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I never thought myself foolish and stupid. But thanks to JON DAVIES who made me realize that I was really foolish. Foolish to that extent that I downloaded his e book and read it (I am still confused if it was really an e book). That was not a book that was a real piece of shit. So advice for beginners, stay away from it or it will give a bad smell.In last two days, I read two e books. One was this piece of crap and another was by John Chow. I think the latter was hundred times better than this one. This is the worst book I had ever read. It doesn’t sounds like e book rather it is an advertisement of some new kind of business which will turn your computer to ATM which gives money 24/7(as stated on first page). My first impression about book was really great. But when I kept going I began to feel that it was a stupid thing and at the end I thought that I really wasted my time reading this shit. Yeah this is shit. And my god I was really astonished by the money making idea of writer. That was really the childish thing and he wants himself to be called honest. Ha ha I think he needs to SHAVE his arse before writing any other books. And yeah there were some stupid comments from people. One was like this book saved me from coming to street and was thanking the writer. That was best joke I read today. I think this kind of people should be called scam and warned. So for all the bloggers INCOME FOR BEGINNERS is the worst so called e book on the lot. So totally IGNORE IT. Keep blogging.

  1. BillyWarhol August 31, 2007 at 9:15 PM  


    I love yer Honesty!!

    Keep tellin' it like it is Brother!!



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