What happened in last six months? Lot of things happened, isn’t it? Paris Hilton went to jail……Lindsay Lohan suffered hit n chase and entered rehab for second time……Australia won the world cup for third time……..John Chow became father (ha ha I think this was not so necessary to write)….But yeah really lot of things happened in the world in last six months but I am not talking what happened to others rather I am talking now about what happened to me in this last six months. For sure these six months were the most memorable time of my life till today. Because it made me capable to stand on my own feet. Okay let’s talk about my journey from mom’s piggy bank to adsense checks.
I am young and I am a freak. In this age you need lots of money because you’ve got so many reasons to spend them. But since I am a middle class guy from the third world, I never had enough money. I was getting younger and my pocket seemed emptier. So what should I have done in this situation? I was just a high school guy so I would get no job and I had no good ideas to start some business. So I started doing some bad thing, I started THEIVING.
My mom had a piggy bank. She used to keep it under the couch. This woman had lived a very hard life and got many problems in her life. Since we are a middle class people we never get any spare money. The money we earn is only enough for food and other household stuffs. We can’t save any money. My mom always wanted to wear a good golden chain. So she was collecting money in her piggy bank to buy the chain. But what she didn’t know was the money she was saving was getting low day by day as her son was taking it for his expenditure. It is very easy to take money out of those things; I think you all know this. Okay then I started taking some money from it everyday and finally there were only little money there. Unfortunately one day mom thought that there was enough money collected now to buy the chain. So she break it to get money and ALAS! There weren’t even the 20 percent of total money she kept. You should have seen her face then, I could never forget that face ever and it stills give me pain. She cried so much that time as she was totally broken. I could not sleep that night and whole night I regretted on my deeds and thought how I can correct the mistake I did.
Then I heard of online job. At first I did not believe that thing but later I met some people who have been doing that stuff and I asked them to teach me too. Since I am a good user of internet so it was no harder for me to learn it and then I started my online business. It was adsense from which I started and for this I always love adsense and I like it. Then time moved and moved and finally I got my money from adsense. Good that was the best day of my life. I thought I was the happiest man on earth. I too knew that it was just a beginning and there were lots to come. This adsense check really made me fly higher. And I always feel happy that I used that money in really good place, I bought my mom a good shiny GOLDEN CHAIN.