Was the title a Hardhitter? If yes, read more.
As of fact, around 90% of revenue of Google is generated by Adwords advertisement. The advertisement given by a Google (ads by Google, in common) to different sites or blogs or in Google search is the main resource of Google income. What does it means? Does it make Google eligible to be called a PIMP? Yes!
You have a blog and I am so sure that you use adsense there. If the answer is NO, I should have to shave my arse. Now the story begins. When a user clicks on the ad of the site or blog, you get paid by Google. But do you know that you are paid only around 30 or 40% of the total money that advertisers pay to Google? So where is other money? Surely, in Google’s stomach. Now you see, Google takes money from advertiser, puts ads about them in your blog and gets commission as a middleman. What do we call such a middleman? A PIMP?
The main source of earning of Google is generated by acting as a middleman. Advertiser pays for clicks, Google too pays little amount to the clicks and eat other. Now I think you all are clear about what was I saying? So isn’t Google eligible to be called a pimp?
I don’t have any angriness with Google as adsense too is the main resource of my blogging income (although it is less than $100). I just wanted to make the story clear. Lastly, hey Google PIMP MY BLOG!
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  1. Colin November 20, 2007 at 8:12 AM  

    Yes Google is a pimp, and NO I don't have adsense on either of my main blogs.
    I always maintained that my primary blog would be completely free without text ads, cloaked links etc, and it stays that way. I am not affiliated to anything I post with one exception, which I have yet to post about.
    Google makes a fortune from PPC ads, but they also think they rule the world and many bloggers were hit hard when their PR bottomed out!!

    Nice post though...now will you be shaving your arse as I don't have adsense hahahaha

  2. Shirley December 5, 2007 at 6:57 AM  

    I have more than a dozen blogs and 4 of them do NOT have Google adsense ads on them. Better get your razor ready...Ha, ha, ha!

  3. Zain Devraj December 5, 2010 at 10:25 AM  

    Ok I perfectly agree with your post! Google is not betraying us only with the adsense whole payment but even after trying so hard you'll get adsense for your blog, though I'm having the same issue. Still google is rejecting my adsense request by giving silly reasons.
    Hat's Off to author.
    Google Sux!