Good news for all of you. Guess what? No no, Adam Sandler didn’t had any accident nor your mother-in-law is dead. But the good news is that now you make more money as I am going to give an idea about another way to make money.
There is new (I don’t know actually about its birthdate) money making program called Fair Ads Network in the town. Its called FAN shortly (I can’t guess what its short form would be if its name was Ad Serving Service). And it is new. It is new because I just heard it today afternoon and I am trying it for some hours and the result is GOOD.

Target your ads in front of millions!

Okay talking about FAN, it is a nice newly built program for making money. It works for both Publishers and Advertisers. But you are not limited as only a Publisher or Advertiser here rather you can also create an account of both advertiser and publisher. And I have nothing to talk about advertisers. So being a Blogger myself I am talking about what benefits publisher can get from this program. Registration is entirely free for publishers here and the program displays revenue earning ads using text, image, links, CPA, rich media and interstitial mediums on your blog. And all ads are dynamically generated to match the keywords on each of your pages to create a higher click-through. So don’t worry to get an advertise stating ‘girls don’t need boys anymore’ (I hope you get It. he he) when your post is about the worst ebook.
And yes the greatest thing is we are going to get 60% of all click-through’s and actions. Isn’t it great? A hefty 60%! And the best thing is when we wake up in the morning we should not worry if we are banned as they are really flexible on banning. (How cute!) So we should not worry if our enemy clicks on our ads many times to make us banned. (This is real, I too did that before. he he).
Now let’s talk about money. I know you are eagerly waiting to read about money. Okay the minimum payout this time is $50 and you will be paid in every 1st and 15th of the month. And there is various payments method from which you can choose the most suitable one for you. (Can I have home delivery of money within 30 minutes please?).For our earnings with FAN we can receive our earnings through PayPal, check, e-Gold, e-Bullion and wire-transfer. So there is no problem with money (at least if we earn it)
So at last I want to suggest you all that you can better try this FAN as they sound really promising. And the best thing is you don’t have to loose anything as registration is totally FREE.

Target your ads in front of millions!

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