After posting some craps for last few days, today I think it’s better if I give you some good knowledge. No, no I am not teaching you maths. So don’t worry and tie your belt. Okay so my half a dozen readers (believe me, I just have that much reader including myself and my mom), today I am going to teach you about building your own mybloglog community easily. What? You are teaching such an easy thing? Are you gone crazy? You may ask. But no, I am not crazy because I have not watched any Nicholas Cage movies or listened any Britney spears song lastly and these two are the only two things that make me go crazy.
This post is totally dedicated to all the Dumb-Ass like me who finds it hard to make own mybloglog community. I know I am smartass now but before I was a dumbass. I too didn’t know it before a week but now I learned it and I want to share it. The thing that inspired me to write this post is Google. Because lastly when I searched about how to build own mybloglog community then the results shown was totally rubbish and to be frank, all the results of first 2 pages were not satisfying. Okay now I am teaching you it in simple way.
The 1st thing you need to do is log in into your mybloglog account (if you don’t have account then WHY THE HELL ARE YOU READING THIS? Go and make one fast). After that you go to the GET WIDGETS section shown in the first page. If you have multiple sites then please select a site of which you want to build your own community.
Then at the bottom of Get Widget page you can see the Code for building your own mybloglog community. And at the end of the code there is your referral id. Okay now you copy the code and wait for my next instruction.
Okay now the toughest of the easiest part comes here. Don’t paste the code directly into the sidebar of your blog. I too did that and there was only HTML code in my screen. So what you need to do is wrap the code with some text or logo. The best way is to write JOIN MY COMMUNITY and hyperlink it with the code. This will take your visitor directly to the sign up page from where they can join your community. And after that our work is finished and now we wait for other people to join your community. If you are still wondering about the benefits of having your own mybloglog community and learn 1 easy idea to make people join your community then I strongly suggest you to read mybloglog community building strategy.
Happy Community Building

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  1. BillyWarhol October 7, 2007 at 10:00 PM  

    U are Hilarious!!

    thx fer my Daily Laff + Huge Smiles!

    Everything from how Nicholas Cage can Blow Up everything in the World in the last Half Hour of his Movies + then adds another 20 Minutes of Blowin' Crap Up on Top o that!!!


    Rock On!!

  2. riyan May 11, 2010 at 12:23 AM  

    Hey mate..just found you from Google and you blog is awesome your writing style.Keep up the good work.