No traffic from search engines, no traffic from mybloglog and really no traffic from anywhere! But I need traffic to get nice pagerank, to boost the Alexa rank. But no traffic at all! What am I going to do now? Pray the god whole day to request him to send traffic to my blog? Or buy some so called cheap but Expensive traffic? But I found the way. SELLING LINDSAY LOHAN’S ASS!!!!!!!
Was that a Hard hitter? Read the rest of the post.
I was submitting all of my posts in social networking sites like digg or reddit wanting a great traffic. But the traffic was really low like the selling of Paris Hilton’s music album. Then I felt that it’s really hard to get traffic from digg with my pathetic posts. So I tried by writing Lindsay Lohan’s post. Then the traffic increased slightly. I thought Lindsay lohan sells in such sites. So why not take a bold step? Then I started selling LINDSAY LOHAN’S ASS! Voila! It sold like the Led Zeppelin’s concert tickets. I never knew Lindsay Lohan’s ass was so precious. What I did was take a super hot Lindsay’s picture from my computer and post it in my blog and then submitted the URL in digg and reddit. And see the flow of traffic coming to my blog.
Lindsay’s ass is really my blog saver. At last, HAIL Lindsay Lohan’s ASS!!!!!!!

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  1. Anonymous November 26, 2007 at 12:00 PM  

    It's sad what you have to do to get votes at Digg....but you broke in..great idea.