I think every bloggers like us has this problem. We want traffic in our blog, we want our blog in search engines, we want our posts to have readers and such things are possible if our blog is posted everyday or regularly. Yeah it is our duty to publish new posts everyday. But EVERYDAY? Isn’t it a hell? How can we write a post everyday? Sometimes we stuck into such things that makes hard to write a post. And sometimes brains too don’t work (it usually happens in exam and sometimes in blogging too). So what to do at such time? Leave the page blank or copy some other people’s content and publish it. The first option is worse and the latter is even worst. So what to do? For this problem this crappy blog has some great ideas. TRY IT TO BELIEVE IT he he.
1. Free Articles Site: This is the best thing to do when you have nothing to blog about. Really! Go to some free articles like goarticles.com or ezinearticles.com and check the articles database. You will surely find some articles that belong to your site. So copy the article and publish it. As this is the free articles site you don’t have to pay any money. But please, for god’s sake, don’t ask me about the quality of the articles and number of blogs that have published the same article you published. Caution: don’t use this option often.
2. Blast From The Past: This line belongs to John Chow. But I don’t care as this is really a good idea when you got nothing to post. If you don’t have a new post then why don’t you check your archive and look at one of the good old post and republish it? You will have one more post and you will not loose your readers. It will be good if you will update it but if you are lazy like me then just change the date and publish it. Nobody is going to notice this and if they noticed too there is nothing to worry about. We are thieving our own home then what the fuck outsiders are going to do? My last two posts are also the old posts which were getting rotten in the archive so I republished them and got a comment too. So feel free and do it.
3. Check your favorite site: Yeah check your favorite site and see if there is something interesting thing to write about. Since it is your favorite site, it must have something for you or at least something you are interested of. Write your few words and copy some more few words from the site, check the spelling and VOILA!, your post is ready to be published. MY post about Lindsay Lohan Leaving Drug too lies in this category.
4. Promote Other Bloggers: This is also an option. If you don’t have a readymade post then why not donate the day for other bloggers. Give the site names and links to the blogs that you find interesting. You can even give some idea about the site. It has double profit. Firstly the people whose site information you published will be happy and secondly they too may link to you or write about you. You may get a backlink from them. And I hope you all know the importance of backlink. (If you don’t know still then why don’t you check this post called the importance of backlink).
5. Have No Fear Youtube Is Here: This is my final idea. If any of the above ideas didn’t worked for you then try Youtube. How? Go to Youtube, search some funny or thoughtful video and publish it. But remember to add your own view about that video.
This is the end of today’s post and I hope it will help you. If not, Subscribe Me.
If you have some more idea then why don’t you write them as comment so that other readers too will know them.

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  1. Anonymous November 1, 2007 at 4:01 AM  

    Ha ha ha

    These are evil ways my friend. I hope the comment i made yesterday was not from a past post.... but i like it all the same!!!

    You posts are funny and somewhere in there they've got some realness and truth in them

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