I think every bloggers like us has this problem. We want traffic in our blog, we want our blog in search engines, we want our posts to have readers and such things are possible if our blog is posted everyday or regularly. Yeah it is our duty to publish new posts everyday. But EVERYDAY? Isn’t it a hell? How can we write a post everyday? Sometimes we stuck into such things that makes hard to write a post. And sometimes brains too don’t work (it usually happens in exam and sometimes in blogging too). So what to do at such time? Leave the page blank or copy some other people’s content and publish it. The first option is worse and the latter is even worst. So what to do? For this problem this crappy blog has some great ideas. TRY IT TO BELIEVE IT he he.
1. Free Articles Site: This is the best thing to do when you have nothing to blog about. Really! Go to some free articles like goarticles.com or ezinearticles.com and check the articles database. You will surely find some articles that belong to your site. So copy the article and publish it. As this is the free articles site you don’t have to pay any money. But please, for god’s sake, don’t ask me about the quality of the articles and number of blogs that have published the same article you published. Caution: don’t use this option often.
2. Blast From The Past: This line belongs to John Chow. But I don’t care as this is really a good idea when you got nothing to post. If you don’t have a new post then why don’t you check your archive and look at one of the good old post and republish it? You will have one more post and you will not loose your readers. It will be good if you will update it but if you are lazy like me then just change the date and publish it. Nobody is going to notice this and if they noticed too there is nothing to worry about. We are thieving our own home then what the fuck outsiders are going to do? My last two posts are also the old posts which were getting rotten in the archive so I republished them and got a comment too. So feel free and do it.
3. Check your favorite site: Yeah check your favorite site and see if there is something interesting thing to write about. Since it is your favorite site, it must have something for you or at least something you are interested of. Write your few words and copy some more few words from the site, check the spelling and VOILA!, your post is ready to be published. MY post about Lindsay Lohan Leaving Drug too lies in this category.
4. Promote Other Bloggers: This is also an option. If you don’t have a readymade post then why not donate the day for other bloggers. Give the site names and links to the blogs that you find interesting. You can even give some idea about the site. It has double profit. Firstly the people whose site information you published will be happy and secondly they too may link to you or write about you. You may get a backlink from them. And I hope you all know the importance of backlink. (If you don’t know still then why don’t you check this post called the importance of backlink).
5. Have No Fear Youtube Is Here: This is my final idea. If any of the above ideas didn’t worked for you then try Youtube. How? Go to Youtube, search some funny or thoughtful video and publish it. But remember to add your own view about that video.
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1.WHAT THEY ARE WRITING: This is the main thing blogger should keep in mind. They should always know what they are writing. As we know that CONTENT IS THE KING. So blogger should write deeply so that they can gain many readers and the topic too should be described fully. They should give full information on what they are writing and what they want to give to the readers. I think good content is the key topic to get the loyal readers. So always know what you are writing. 2.FOR WHOM THEY ARE WRITING: yeah before writing always think that for whom you are writing and what mass you are targeting. This helps to make your writing better and also helps to convey your message with greatness. For example if you are writing about toys then you should always think that you are writing for children. So it’s better if you use some simple description rather than the game of words. If you want your blog to be read by a lot then always know for which mass you are writing.
3.WHY THEY ARE WRITING: Yeah my good buddies, why are you writing? You are writing just to spread your feeling or you are serious about some bucks you can earn from blogging? If you are writing just for fun then you can write in one way and you can write in another way if you want to pocket some bucks. This is true, if you are writing for yourself then you can write normally but if you are writing for readers and money then you should be serious about contents and its mass appeal. So these things are different. So it will be lot better if you know why you are writing.
4.WHEN THEY ARE WRITING: This doesn’t means about your writing time rather it means about appropriate time. This doesn’t tells that you should write in evening or night but this means writing in the favorable time and appropriate time. You should be up to date and write in appropriate situation. For example now it doesn’t matter if you write about September 9/11 but it will be more effective if you write about Harry Potters Last installment. Yeah I am talking about making articles effective. So always try to write in appropriate time and situation.
5.HOW THEY ARE WRITING: This is the last tip and really important too. About how to write also you should be always sincere. You should be alert about grammar, spelling and other grammatical accuracies too. And yeah always write with confidence and try to make writing interesting by giving examples and other interesting stuff. NEVER LET A READER BE BORED of your writing. All people like interesting stuffs and if you write good thing but in a boring manner then never hope for a better traffic in your blog.This is my today’s article and I hope you will follow this and improve your writing too. Catch you soon with another article.


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Fed up with old dying ideas to give recognition and generate traffic to your blog? Or do you want to try some cool new ideas? Ok if you want to get some uncool new ideas then I heartly welcome you fellas. Below are some of the ideas. Let’s get started. 1. PRAISE ON MYBLOGLOG: I think most of the bloggers have mybloglog account. And I think this is one useful thing to get some readers for your blog. Go to the some community, look at the picture, click on the picture which looks like of kind person (it wasn’t necessary) and leave them some message along with the link of your blog too. If they look good then don’t forget to praise them too. Praising the person in mybloglog is a real and working trick. Who will not respond if they got a message stating “hey girl you look really cute. My blog is also cute as you. Take a look”. I have done this and it has worked! You can send message to many people per day and nearly 90% of them will visit your blog. I think 90% is not a bad number, is it? 2. BEG ON TECHNORATI :You should use this too. I am telling about some new ideas so that I am not talking about ping. But I am talking about adding to faviorites. Technorati ranking also plays a vital role in blog’s popularity and traffic rates so you must have many people who call your blog as faviorite. But I don’t tell you to write great articles and wait for years in search of person who says you faviorite. If you want it in fast way then don’t hesitate to BEG! Yeah begging is really good thing here. Catch some people and beg them to add you to their faviorites and tell them that you too gonna do same for them. It goes like; “hey I am a new blogger and found same about you. So I request you to add me on your technorati faviorites and I promise to do same to you”. To be frank, nearly cent person of people who added me to faviorite where impressed by my style of BEGGING. So why not give it a try? 3. MISUSE YOUR FRIENDS: An old proverb says: “A friend in need is the friend indeed”. And now when you have no traffic and you are in NEED of readers then friends are the most useful resources. They have the responsibility to help you. So convince every friend of your to go through your site and have at least FIVE pageviews whenever they use internet. I think this is the best way of utilizing friends. And also tell them to click on some of the ads so that you may earn some bucks too. 4. DO I KNOW YOU: This is the common reply of the unknown person who you will send email. I think it is really better if you started getting lots of this sort of messages. Because this means that you are sending lots of email to lots of person with lots of LINK of your site. And when the person gets that sort of mail with a link on it then there are chances of that link to be clicked which means page view and if you have five stars in today’s horoscope then he may click on your ad too. So don’t feel hesitate to send email with your blog link to as many people as possible. This is for today and I assure to give you some more quality post tomorrow. If you liked this post then don’t forget to subscribe me.

Simply, YES! Backlinks really works and I can tell this from my 3 months unsuccessful blogging experience. Backlinks are the bone of the blog which helps you to gain spot on top pages of search engines. And not to forget that search engines provides nearly 75% of your total traffic.
Once upon a time, I had many posts but didn't have any nice backlinks. At that time I never had seen the pages of my worst blog in any pages of search engines( believe me, I checked from page 1 to page 10). So my blog was like a ghost blog which never came to the light of Google. Then I started reading lots of FREE SEO E-BOOKS( read my x-ray on Free Seo Ebooks). Then I knew that search engines results madly depends on the backlinks you got. So I thought if I have to see my blog on search engines then I certainly should collect many good and relevant backlinks. Then started my mission for backlink. After some attempt I collected really nice backlinks from the blogs with good PR. Then it went like;" MOMMY! LOOK MY BLOG IS IN THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE." It was true and for certain keywords my blog started to come on the 1st page of search engines. VOILA!
I think I already made you bored by my story (that's my specialty, I can easily make people bored he he). So now I am giving you some ideas about how to collect backlinks. The 1st and easy way of hunting backlink is to explore the adesblog, as this guy is crazy about distributing backlink. I got 2 backlinks from him through the backlink contests which he often does. You can also search on Google or yahoo typing 'get a free backlink' and exploring through the resulted pages. Next way is writing link exchange emails. I too tried it and out of 10 emails, I got 2 backlinks and that's good. Linkbait is also a way to get a backlink.
So I think I mentioned the importance of backlinks and the ways of getting backlinks. So now its your time to collect many good backlinks as much as possible. But I suggest you to take a backlink from the related blogs only. I think it will be really bad if your blog is about easy online money and your backlink is from adult friend finder. It sucks man, totally. At last I want to wish you a very happy BACKLINK HUNTING.
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So your blog is already 3 months old and is indexed by Google and Yahoo? Then why are you just sticking in all those pay per click programs only and just putting some little amount of money in your pocket? I think its time to find some other ways of income without even removing Adsense and YPN from your blog. If so, then I have got you good news. And the good news is for those cases we have got Smorty. How does it feel when you get paid to blog. Its great isn't it? Many times in our blogging life we feel lack of topic to post and it gives us some irritation. But Smorty not only gives us topic to post rather it gives us money too for that post. Isn't it great? We are posting these days for free and if we get money for post, ITS INCREDIBLE. I recently got approved from Smorty and the best thing about it is I started to get post offers from the very next day and that offers are coming everyday. The minimum amount of payout per post is $6. $6 is really great amount per post and you have chances of getting one offer per day. CALCULATE IT! But please don't be overwhelmed immediately reading about those mouthwatering Smorty income because there are some requirements to be approved by Smorty. You should follow these requirements before you can bag money. But don't panic as these requirements are not so breath taking. Your blog should be minimum 3 months old which is indexed by Google and Yahoo, shouldn't contain any violent or adult related stuffs, it must be active having minimum 2 posts per week and shouldn't contain duplicate or copied content. If you blog falls in this category then why don't you sign up. Signing up is extremely easy here. First you have to register your blog which will be reviewed by the Smorty administrator. And after your account is approved you will be given suitable campaigns. And then write articles and if your article is approved, GET PAID WEEKLY. Simple. But for the blogs which are not in English, I have bad news. Sorry! Only English language blogs are approved this time. L Lastly, from my personal experience of some days I can assure you that you will not be in lack of campaigns if you are signed up with smorty. So why don't you sign up and get paid to blog.

What’s there in NAME? - Shakespeare said.
There is something in NAME- I say.
After reading the title you may think that I have gone crazy. But why would I go crazy? Neither I have watched any Reality Shows lately nor I have heard a new JOKE telling that Lindsay is leaving Hollywood (These two things can kill me man!)Then why the heck are you writing about such a minor thing? Because from my experience minor things too sometimes plays a major role for your blog and I have been witnessing it for last some weeks. Yes profile name really works to a large extent and sometimes may give a sweet surprising result.
Before a week when I checked my site stats on mybloglog then I found that I had some page views from search engine for the keyword Aerobin or Aerobin reviews. I still don’t know what this Aerobin means actually but I am getting much traffic for this word. In fact this word is my profile name. Aerobin, aero for my best band Aerosmith and Bin from my name Rabin. When both meet then there came a word Aerobin. And that word didn’t came along rather it came with some traffic for my blog. I am still getting traffic for this word and I feel really good to have such a lucky user name.
Before, I had written many posts using lots of keywords to come on the first page of the search engine. I wrote a post taking lots of time to place the keywords properly in a proper place and it was a hard work. But to be true none of such pages came on the first page of search engine. But the name I kept so lightly without thinking is giving me lots of visitors. It really feels incredible. So I am writing this post to show my surprise.
I have no idea to suggest you to keep the username that can come on search engine and I am just sharing my experience. And I have no suggestion to give you. I think its all about luck. So keep blogging and I wish you too have a searchable username. But don’t you think my blog has proved Shakespeare’s theory wrong? There is something in name man, really. In fact there are many things in name. Yup, this smartass Sexpeare challenges Shakespeare. He he.
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Festival Cost me
Greatest Festival Of country, Great time, lots of fun, too much alcohol, family get-together and NO TRAFFIC IN MY BLOG! This is the story of me during the festive season and it obviously doesn't have a happy ending. yes, I lost more than 50% of my traffic within a week (what a loser I am) and all the thanks goes to the irregular posts of my blog. Yes guys not posting the blog regularly costed me more than 50% visitors. And now without visitors my blog looks like the Pamela Anderson without Boobs, DISGUSTING!
It was a festive season and I thought that I would take some break and will continue after the festival is over. I didn't gave a shit about blog for a week. and today when I checked my stats, I went crazy. I really lost more than half of my visitors. so I think it is the better topic to talk today. But yeah, I don't forget to say that I posted a post about the 7 evil tips to increase your adsense earning once but that too was one of my older post. So not posting anything new and not giving proper care to blog penalized me.
I talked a lot about the disadvantages I got from not posting regularly. So why don't we be clear about the advantages of regular posting. There are many many advantages of regular posting which is given below
1. Your RSS subscriber will visit your blog regularly. This is really beneficial to us as these subscribers are our regular readers and they will visit your site when the new content is posted.
2. Search engines love the site that are regularly updated rather then the sites updated once in a week or month.
3. Simply thinking, if you will post regularly then you will have more content which means you will have more chances to come in the front page of search engines.
These are the only main advantages, there are lot more advantages of posting regular to the blog. So the main thing is you should always post minimum one post everyday. Then believe me your PR will certainly increase. So keep all your extra stuffs aside and post regularly otherwise be ready to be screwed like me.
For more idea visit blog posting frequency article by Ade of the adesblog.
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If you are a Blogger or a freak internet user you have probably heard about EASY MONEY ONLINE WITH GOOGLE ADSENSE . Google Adsense is publishing agency on which we (ad publisher) are paid for putting their Adwords ads in our blog/site .We are only paid when somebody clicks on the ads on our site as per the advertiser pays them (1/10). It means that more click more money, more paying ads more money. Here are some evil tips for you to get more ad clicks and more revenue.

  1. Click your own ad click again if more paid: It means to click your own ad on your blog/site from any place i.e. from office, Friend’s house, cyber café and other internet provided places and note the ad you have clicked ,Which site does it link . After clicking your ad check your Adsense accounts if more paid from that ad then again run to internet café and click the same ad again. Beware that you should not go to the same cyber café or other internet provided which you have not used to click your ad just before. You should make 2-3 days gap on one cyber café or other internet provided places for clicking ad so that your account will not be terminated.

  1. Use Messenger and Beg your Friend: If you are interested in chatting via internet then get more benefit from it. Give your blog/site url to your online partner and ask him/her to click on the ad on your blog/site. Find more online partner per day and ask them to help their good friend (you) by clicking your blog/site ad. ‘dear friend do you forgot that I paid for your coffee last year so please click on my ad’; 5this is the example of begging. need a begging tips from a professional begger(its me) subscribe me.

  1. Build Clickers community: it is the most effective way then the others. If you know any person who is Adsense ad publisher (people who publish ad on their site/blog) then have a meeting with him/her and say that you will click their Adsense Ad whenever you use internet and they should also have to do so. If you are able to make more than 20 clickers (people who click the ad) on your clickers community your Adsense business will flop down other ad publishers.i did it last time and made 32 such people but everybody left me out after being unable to deal with my craps.

  1. Cry on blog/site viewers: mention your problems in your blog/site (for e.g. husband died, mother has cancer, father died on sept 11 etc but don’t tell your mother-in-law died as it is a good thing like my dad said) and ask them if they are a good person then help you by clicking your blog ads. It is not much effective it many give 2 -3 clicks as per 1m page views.

  1. 50:50 Offer: start a new section in your blog/site named Money 50: 50. Mention that if someone clicks Ad on your site/blog, then the earned money from the click from that ad will be given by 50 % to the clickers as the ads pays to you. Convince clickers when the money earned from them by clicking your ad reaches min $10 then their money will be send through paypal to their (clickers) paypal account. It depends upon how much convincing power you have via internet. and yeah at last you can even kick their ass.

  1. Less content more Ads: If your blog contains more ads then the content (key for flop site/blog) the page viewer sees only ads. Some times viewer’s mouse will slip on the ad due to more ads and without the interest of the viewer and the ad will be clicked. It is the worst idea it may give 1 -2 clicks per 1m page views. and if it gives that much tooo be happy.

  1. mommy help me: this is 5the last step. if nothing helps your mom is stioll there. she will spread the news all over relatives and make them to click your ads. if they don’t do that then are gonna miss the money mom gives them when visiting our home. so why not say mom I love you.

these are the worst and evil ideas on increasing Adsense revenue but please take it all in your own risk. coz you may get BANNED FROM ADSESNSE!

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How do you feel when you get paid for the things you are doing for free for long time?(P.S. keep in mind that I am not talking about kissing wife as it is not free if you are kissing other peoples wife. he he) Isn’t it great? Yes and in today’s post I am talking about the site that pays us for writing posts which we are been doing for free for long time. And the program that pays us for posting is……… (No drumroll, please) LOUDLAUNCH. Loudlaunch is a clone (I hope they are not reading this) to payperpost. I think now you have got some idea about it. Yes it pays us for the post we write about the advertiser they are hooked up with. We write they pay. Really simple!
Loudlaunch is the place where advertisers and bloggers are brought together for the benefits of both. Since I am not an advertiser I am just talking about what bloggers can get from it and what are the steps to get in. Okay the first step is to register a free account and submit a blog there. And then if your blog is accepted (I said IF) then you can view advertisers live campaigns and then you can select to blog about campaign releases that match our interests. After that you can blog it and add their small disclosure statement in the post. And then? And then GET PAID IN 30 DAYS! Sounds really simple, isn’t it? It sounds simpler then searching Paris Hilton’s hot tape in internet. And yes it is simple too but my dear bloggers just not forget that there are some requirements to get approved by them.
The general requirements are that you must be 18 years above(are we watching adult movie?) and then you should have verifiable paypal account. Your blog too should be 2 months old with a verifiable readers and you should have little bit knowledge of HTML too (don’t they know little knowledge is dangerous thing, who cares). So these are the general requirements to be eligible for Loudlaunch. if you posses all these things then you are the most ELIGIBLE BLOGGER.
While talking about posting they say that you can post upto 2 posts per day per blog. That means if you have multiple blogs then it is really going to be profitable to you. And the post you write should be on your first page for 14 months and for 45 days on your archive. Payment is done via paypal within the 1st 5 days of each month. So I want to say that since registration is free and chances of earning are more then why not to try Loudlaunch. After all it’s a source of money. At last I want to make you clear that THIS IS NOT AN SPONSORED POST.
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Good news for all of you. Guess what? No no, Adam Sandler didn’t had any accident nor your mother-in-law is dead. But the good news is that now you make more money as I am going to give an idea about another way to make money.
There is new (I don’t know actually about its birthdate) money making program called Fair Ads Network in the town. Its called FAN shortly (I can’t guess what its short form would be if its name was Ad Serving Service). And it is new. It is new because I just heard it today afternoon and I am trying it for some hours and the result is GOOD.

Target your ads in front of millions!

Okay talking about FAN, it is a nice newly built program for making money. It works for both Publishers and Advertisers. But you are not limited as only a Publisher or Advertiser here rather you can also create an account of both advertiser and publisher. And I have nothing to talk about advertisers. So being a Blogger myself I am talking about what benefits publisher can get from this program. Registration is entirely free for publishers here and the program displays revenue earning ads using text, image, links, CPA, rich media and interstitial mediums on your blog. And all ads are dynamically generated to match the keywords on each of your pages to create a higher click-through. So don’t worry to get an advertise stating ‘girls don’t need boys anymore’ (I hope you get It. he he) when your post is about the worst ebook.
And yes the greatest thing is we are going to get 60% of all click-through’s and actions. Isn’t it great? A hefty 60%! And the best thing is when we wake up in the morning we should not worry if we are banned as they are really flexible on banning. (How cute!) So we should not worry if our enemy clicks on our ads many times to make us banned. (This is real, I too did that before. he he).
Now let’s talk about money. I know you are eagerly waiting to read about money. Okay the minimum payout this time is $50 and you will be paid in every 1st and 15th of the month. And there is various payments method from which you can choose the most suitable one for you. (Can I have home delivery of money within 30 minutes please?).For our earnings with FAN we can receive our earnings through PayPal, check, e-Gold, e-Bullion and wire-transfer. So there is no problem with money (at least if we earn it)
So at last I want to suggest you all that you can better try this FAN as they sound really promising. And the best thing is you don’t have to loose anything as registration is totally FREE.

Target your ads in front of millions!

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Are you furious with your mom for not reading your blog today because you didn’t have any one visitors and your blog went without a page view? Or you dislike your parents for not giving birth to many children as lots of brothers or sisters means lots of readers of your blog. Or do your friends hate you just because their inbox is full of your messages asking them to visit your blog? Or you can’t take this unsuccessful blogging anymore and are watching Nicholas Cage's movie to die faster (Trust me, his movie are more dangerous than poisons) If this is the case then STOP DOING THAT AND LISTEN TO ME?
You all want more than thousands of people to see your things (except your private videos) and want them to praise you. This is true for everybody. for this you need traffic and the main source of traffic is search engines but what if you don’t have a search engine friendly sites or what if your blog is never in top 10 pages of search engines? Does this mean you will never have any readers for your blog? No, in such cases we have DIGG. (What the hell is this?)
So what is DIGG? Acc. to its website;’ Digg is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web’. In fact Digg is the social networking site where you can submit your articles and will be visible for all the dumbass of this world. As this is a free site you don’t have to worry about money. But before submitting I want to make it clear that it is best to submit only the best articles rather than the articles which you are reading just now. This means submit only good stuffs there. Submission is really easy. Just go to the Digg homepage and sign in or sign up and after entering to your profile just submit it. And after submission the users of Digg may read your story and vote you I mean digg you. And if you have many diggs then you will be in the first page of Digg which means enormous traffic to your blog. I can assure you that if you are on the first page then you will get the biggest traffic till date. As I already told you will get really heavy traffic with Digg.
But if you failed to come to the first page then also you need not to worry as you can small traffic easily. I too submitted my article called Sorry Lindsay Lohan But You Just Became Cheap Sex Icon in Digg and I got quiet traffic though it never went to the front page. So I think it’s much better to submit your article to DIGG rather than scolding mom for not reading your blog. Isn’t it?
At last I want to wish a happy wedding to our SmarTITS Pamela Anderson and wish her that her this marriage life too will be as GREAT as her before marriages. He He He

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An Open Letter To Lindsay Lohan.
Dear Lindsay Lohan,
I heard you came back from the rehab. At this time, I think, you are celebrating your return with your GREAT friends of Hollywood who firstly showed you the way to black ocean of Drugs and now are laughing to see you drowning on that deep ocean. They never drowned but you did. And may be you are planning to celebrate with your GREAT dad who once threatened to kill you. Or you are wishing to meet your old boyfriends who banged you and never looked back. Sorry to say Lindsay but the bitter truth is you are surrounded only by the devils.
Before you were a cute little girl playing some movies and commercials and were seen on little space of newspaper and internet. But you were not satisfied with that and you wanted big and easy name. So you started to open up. Your body and your thoughts all were being naked and it seemed like you got nothing private Lindsay. And you know, the crowd went crazy and you were highly famous. You were on MTV, you were on internet, and you were everywhere. There was your name on every lips and your photo was on the front page of ever piece of paper. Lots of people could die just to see you once. And you, you were so happy to see your huge so called fans and I was standing on the wall and laughing at your foolishness. You never understood that they all were phoney; you never understood that the crazy people were not fan of you, they were just crazy about your white naked body. You lost your identity baby; you were just like a sex doll. You were happy having name everywhere but you never checked if it was a BAD NAME.
Last time I did a little research in your name. I just wanted to know what people searches most about the great Lindsay Lohan. And do you know what do people search most about you? You will be shocked Lindsay. Lindsay Lohan nude, Lindsay Lohan upskirt, Lindsay Lohan naked and more of your nakedness is the most famous keywords about you. Where are you Lindsay? Where is your identity? You are just a sex puppet Lindsay. Nobody loves you from the middle of soul. Everybody just wants to sleep with you but nobody wants to take commitment. You changed a dozen of boyfriends in a year Lindsay and now you are alone. Why? I told you before; you are surrounded by phoney peoples. They all played with you and you are still happy thinking that you played with them.
I think this letter is becoming lengthy. So I think its time to stop it. But at last I want to plea you to change. Its time to change Lindsay! You just can’t be like this always. After 20 years, for what you will like to be remembered? A HOLLYWOOD-WHORE. you are thieving other’s husbands, you are toxicated with cocaine and you are sleeping with whoever you want. Are these the stories you will be telling to your grandchildren? Change yourself girl, this is the second chance for you and what if life doesn’t gives you the third chance. And do you know Lindsay, I have a really beautiful sister who likes you and wants to be like you. But you know I DON’T WANT HER TO BECOME LINDSAY LOHAN. Sorry to say Lindsay but you just became a CHEAP sex icon.
Yours sincerely

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After posting some craps for last few days, today I think it’s better if I give you some good knowledge. No, no I am not teaching you maths. So don’t worry and tie your belt. Okay so my half a dozen readers (believe me, I just have that much reader including myself and my mom), today I am going to teach you about building your own mybloglog community easily. What? You are teaching such an easy thing? Are you gone crazy? You may ask. But no, I am not crazy because I have not watched any Nicholas Cage movies or listened any Britney spears song lastly and these two are the only two things that make me go crazy.
This post is totally dedicated to all the Dumb-Ass like me who finds it hard to make own mybloglog community. I know I am smartass now but before I was a dumbass. I too didn’t know it before a week but now I learned it and I want to share it. The thing that inspired me to write this post is Google. Because lastly when I searched about how to build own mybloglog community then the results shown was totally rubbish and to be frank, all the results of first 2 pages were not satisfying. Okay now I am teaching you it in simple way.
The 1st thing you need to do is log in into your mybloglog account (if you don’t have account then WHY THE HELL ARE YOU READING THIS? Go and make one fast). After that you go to the GET WIDGETS section shown in the first page. If you have multiple sites then please select a site of which you want to build your own community.
Then at the bottom of Get Widget page you can see the Code for building your own mybloglog community. And at the end of the code there is your referral id. Okay now you copy the code and wait for my next instruction.
Okay now the toughest of the easiest part comes here. Don’t paste the code directly into the sidebar of your blog. I too did that and there was only HTML code in my screen. So what you need to do is wrap the code with some text or logo. The best way is to write JOIN MY COMMUNITY and hyperlink it with the code. This will take your visitor directly to the sign up page from where they can join your community. And after that our work is finished and now we wait for other people to join your community. If you are still wondering about the benefits of having your own mybloglog community and learn 1 easy idea to make people join your community then I strongly suggest you to read mybloglog community building strategy.
Happy Community Building

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“Hello! Is this an express delivery service?”; “Yes it is. How can I help you”; replied a voice. “Oh I had sent a document to the university in Finland last week and I am calling now to know whether it reached there or not because yesterday was the deadline for application”. “Okay let me check sir”; replied the same voice. “We are really sorry sir! It didn’t reached there yesterday rather it will reach there today”. The phone was cut and the dreams were scattered.

Ok let’s start from the beginning. It started a month before. I had just completed my intermediate level in science and I was thinking of going abroad for my further study. I live in Nepal which is a poor South Asian country in the lap of Mount Everest. Since this is a poor country there are very less opportunity to get work and earn money. To talk about educational institution of Nepal, most of them are not of good standard and you don’t want to study there and rest which are of good standard you cannot afford to study there. I wanted to get to abroad because there are some more benefits apart from study. To be frank, the main motive of most of the students who go abroad is to earn money. So almost cent percent of student after intermediate level want to go abroad (except some exceptions). I too belonged to that group. Oh wait….. I am extremely sorry that I forgot to introduce myself, I am Rohan from Katmandu and I wanted to go to Finland.

Why Finland? Oh that was not an appropriate question. Why not Finland would be the appropriate question. European degree, vast number of courses, international standard colleges with lots of facilities and that’s all for FREE (and not to forget 25 hours per week work permit for students). Don’t you think this is a JACKPOT? What more a student like us expect?. The young people like us are really frustrated about the present situation of Nepal and the violence occurring in some parts here. Every young foot carries here some burden of taking birth in the third world. In fact we don’t want to be here anymore and if you check the passport office then you can get the clear knowledge about the great number of people trying to go abroad. Who wouldn’t want to go to safe and rich European country having lots of opportunities’ and friendly people (I haven’t met them personally, I read this in internet)?

Then Finland began to rule in my head and I started gathering all the information. I too gave IELTS test as English was my secondary language and started processing documents. I desperately wanted to go there and I was lucky to know that there were some additional places in one college and I applied there. I was really hoping to get there because my academic results were okay and my IELTS score was good. I had a great hope to be selected and get a visa. After one day of application deadline I called to the express delivery service and then “Hello! Is this a express delivery service?”; “Yes it is. How can I help you”; replied a voice. “Oh I had sent a document to the university in Finland last week and I am calling you to know whether it reached there or not because yesterday was the deadline for application”. “Okay let me check sir”; replied the same voice” We are really sorry sir! It didn’t reached there yesterday rather it will reach there today”. The phone was cut and the dreams were scattered.
I was broken; my dreams seemed like a broken glass that could never be fixed. God I was blown! I had never thought I could be such an emotional sometime. And what was that? The rain started to fall!! Yeah it was a consequence but for a while I felt that the clouds were crying for me. This middle class kid was blown again in the race of life just because of some delay in reaching document. I wouldn’t have felt such sad if I was rejected after they inspected my document. But I paid for other people’s mistake, a company’s mistake. What would I do now? Run away and go to some places with no people and live there or face the truth (though it was bitter) and go home? I wasn’t strong enough to take first option so I went home.
“Hey kid! Why are you so late? Where were you? Come I’ll put a food for you”; said mom after seeing me. “No I don’t want to eat now. I think I want to take a rest for a while”; I was wishing to be alone. “Are you all right son?”; “yes mom, everything’s all right. I just had a bad day.”

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My Nearly A Months HATE-HATE Relationship With KONTERA

Straight to the point, Kontera is my worst money making program. I made such less money with Kontera in a month that I really feel ashamed of thinking about that. I think I feel more bad about my earning from Kontera THAN Tommy Lee feels about the punch he got from Kid Rock. Yeah this is truth and its bitter and I can’t do anything to make it Butter. (What a worst rhyme, now I understand why my teacher always avoided me from writing poems)
Ok firstly for all those Punkass(no offense, please) who don’t know what Kontera is, here is a short description which I theft from some other people’s site. Don’t STARE at me! It HAPPENS! Okay according to that site, “Kontera’s ContentLink is a double underlined contextually relevant keyword on a web page that upon mouse-over opens a small bubble like box that displays and links to an ad from one of Kontera’s advertisers.When a visitor clicks the in text advertisement, they will be taken to the advertiser’s web site and the publisher will make money online. With ContentLink, advertisers reach their targeted audience on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis.” Wow! What a promising and sweet definition.
Okay now let’s talk about the negative side of Kontera in my blog. Okay let’s start from one funny thing. To be accepted from Kontera you need minimum 5, 00,000 page views per month. (Was that a joke, you may ask). Yes that’s joke, because a guy having less than 5,000 page views (that’s me, don’t be surprised) was accepted at the first shot. My first impression on Kontera was great. I thought that the program that requires minimum 5, 00,000 page views must give really good money. I was thinking of keeping Adsense aside and dedicating my blog on Kontera at that time. But after two days when I checked my earning report, ALAS! I just got 0.04 dollars for 2 clicks. GREAT! What I thought and what it gave. It was really bad moment for me so I slapped my brother who was near to me (that’s my ANGER MANAGEMENT technique. Please don’t call child rights center). So paying less money is the most negative side of Kontera.
And other thing is some people really find the ads of Kontera as Disturbing. As the ad displays when you place the mouse on link so there are lots of chances for the ad to display when you are going through the pages. How do you feel when you are seeing the Jessica Simpson’s Boooobs(sorry all my female readers mainly simplyjo, if she stills reads my post) and you got an ad in front of …..
Another negative side of Kontera is you don’t get UP-To-DATE information from Kontera as the reports can be checked after a day or two.
So at last I want to suggest you that before using Kontera please DON’T make big expectation rather I suggest you to make a mind for 1 cent per click. If you do that you will never get frustration like me because you will get WHAT YOU EXPECTED! 1 cent per click. And the proof of the negative Kontera is the reports of big bloggers whose 5% of earning also doesn’t come from Kontera.

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$25 just for signing up? At first I thought it was a Christmas gift. But CHRISTMAS IN OCTOBER? And this company doesn’t even looks like Santa Clause. So it forced me to take a little more knowledge about this $25 stuff. And after the Bondish(like James Bond) investigation I came into conclusion that Widgetbucks is giving this lovely cash for all the people who will sign up with them .
Lets first talk about Widgetbucks and what can it do for money lover bloggers like us. Okay, Widgetbucks is a Pay per Click Program which works on the same base like our old man Adsense. It is also a CPC program which will help Blogger to earn more money and luckily it covers referral tool too. And as I told you earlier you will get a $25 bonus after signing up.

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!

Signing up is extremely easy here. Just a simple 1-2-3 step and BANG! At first you just have to give your email id and password. Just that much for $25. If someone gives me $25 then I will give the email id of whole family he he. Okay after filling form using your email id and password what you have to do is get ad code and paste it into your blog and after that the widget will display to your blog and when someone clicks on that widget, you get paid. You may get confused if you look its ad as it seems like the affiliate ad of auction ads or eBay. But in fact it is a Pay per Click program. Its ad looks like this.

So all the money lovers fellow, take this as a sweet SECOND WIFE in the field of making money. And the best part is your FIRST WIFE (i.e Adsense) too doesn’t have any problem with her as Widgetbucks and Adsense can be run together. So why are you in tense? Just bring new profitable wife and be a HAPPY HUSBAND OF TWO WIFES.

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!

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I used a new(actually not new as I copied that idea from a renowned blogger, Mr. Ade) idea to make a large community in Mybloglog(now if you are asking me what mybloglog is, I am coming to kick you). I was always fascinated by the big communities in mybloglog and I always wished of making one big community of mine too. I too wanted my blog to have a community of some good people where we can share about our new posts and some cool new ideas (why am I not saying directly that I want to promote my new posts easily?). Then one day when I was visiting my favorite adesblog, then I found that he was going to give backlink for everyone who will join his community in mybloglog. It seemed to me as the bell ring at the end of class (Please excuse my English. In fact getting 7 out of 9 in my IELTS exam too didn’t helped me to improve my English). I mean it made me really happy and I thought I will use same strategy to build my very own mybloglog community. So I took the community building code and wrapped it on some text and wrote a post called GET A FREE BACKLINK. And then I sent this message to lots of members of mybloglog. And the result is I have more than 35 members in my community called Easy Money Online and that all happened in just in 2 days. Isn’t that great?(I am feeling happy that I am doing 35 times better than Britney Spears as she made only one husband(faggot) in 2 days while I made 35 members in 2 days)
In fact I still don’t know the other benefits of making big community as I made my community just to fulfill my want of having community. But the real profits were for the great people who joined my community. They got a free linkback and a friend like me who is always ready to help for his friends (I hope that was not too much!). And I have assured all my fellow bloggers that I will be the first one to read their new posts always if they will inform me about their new posts(and please my lovely members don’t write such posts that will make me the only one to read your post!). I am happy that I have made lots of friends of my niche and a nice community using a win-win idea for both members and founder of my community (Well, I am the founder of that community and myself is Mr. Rabin). And all the thanks goes to Ade and his superb adesblog for that wonderful idea. I have done lots of advertising for Mr. Ade; don’t you think I need a backlink from him now?
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