Before I start, let me guess something. You have a blog and loads of content too but you don’t have people to view your blog (exclude your mom and other family members for a while). Am I right? Why not, this is the reason you are reading this post now. So today for my valuable readers I am going to share some techniques or ideas that I am doing to get traffic to my blog. And the best thing about this post is I am not going to teach you same old SEO ideas or something that you find everywhere in this wild wild web. So if you are not a geek but a clever person then BOOKMARK THIS PAGE or Subscribe me because for some days I am teaching you cool new ideas to get traffic to your blog and I know you don’t want to miss it.
1. How To Generate Traffic From MYBLOGLOG
I think you all know about mybloglog, if you don’t shoot yourself on head and run in the railway track (shame on you). So for what reason you are using mybloglog? To check your site’s stat? Or to meet other people of similar interests? Please don’t tell me you are searching for date on mybloglog. I think this is most ridiculous thing than searching good movie of Lindsay Lohan. He he. Have you ever thought mybloglog can generate you a lot of traffic? Yes, it gives you traffic and I can tell it because mybloglog is a biggest source of my traffic. I love you mybloglog, I can’t imagine my blog’s life without you! Did I put you in trauma? Okay now without any delay I am going to share what I did to generate traffic from mybloglog.
First thing I did was I made my own MYBLOGLOG community. The benefit of building such community is you can send a message to all of your community members at once. Still pain in head? Okay let me explain, if I have 50 members in my community then I can send them a message about my new post with a link to my post at once. And when 50 people see the message then I am sure 25 will follow the link and go to your blog. This means I got 25 traffic from a single message. Now if you have more than 200 people on your community then imagine how much traffic you will get. CALCULATE IT!
And it’s not so hard to build own mybloglog community. Its much easier than being fail on your exam or thieving money from your dads pocket (its my story, never mind). Yeah I swear of your mom, it’s so easy. If you don’t know how to then please check this post about how to build your own mybloglog community. Okay then we made the community. What after that? After that it’s time to gather people for your mybloglog community. As I said more members means more traffic. So what I did was offered a FREE BACKLINK for those who would happily join my community. I wrote a post about it and searched people in mybloglog and started sending them message about my historical backlink contest. If you want to know more about my strategy then visit mybloglog community building strategy page. And rest is the history. Now whenever I write my new post I send message to all my community members at once and hence get some good traffic.
This was my post about How to Generate Traffic from Mybloglog. Tomorrow I am going to write about how to generate traffic from other websites too. Feel free to Join My MYBLOGLOG Community.
I hope you are not such a DUMB-Ass to forget bookmarking this page or subscribing me because movie is still not over my friends and you are getting some more groundbreaking ideas to generate traffic to your blog which you will not get anywhere.
Lastly, hey simplyjo thanks for asking the question that led to this post.

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