The total of the votes can be seen on every review page in real time. - This programm does not affect previous payment options and is an additional payment program. - Different reviews votes are not summarized. 10. How can I see all of my reviews ? Make a search using "by your-penname" as a keyword. 11. Why I need to type-in the same details, email address for ex., every time I'm writing a review ? Probably it'll be easy to have a log-in page. Probably it'll be easy, but for sure it'll not be more secure. We don't keep any of your personal details (SSN, home address, phones, etc.). If we don't keep them, they can't be stolen. I still have questions. You are always welcome to email any questions to :

What I READ and what I DID.

Hello! Did you thought that this is the site that will help you to gain traffic? Ha ha But the reality is THIS IS A QUESTION NOT A ANSWER. But wait don’t try to press back button, I am sure you too will get some information from me too and since information from everyone is important so you better give some few minutes for this blog. I know I am not a professional blogger but I had tried different ways and read a lot of articles from professionals, I think I can share something with you.
Now here I am writing about the things I read and things I did to increase the traffic for my blog. Here it goes
1. Content Rich Site
What I read – “I’ve talked about this many times create original timeless content and maintain it the search engines love it! You need rich content to prepare for the next PageRank update and for search engine optimization”-Jason Neuman

What I did- Yeah content is really the main thing to make a great blog. So in order to make great contents (I don’t think my contents are great but may be readable) I thought a lot . I thought about the possible topics and their popularity. At last I thought about online money making thing.. Yeah that is the topic today if you really want to make money. Because it is the most interesting thing for me in internet these days. So then I started trying to give good contents. But since I am not a professional blogger , I didn’t had lot of knowledge, so I started reading lots of stuffs in the internet and began implementing it. So fellas! Why don’t you trying these things.
2. Blog Commenting
What I read- “Commenting on blogs is an excellent free traffic generating method (time consuming though). Many bloggers have joined in on the Dofollow wagon and you can now get a full credited backlink when commenting on a blog that has it. If by chance they do not have the dofollow turned on then you will most times find a top commentators section that if you comment enough your link will appear on the side bar for a full linkback. Sometimes blogs have both like this one so you are in a sense getting rewarded twice for commenting” Jason Neuman
What I did- Yeah this was also a better idea and really time consuming too (As Jason said). I initially thought that this was a positive TIT-FOR-TAT kind of thing. Yeah once you think what would you do if someone comments on your blog? Obviously you too send a comment for him. This is the great thing here because while passing comment you certainly give a look for each others blog. BOTH ARE IN PROFIT. Okay now let me tell you what I did. I went to blogger searched a lot of sites and gave them a comment and voila I too got a lot of traffic. Hey if you are serious about your traffic then this is really needed.
Hey are you searching for what I read for this too. I am sorry I didn’t read anything this time except a link in google. When I was surfing Google I saw a link stating JOIN A BLOG COMMUNITY. Blog community? I didn’t knew what does that mean at that time but when I get in there I easily found that it was also an really easy way to gain traffic. As you can find lots of blogger like you there and you can also filter the people of similar interest. So it is easier to get connected and as you get connected you got a reder for your blog. Ok while joining community I recommend you to and because as I used then I found them really easy to use.

These are my knowledge POLISHED with experience to get traffic for a blog. If you love that and want more of my articles then you can subscribe me. I DON’T MIND . Ha ha. GREETINGS FROM NEPAL.


Make money from home without investing a penny…….The first time i saw this thing in television, i was totally astonished. Can it be? Without investment? What should I do? These questions in my head led me to the company who gave that ad. But wait..when I went there they forgot the without investment thing and asked two grands for teaching the method. Then I came home. I thought that it will give nothing. But later when I surfed the net I found that it was real and It really need no investment( forget the cost of internet). Then I was more and more interested in this thing. Then I looked for all the methods to get money as I really need money. I am not the guru of these things but I am just explaining what I did for money .

This is the most easiest way to make money(keep in mind you need to be patience). Just some steps and voila! You get the cheque. For this I first went to the and made a blog( there are other sites to get free blogs too like wordpress, reallifelogs etc. but I don’t know how to use them.) then I made a adsense account and started putting ads and after two months it was a real JACKPOT. I received 278$ cheque( not to mention that it took for me two months to withdraw money as I live in Nepal). This was the adsense thing . so why not give a try.
CONFESSION: As I had a very bad blog with weird contents it was not able to generate traffics so what I did was to go to different cyber and click on my own ads.(hope google will not read this). But this is the real truth for the begineers. Anyway try this and make money.

Oh I forgot…adsense too have other ways to earn money like search engine and referrals. That is when a person referred by you makes the 100 dollor within six months the you can get HUGE 258$ bonus. So folks nothing to loose here. GET GOING.


Bidvertiser too works like adsense. Pay per click . I too tried it but the amount I received per click was too much less then that of adsense. But the plus point is the minimum pay rate which is 25 in bidvertiser whereas it is 100$ in adsense. If you really want to make some more bucks then y not give it a try.

Yeah this is another way to get some more bucks to take your girlfriend for a date(I swear ,I did that) review anything and everything and wait for a cash. pays $1.50 per review accepted. If the review does not meet their criteria, you can choose to earn the bulk rate or the regular rate divided by 5. They accept reviews on anything including airlines, electronics, hotels, and websites. Reviews accepted by ReviewStream may not be published elsewhere. You also earn money if readers vote for your review. The minimum payout is $50. is review site where you can earn money from Amazon or Adsense. You earn commission if readers purchase the product you reviewed through Amazon. You also earn revenue if people click on Adsense ads. pays you to review the software found on their site. They pay up to $50 depending on how great the review is. The minimum amount you can earn per review is $1. The reviews must be original and don’t have to be positive. The best contributors receive free stuff. The minimum payout is $200.



These are the headlines of the news. .Each day when you go in front of Television or read newspaper I bet these are the regular stuffs there. I think it will rain if you didn’t see these things in news . Because this is the THIRLD WORLD. THIS IS NEPAL.This is the different world from Europe and America. Do you want to know about the problems and sorrow( I am not talking about familiar or personal problems) , PLEASE VISIT THIS PLACE. Are there any other countries in this world where women are burned by blaming them witch? Lots of people in the village area die here due to proper treatment as they have to walk for more than three days to reach to the hospital. If you have some general knowledge about Nepal then you may call me a mad guy becausei am not talking about MOUNT EVEREST ,GURKHAS and other beautiful places of Nepal. Am I mad ? No I just want to tell something about my country you guys don’t know. This is a poor country. The per capita income of Nepalese is less than $250 the you can imagine what is the status of Nepal.s
AMERICA, what comes first in your head when you think of Europe? Big buildings , nice people , rich people, great technological achievement and lot. Yeah this is America and this is the place to be. No I am not alone telling this, if you look at my back then you can see the numerous people who are crying like parrot about America. What makes your family reputed there? May be you are reputed if someone of your family is doctor or pilot or actor or something like that. But here if your relatives is in America then you are counted as one of the reputed people in your locality. Because money counts here and money is in America (I may be wrong). But if you bring a calculator and start cvalculating then you can really find that money is in Europe that’s why we call it the land of oppurtunities.

Go to the street, catch a young guy who have completed his bachelor level and ask him about his plan. I’ll bet you applying to America is the first answer you’ll get. You may wonder what’s in Europe so that yoy guys are dying for going there? Isnt it the same place like yours? NO, Europe is not like our place, Europe is better may be best too. Who don’t want to know about new things and places? Who don’t want to move according to time? Who don’t want to be rich( notice for American folks: one nepali rupee is 66 time one euro currently so you can easily guess why people want to comne there). What’s there in Nepal. You cannot go with time and technologies living here. Even a mobile which we buy thinking it latest will have been used by you people before couple of years.In America justice is not different for different people but here RICH PEOPLE NEVER GOES TO JAIL . What is the rate of corruption in Ameica? I don’t know it but CORRUPTION IS CULTURE here.


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These are the headlines in each and every newspaper these days. Though we live far from the tinsel town it still comes to us. You may ask me why are you giving priority to these news, calmly I will answer that these news are important for me because they are about Lindsay lohan .
LINDSAY LOAHN-How can I start? For other people this is the name of the wild Hollywood girl who is in news for her bad behavior, for her substance abuse and for her trip to rehab again and again as if it is a holiday spot. But for me , her name is special, really special and frankly the sweetest name in this world .” Why does it sounds like sugar ?” another idiot question ...I don’t know if it sounds like sugar or salt but this is really the best name for me because I am in love with her. Yeah yeah you can call it a cheap infatuation but it is upto you. But for me this is the love. The real love that I had never felt for someone in last 18 years. Please don’t ask me if I had never seen a real girls till now so that I felt for the screen goddess but the truth is I am in love with her.
This all started last January. I suddenly saw the dvd of Lindsay Lohan starrer MEAN GIRLS in my friends home and I took it without telling him (Please don’t call it piracy; thieving is not piracy). “Oh here comes one hot movie with hot girls”; that was my first impression after I looked at its cover. BUT NEVER JUDGE A BOOK NY ITS COVER. This implied here and I started watching it and seeing Lindsay lohan something strange started happening to me. As I completed watching it I was lost in another world. NO I WAS NOT DEAD WATCHING SUCH A CRAP . Afterall who was watching the movie, I was watching Lindsay lohan. After that I watched that movie so many times that I too cant remember. Please don’t waste your time asking me the story of the movie as me too haven’t find it. But yeah that movie made me fall in love with a gorgeous Lindsay lohan.
TRULY MADLY DEEPLY- Does this word implies in my story. Yeah this time it implies. Yeah I love her truly deeply and madly. When I hear her dating with someone I really feel sad , ISNT THIS LOVE? When she has problems with her father it makes me worried, ISNT THIS LOVE? When she goes to rehab I wish I was there with her to help in each and every step, ISNT THIS LOVE?
Wait…..gentleman! LOVE DOESN’T ONLY MEAN TO GET THE LOVED ONES. I am now thinking that we were going on the wrong direction. I told that I love her but does this means that I will get her. AM I loving her to met her one day and propose her for marriage? LOVE IS ABOUT THE HEART. Yeah this love is like a tunnel with no exit once you enter here. But this loves gives you with so many good feelings. You smile when you hear good about her. You loves to see her smile. You dream about her. This is love ,my love and I am satisfied on it. I don’t want to take another step . I am a simple man with simple dreams . Her name feels like the light in the end of the tunnel for me.
I don’t know when is it going to finish but I really love her now and will love her always.


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Place: Government Office of the Third wold

Scene 1: Knock Knock; sorry to tell you your work cannot be done. you know you have not done all things required . and i am really busy today. please come after a week or a month then it may happen. thank you
Scene 2: knock knock; sorry you too dont have enogh resouces to have your work done. you see this file cannot be processed (under the table: two grands in the pocket of officer). oh i was mistaken , you have complete thing for your file to be processed( note him how he changed his behavior) you are really nice man and your documents are okay. stay here for some time and you will have your work done.
do you think this is imaginatary article ? no way this is the truth. this is the THIRD WORLD n this is the damn truth we are living on. Corruption rules here and we have to pay the corrupted people.This the the Damn world n we pay here . We are the slave of Corruption. The guy who came to capital before 12 years with no shoes is the millionaire now. He owns big bungalows and great cars. Sorry to say he is our minister. Ha ha ha he is our damn patriotic minister.If u come here once and see the big buildings then dont make mistake to ask about the work of the owner, coz it is certain that he is a government officer. Corruption rules everywhere. The simple governmental officer is rich than a doctor here.Money speaks here even the law is dominated by money. If u are poor and your family member is killed by rich people than please dont go to court. They will put you behind the bars making you the killer. you want proof, go to the jail nearly 100 percent people there are form poor family. Aint it great? ha ha police are on sale here , judge are on sell here everything is in sale here. This is not joke this is not fake coz this is the TTHIRD WORLD CHAOS n corruotion is CULTURE here.

LINDSAY LOHAN- how can i start? for others this a name of a girl who is wild n does lots of party n crashes her car. but for me its more than that i mean a lot more than that. how can i say that i m Truely Madly Deeply in luv wid her. u call it a cheap infatuation. may b u r right but no its not jus a infatuation its more than dat. i know clearly that she is like the star of sky for me as i can just see her and can never imazine meeting her. n i m not a american too so that i could see her in the streets passing by . i knw u call me mad n i can never get her. but her name alone comes to me as a light in the end of the tunnel when i m wondering inside. n i m ready to live mylife like this in her rememberance in sweet emotions .who knows may b one day i will meet her.hope for the best .thank you

If any Web host permits its user only to host 1 domain name with 1 hosting account, then user should check that service again before choosing it.

Now let's move further on the discussion of hosting account. If any user is having his/her own multiple website and he/she is hosting each of them with a different hosting account, then it simply means that the web host is making fool to its user as one can host all of his/her websites into one single hosting account and is able to save a lot of money. The hosting of multiple websites through a single hosting account is called "multiple domain hosting" account.

The web hosting industries are getting advanced day by day. Daily new and new technologies are introduced in web world. Recently a new trend entered in web hosting and that is now many web hosts have started to offer multiple domain hosting account. The facility of this service is that user can host multiple websites under 1 hosting account! Now he/she does not need to pay for a full account if he/she supposed to host more websites.

If user can enjoy this facility then it will proved to be a big advantage for him/her. Generally it happens that, all the users go for the higher price hosting services that used to offer incredible amount of disk space and bandwidth with their hosting account, but the client is not allowed to host more than one website with each giant hosting account. Due to this a large part of the disk space and bandwidth goes wasted as most clients don't even use up to 10% of their disk space and bandwidth available.

Check percentage of the disk space and bandwidth

Competition is getting tougher day by day in web world. Now web hosts became smarter so as to attract its customers and that's why they are entering with new policies. The customers of this new era has a new mind set and that is "the more the better" and the hosts are earning profit by making cash from this mindset of the customers. The users who are not experienced or don't have the proper knowledge then don't know that choosing more space or bandwidth can go wasted later on. So user should act very carefully while making the choice.

Solutions so as to stop the wastage:

If user doesn't want to waste the space and bandwidth available then he/she should go for the web hosts that are offering multiple domain hosting account. These hosts allowed its user to host a few domain names under the same hosting account without the need to pay for more. These add-on domains that are hosted under the same hosting account are basically sharing the same disk space and bandwidth of the main hosting account. This is the best way user can utilize all the allocated space and able to stop the wastage.

There is nothing predictable in web hosting; every thing keeps on changing day by day. Each and every company have its own working style it can happen that the big hosting companies that are not offering multiple domain hosting accounts right now will not follow the trend later. Actually domain names are getting very cheap nowadays and many webmasters will usually want to have more than one website. So it can happen that many more companies will start offering multiple domain hosting accounts in future.

Web hosting industry is getting developed every day. Earlier people were not very much aware of it, but now the whole picture has been changed. When the '1 domain per account' web hosts gets started they were not getting the same amount of sales they are getting today, after sometimes they need to consider offering multiple domain hosting accounts. If they don't keep up with the trend, they will not be able to survive.

I think god took some time to create such a bombshell. The only thing I can say about this pic is marvelous!! You are really hot Lindsay.

my god what you say after reading this? Oh sexy lady, i like your..................... Fill in the blanks

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