Posted by hoody | 8:33 AM

This is the black day for all the people of Katmandu. Everybody is worried and sad and an unknown fear has taken place in their heart. Today the biggest explosion took place in Katmandu. It is considered as the greatest explosion in the history of Katmandu. The city which is known for its temples and natural beauty was full of blady smokes of bombs which killed two people and made several hurt. It happened nearly at 5 p.m. which is the closing time of office hours and at that time many people are on the street to get bus for home. So the bombers thought it as an appropriate time and 5 bombs were serially exploded in Katmandu valley. A college student and women of nearly 40 years were killed in this accident. Every Nepalese are worried and are feeling unsecured now. Terai Army, which is the small rebel group of Terai area, took the responsibility of the bombing. But the saddest part of the story is the responsible governmental people has not even visited the hospital and give a sympathy note. This is really sad moment and I want to share this article with the world so that you guys will know the reality and give sympathy to the people. This article is totally dedicated to the dead and injured people of this accident.