Ridiculous, worst and unnecessary drama! This is what I think of daily television soap operas. But ask to my mom about these things and you will get answer-simple, sweet and best.
What’s going on? The thing I hate is my mom’s favorite. Yes I am talking about all those ridiculous television soap operas and the problems they created to the innocent (?) child like me. My mom is a huge fan of all those family soap operas coming in TV and what I know is she never wants to miss any episodes of such rubbish(as I call them) shows. They start in the evening and runs until nearly midnight and my mom is totally glued in the sofa watching all those craps. I’ll bet if the glue company finds my mom then they are going to make her their Brand Ambassador. No kidding, afterall she is glued to the sofa for such a long time.
I don’t think you will believe but I have slept many nights without having food as my mom was busy watching her favorite’s soap operas and I HATE TO Cook. YEAH I AM THE WORST COOK EVER. If you ever tasted some dish cooked by me then I’ll bet you are never going to have that dish ever in your life. My teacher once suggested me that if I ever wanted to do social service then I should STOP cooking and that will be the best social service in my whole life. He he. Oh sorry! I am going out of topic. Yeah I have to sleep without food because of those TV dramas(they are such a crap that if you show such soaps to any person who is not able to sleep for months, he will sleep in five minutes and chances are he may never wake up ever).And do you know another worst thing? My poor dad is our new cook now and I don’t have to say that he is also a worst cook like me. And do you believe my mom kept the name of her grandchild by the name of the so called hero of her best TV drama, Anurag.
The most of the daily soap she watches are Indian and the topic they cover is about family. What is the nice family? Who breaks the family and how they reunite and have a happy ending is the main theme there. Do you know the most common things on all of those dramas? There is always a negative woman on the family and she always try to destroy the family (shit man, I really feel pity for such women as they are losing all their energy on breaking a small family. If they use such tricks as they use on TV then they can break the country. He he).You may ask, isn’t it true? Doesn’t a woman break the home in real life? Yes I know, a bad woman always breaks the home and it is happening on everybody’s home. So my point is if it is happening in every home then why the hell do you watch it on TV? Just open the curtain and watch it on every home of your society. I too don’t understand why the housewives are being addicted to such craps? In one of the show there is the girl who is married nearly five times in last two years and has dozen of children (including steps children too). Sometime I wonder if it is a home or CHILD CARE CENTER. And you know she is the heroin of that television show. Such a loose character women is heroine in that show? Are all good girls in this world are drown by river or swallowed by sky? I think now all the loose characters women are really happy to see that and may think themselves too as heroine. He he. And before some months. I read in a paper (I mean newspaper idiots, who reads the blank paper?) that there was a protest in India after a hero of one show was shown dead. My mom too becomes sad sometimes after watching such show and I will be in problem. In such days it’s hard for me to get pocket money because of her bad mood and if I don’t have money, WHAT THE HECK I AM GOING TO DO ON MY DATE? So all these craps are putting me in lots of problems which may seem funny to you but I am living with it. And you know the worst part of these daily soap operas? They don’t even have any HOT SCENE. I hope it will be lot better if they kept Pamela AND Britney in those Indian soap operas. If they do so they will get a loyal viewer like me. He he.
Its already 9 p.m today and mom is still glued on her sofa watching TV. So I am going to ask the same common question with her; Mom should I sleep without food again?
This is my experience and I know you too may have such experience with soap operas. Please share it with me posting a comment.
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