Poor part of the world or least developed world or whatever you call it, welcome to the third world.
Difference in color of skin, difference in ability or difference in attitude but similarity in one thing, MONEY. Yeah this money thing is the only major similarity between the so called first world and us third world. We love money like them and really want to earn loads of it. Since this blog is about making money from blog so I am going to talk about blog today. So how is blogging in third world? Are there any problems in making money from for blogging?
To be true, yes we got some problems in making money from blogs and I am going to talk about it tonight. Let’s start from the base, what makes a Blogger? Of course internet and there is something rotten in the first step. Internet is really expensive here and for a normal family it’s hard to use it. Yeah we got cyber cafes but they too are somehow expensive. So we got a problem in first step.
Okay let’s imagine you did blogging and made some money. Now the problem starts. This is the step where you start feeling depressed. Why? I have a reason. For example let’s talk about getting paid from adsense. When you make $50, they will send you a pin code by post. And you have to wait for more than a month to get that pin code and after you out in your account, they send you a check. And after depositing check in the local band, you are free. Yes free to do anything as it really takes long time. In my view you can get married and finish the loooong honeymoon before you can get your money from the bank. I got 2 checks and it took my more than 45 days both times. God Britney spears can do 22 marriages and divorces between that time. We should wait for that long. Any first world people who has been so late to be paid? And I too have heard that in some rich Asian or European country you get paid by western union. But this is not applicable for Nepal and I think I will be old when it will arrive in Nepal.
Now let’s talk about paypal. The big player of internet money like Payperpost, Smorty and some more programs pays you through paypal. And WE CANNOT RECEIVE MONEY FROM PAYPAL IN NEPAL. Now what am I going to do with the money I earn through this program? SEND TO CHARITY!
These are the only some problems there are more lots problem to make money from blogging here. Because this is third world and this is the story of Blogging in Third World.
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  1. Anonymous November 18, 2007 at 9:37 AM  

    Hi Aerofreak,

    first of all I disagree: the desire for loads of money is not the only similarity the people from all over the world have in common. In the first place it's our inner life (feelings, talents e.g.) that all people share. But of course I agree, that money is important to almost everybody.

    I also drive a website and place google ads on it. To get the first payment from Google took me 4 months, because at first I had to make 100 bucks before they consider to make the transfer to my bank account. It took me 3 months to gather the sum. Than it took them 1 month to transfer the money. I don't get checks, as you can see, but direct tranfers from Google. Since the first payment the money comes constantly every other month. - So far my experience with Google ads in Germany, Europe.

    By the way: I found your blog on digg. I like your style of writing.