For all those folks using Photoshop for color should take sigh of relief now. The time used for capturing a color from screen using Photoshop is going to reduce by the use of this small yet powerful color picker tool called adesclrpicker.

I am a fan of ade’s blog and while visiting his blog I found the information of this tool. It’s just so easy to use. With just a single click of mouse, you can capture color anywhere in the screen and output it in HTML, RGB, VB, C++ and DELPHI color codes. There is a function called color library where you can store and change your color and convert from one color to another. So this is one powerful and simple color picker tool made by the PR7 blogger.
And you should not worry if you have old computers as this tool is compatible with windows Pentium II and above and only 128 mb of ram is needed. You shouldn’t wait for long time to download this tool because this tool is only 1.04 mb. This is easy to use, takes your less time and compatible to every most of the computer. So what are you waiting for? Let’s give it a try. And if you buy this currently then you are going to have JACKPOT. Because this $19.90 tool is available for just $9.90 now. At last, highly recommended for bloggers and webmasters.