Ever wondered about new ways of making money except adsense? You are not Paris Hilton, So that you cannot put your spicy things in pay per view. Nor you are any good rockster to put your multiplatinum album in your own site to sell it through eBay and get commission. So what can you do to earn some easy extra income? Wait…. have you ever heard about paid-to-blogging? Are you confused where to take first step? If you lie on this category then the following article is for you.
There are many ways to earn by the way called paid to blogging like pay per post, Loudlaunch, sponsoredreviews etc. The best thing about these sites are they pay us for the post that we write for free now. Among all these sites, today I am just talking about BLOGVERTISE. (Because they paid me ha ha).
Blogvertise is the site that pays bloggers to promote the advertisers site. But the difference between other paid to blogging site and Blogvertise is you don’t have to endorse advertiser’s website or product. What you have to do is just mention the advertiser’s website or product in your blog and link to the advertiser’s website three times in your entry. After the completion of your assignment you will be paid through paypal and the earning of the new account is $4-$25 currently but most will fall into $5-$15 range. My god! If I will be paid then I will give 100 links to advertiser’s site ha ha. So imagine that if you are assigned for 10 tasks then you can earn $150. Isn’t it great?
Acc. to site, at least 2 or 3 paragraphs and approximately 75 words or more is required for blog entry approval and the task must be completed within 5 days of being emailed. And last thing to remember is the blog having pornographic and mature content will not be approved (isn’t it sad?). So play safe and give a try to it.
Oh wait1 am I sounding like Blogvertise’s pimp? You may say me pimp because I am just talking about their good sides. Ok the flip side of this site is they don’t have a marketplace and the assignment you get is less. So you can change your name to Mr. lucky if you got more than three assignments per week. But three assignments are good if we calculate the money. If you try this site, you may make good money from it and if you make money from it because I gave you information about then WHAT THE HECK GOES if you subscribe my blog or leave the comment below!!