What I READ and what I DID.

Hello! Did you thought that this is the site that will help you to gain traffic? Ha ha But the reality is THIS IS A QUESTION NOT A ANSWER. But wait don’t try to press back button, I am sure you too will get some information from me too and since information from everyone is important so you better give some few minutes for this blog. I know I am not a professional blogger but I had tried different ways and read a lot of articles from professionals, I think I can share something with you.
Now here I am writing about the things I read and things I did to increase the traffic for my blog. Here it goes
1. Content Rich Site
What I read – “I’ve talked about this many times create original timeless content and maintain it the search engines love it! You need rich content to prepare for the next PageRank update and for search engine optimization”-Jason Neuman

What I did- Yeah content is really the main thing to make a great blog. So in order to make great contents (I don’t think my contents are great but may be readable) I thought a lot . I thought about the possible topics and their popularity. At last I thought about online money making thing.. Yeah that is the topic today if you really want to make money. Because it is the most interesting thing for me in internet these days. So then I started trying to give good contents. But since I am not a professional blogger , I didn’t had lot of knowledge, so I started reading lots of stuffs in the internet and began implementing it. So fellas! Why don’t you trying these things.
2. Blog Commenting
What I read- “Commenting on blogs is an excellent free traffic generating method (time consuming though). Many bloggers have joined in on the Dofollow wagon and you can now get a full credited backlink when commenting on a blog that has it. If by chance they do not have the dofollow turned on then you will most times find a top commentators section that if you comment enough your link will appear on the side bar for a full linkback. Sometimes blogs have both like this one so you are in a sense getting rewarded twice for commenting” Jason Neuman
What I did- Yeah this was also a better idea and really time consuming too (As Jason said). I initially thought that this was a positive TIT-FOR-TAT kind of thing. Yeah once you think what would you do if someone comments on your blog? Obviously you too send a comment for him. This is the great thing here because while passing comment you certainly give a look for each others blog. BOTH ARE IN PROFIT. Okay now let me tell you what I did. I went to blogger searched a lot of sites and gave them a comment and voila I too got a lot of traffic. Hey if you are serious about your traffic then this is really needed.
Hey are you searching for what I read for this too. I am sorry I didn’t read anything this time except a link in google. When I was surfing Google I saw a link stating JOIN A BLOG COMMUNITY. Blog community? I didn’t knew what does that mean at that time but when I get in there I easily found that it was also an really easy way to gain traffic. As you can find lots of blogger like you there and you can also filter the people of similar interest. So it is easier to get connected and as you get connected you got a reder for your blog. Ok while joining community I recommend you to and because as I used then I found them really easy to use.

These are my knowledge POLISHED with experience to get traffic for a blog. If you love that and want more of my articles then you can subscribe me. I DON’T MIND . Ha ha. GREETINGS FROM NEPAL.