I am not starting this post with the definition or work of mybloglog as I hope you all know it. So for what purpose are you guys using it? Obvious answer, for promotion of blog! Second obvious answer, to know what is going on blogosphere. Should I give the third obvious answer? I don’t think so. but have you ever used it to make great friends? I am not so fool to expect an obvious answer again. But yeah, we can get many great friends from mybloglog and this post is dedicated to all the sweet friends I made from mybloglog.
We use myspace, we use hi5 and may be facebook too to know new people and make friends. But have you ever used mybloglog? I too hadn’t used it before I started giving pain to people (doesn’t my post gives you pain? He he). But when I entered to blogging then I started using it. My first days were boring and I was just wondering what to do. Then I started making contacts and messaging them. But fortunately I met some good people of my age (unfortunately, for them!) and we started sharing message about our blog. But during the sharing of those messages we became close and we became friends. Nowadays with more than my five great friends I made there, I chat almost everyday and we just don’t talk only about blog rather we also talk about other common things. And the best thing about making friends from mybloglog is ‘Make a friend, get a Reader FREE!”. So why not try to befriend with the people of similar interests using mybloglog?

Oh yeah, Please don’t forget to remember that THIS WAS NOT A SPONSORED POST!!!!
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  1. Ruan M. November 24, 2007 at 7:57 PM  

    wow, I like this post.
    I am new on MyblogLog and I'm looking for some friends and Readers.
    But my blog is in portuguese, and I can't find many brazilians on MyBlogLog, unfortunately.

  2. Shirley December 5, 2007 at 6:52 AM  

    I like your blog especially your sub-headers. They gave me a good laugh. I will be back to read more.
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