Again here with a cool blogger hack.You read earlier about adding Digg button to your post. So i thought how can i be so rude at reddit since both sites work similar and reddit also provides traffic as same as digg. So this post is dedicated about adding reddit button in your blog. If you are not familiar to reddit and not clear about its benefit for your blog then you can visit Reddit homepage.

Its not hard to add reddit button to your post so that the post can be added to reddit by the readers. Its just some alter of codes like adding digg button and you got it. Ok lets start, first goto Edit HTML section of your Layout and also click Expand widget Templates. Now, search for
Now if you want to put your reddit button on the top right then replace the above code with this one.

<div style='float:left; margin-right:10px;'>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

You can also keep the reddit button on the top right section by relacing the
<data:post.body/> by the code given below.

<div style='float:right; margin-right:10px;'>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

You can keep experimenting with codes to keep it in some more parts of the blog. Anyway, if you liked this then i hope a comment from you.

I used to think if creating sticky post for blogger was that tough work. But thanks to which helped me knowing that i was really an idiot to think such. Creating sticky post is really very very easy and its like adding a new page element ob blog. In fact, it is adding a new page element on blog.Sorry, oh you are asking about sticky post? Ok it is that post which always appears when your blog opens just above each post. Confusing? Well, that was the best definition i could give.

To create a sticky post, goto Page Elements section and then click on add a new page element. Now click on HTML/javascript and write what you need to announce or say. After you are done, save it and drag newly written HTML/Javascript item to the blog posts section. Now save and enjoy your sticky post.
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This is my second blogger hack on making things tweak in blogger. Before i wrote a post on making images tweak on blogger. Then i thought if i could try making links too Tweak when mouse is placed on it. I tried and i did it. Here is rest on how to make your links tweak in blogger.

Its same like making images tweak. Just editing a hover code and we are done. First, go to your Edit HTML section of your Layout and search for the following code:

a:hover {

Now replace the code with the code given below:

a:hover {
position: relative;
bottom: 5px;
left: 1px;

Now save the template and look at your page, the links tweaked man.

You can change the color of your link to your desired color when it tweaks. Also you can set your own parameters for your tweaking image by editing top and left pixels.
If you got any problems the just leave the comment and i will catch you.

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Blogger hack on removing the irritating "newer posts" and "older posts" link shown after the end of the post is what i am writing about. This blogger hack belongs to Annie of Blogger university and i am putting this blogger hack here as it may reach to the readers who don't know about her blog.

To remove "Newer posts" and "older post" is easy. It also removes "home" link from the buttom of the page. Firstly search this code in your blogs Edit HTML section:

#blog-pager-newer-link {
float: left;

#blog-pager-older-link {
float: right;

#blog-pager {
text-align: center;

Now replace that code with the following code:

#blog-pager-newer-link {
display: none;

#blog-pager-older-link {
display: none;

#blog-pager {
display: none;

Save the template and thank to Annie, you are done. By the help of this blogger hack, you will never see those links in your blog again.
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Now we can add Google web search widget in any part of our blog. This widget lets us to search the web from the blog.This small but really cool widget allows us to search any piece of the web.

The widget looks exactly like you saw above. You can add this Google search engine widget in your blog by visiting a blog Widgets for free.

Adding background in a blog, that is what we are talking about now. Bored up with the template color and want to add some twist by adding background to a blog then this post is for you.

For adding background in your blog, first you need an background image. Squidfingers is the one with lots of background images. After choosing your background image, you should upload it to the web. I use Google pages for this mostly. Now we found our background image and we uploaded it to the net so what should we do next? Next, shut down your computer. Wait, just kidding. Now search for the following code in your Edit HTMl page of layout section.

body {

We need to add the url of the background image in the following format:


Now put your image url just below the first code and it may look like this:

body {

Now replace my url with your own image url. Be sure ; appears at the end of the statement.
Now if you did well then your background must be visible after you save the template and reload your blog.
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I am here with a new blogger hack and this blogger hack is really fresh as i too just learned it. This blogger hack is about showing your post title before the blog title in search engines and it is called swapping blog title. This blogger hack is really useful for good search engine results.

You must have noticed your blog title shown first followed by the title of post in the search engine result. This thing doesnot sounds that cool. So how to get rid of it? From the help of archit, i finally got rid of it and i am describing the process of the blogger hack here.
Goto layout and then to edit HTML page of your blog. Now search for the following code:


If you didn't found that code then you can try searching this code instead:


Now replace that code with the code given below:

<!-- Blogger Swap Title by Archit T at -->
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/>
<!-- End of Blogger Swap Title by Archit T at -->

Now save the template and you are done. All the thanks goes to archit for this blogger hack.

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A blogger recent posts widget contains only 5 recent posts. This shortcoming of the feature may have left many bloggers sad. There are many recent posts widget developed these days but i really find the real blogger recent post widget cool. So i always wished if it could contain 10 or more recent posts. If you too lie in my category then i am here to make you happy.

Its so easy to show your recent posts as many as you want. Its just a click away but remember that you should do some edit in the code. Just change the number of your choice and give your blog URL, you are done. Since i am not the man behind this blogger widget i suggest you to visit the original post. If you read about this widget for first time in my blog then i would be more than happy.
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Another blog widget and this time with a post rating widget for blogger. Yeah the same post rating widget you can see after the post in my blog. This Post rating widget was developed by Js-kit and i am acting as a promoter, free promoter would be the best word.

This post rating blogger widget is cool as it has cool features. You can see how many votes your post has got and also can see the rating of the post in stars. Js-kit has indeed developed a good blogger widget. But this is not the only reason i am writing this post. I also want to inform about the exact place where to keep the code to get your widget just below the post like mine. The website gives the idea about code placing in another format which the ammature blogger like me find confusing. So here is the complete process.
Goto 'edit HTML' page from your "layout' and search for the following code:

<div class='post-footer'>
<div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-1'>

Now place the code below just above the upper code.

<div class="js-kit-rating" title="" permalink=""></div>
<script src=""></script>

Now save the template and you are done. that was easy and i don't hesitate to admit that i made it easier then the original sites description.
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Want to add a calendar on your blog? I don't. So i don't have added a calendar. But choice differs and you may like to keep the calendar on the wall of your blog. So here i am with a description about the calendar provided us by our big brother Google.

Google calendar widget is a ..hmmm.....calendar widget which is perfect to keep on your blog. This widget not only works cool rather it looks cool to. You can customize the look of your calendar as you wish. As i said i don't have a calendar in my blog but i have got a screenshot that may help you.

The theme of this blogger hack is not new. I have already written a post to remove blog post's date, time and author earlier. But this blogger hack doesn't removes the blog post date rather it just hides the blog post date from your reader so that you shouldn't have to remove the code from your template.

Start by going to Dashboard then to Layout and finally to edit HTML. {
margin:1.5em 0 .5em;

Now replace the above code with the following code below: {
margin:1.5em 0 .5em;

Now save the template, reload the blog and thank me. This was easy, wasn't it?
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Time for another blogger hack guys. This time i am with the shortest blogger hack ever so i thought to make you bore with long description as it may help my post look longer. Anyway, i am not sure where i read this blogger hack so i have nobody to refer hence think as i discovered this blogger hack. This blogger hack is about hiding the unnecessary Subscribe to:Posts(atom)

Well, let me start with same old lines, goto Dashboard then to Layout and then to Edit HTMl and click on Expand widget templates. Now search for the following code:

<div class='blog-feeds'>

Now replace that line with the following line of code below:

<div class='blog-feeds' style='display:none;'>

Now save the template, reload the page and thank me! I think now you will not see that useless line anymore.
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If you are having hell of a time knowing the country your readers come mostly from then this blogger widget is for you. This top visiting countries widget for blogger helps to know that GREAT country which has given birth to most of your visitors.

Top visiting countries blogger widget is really helpful to you to track your target visitors or just to be happy saying 'Dude, people of US love my blog!'. I found this widget in widgetbox and later found that this widget was developed by Visitwidget. To talk about the appearance, this widget originally comes in green and you can choose up to 10 top referring countries. You can see the stat of today or last seven days. And i am not sorry that i am not posting screenshot of this widget. Dude, don't be so lazy just give some praise to the widget developer by knocking on their site. Anyway, if you loved that blogger widget then i will be more than happy if i can see your country in my list.

Get This Widget!

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Here today with a cool free 3 column blogger template. It has been long that i haven't given any new blogger templates so i thought i will dedicate this post to a blogger template. Well this template Indomagz blogger template was initially a wordpress template but since it was so cool, it was converted to blogger template.

Indomagz Blogger template is a free 3 column blogger template that was converted from Indomagz wordpress template. This 3 column template has three 125*125 ad space on the sidebar. This template was converted to blogger compatible from wordpress template by dinesh of Bloganol. I think this is a nice choice if you want a cool eye candy 3 colum blogger template. You can see the DEMO first and if you liked it you can DOWNLOAD it too.

Time for another blogger widget guys. I am writing a new post after long time and must say i am feeling so.................fucked up! Well that was the right word. Oh i forgot to say, i got my visa for Australia recently and i am moving there in the first week of July. Oh, thank you so much(i can hear you saying congratulation!) okay lets go back to widget. This widget tracks the country of our blog readers and shows them in your sidebar.

This world visitor blogger widget which initially comes in blue is useful widget if you want to track the country of your blog visitor. This widget shows the country of your visitor in the format of world map. This world visitor blogger widget is really fun if you too love to see the country of your reader like me. well, i found this widget in widgetbox and thought it will be really great if i share it with you. so if you are looking for a cool visitor widget then this blogger widget may not disappoint you.
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