Around 200 page views per day, some clicks on low paying ads and just a few pennies per day. Looks depressing, isn’t it? Yeah this is the story of my site and IT IS DEPRESSING. But no, it doesn’t depress me anymore. Because at this moment I am not blogging for today, I am blogging for tomorrow, a better tomorrow. That tomorrow when I will have name and money, that tomorrow when I should not think for ten times before spending a penny, that tomorrow when I will be called a successful Blogger.
‘BLOGGING GIVES LOTS OF MONEY.’ This was the line that played a great role for me to start blogging. So I build a blog, copied some pages from other people’s site and started waiting for money. But Alas! Money never came to me and I started thinking that blogging does not give any money. But I was wrong. Blogging gives money but only if you are eligible for that money. This is the greatest rule of blogging and I understood it lately. So these days my less page views and less income doesn’t harass me rather it gives me strength to do something more and better. Because as I told you I am not blogging for today, I am blogging for a better tomorrow. I dream of having high page rank, heavy traffic and lots of money tomorrow and I know blogging can give all that to me. So I am working hard for a better tomorrow.
This is not only my story rather this is the story that comes at least once in the life of each and every bloggers. I know you too may have experienced the problem of not having good traffic and good earnings. And you too may have been depressed after checking your stats. You too may have dreamt of coming to the top page of Google and you never made it. You too, yeah I mean you. This is every blogger’s experience and this is every blogger’s story. No one is exception not even John Chow, not even Yaro Starak. So what do they used to do at that time, curse the god? I don’t think they cursed the god or waited for good luck to be in their favor rather they worked hard on their blogs. They are top today because they dreamt of being on this place. Yeah they dreamt and worked hard for a better tomorrow.
I still don’t know why I am writing this post today and what effect would this post make. I am just writing this because if I feel depressed again someday then I would read this post again and will get some more strength. You may think that this post is only for me and it is right in some sense too. But I know it is your story too and may make sense to you too. And I am serious about this topic because I blogging for better tomorrow, WE ARE BLOGGING FOR BETTER TOMORROW!

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  1. Anonymous November 5, 2007 at 6:51 AM  

    same story here, less traffic n less money. but thanks for the post man, hopeful!