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These are the headlines in each and every newspaper these days. Though we live far from the tinsel town it still comes to us. You may ask me why are you giving priority to these news, calmly I will answer that these news are important for me because they are about Lindsay lohan .
LINDSAY LOAHN-How can I start? For other people this is the name of the wild Hollywood girl who is in news for her bad behavior, for her substance abuse and for her trip to rehab again and again as if it is a holiday spot. But for me , her name is special, really special and frankly the sweetest name in this world .” Why does it sounds like sugar ?” another idiot question ...I don’t know if it sounds like sugar or salt but this is really the best name for me because I am in love with her. Yeah yeah you can call it a cheap infatuation but it is upto you. But for me this is the love. The real love that I had never felt for someone in last 18 years. Please don’t ask me if I had never seen a real girls till now so that I felt for the screen goddess but the truth is I am in love with her.
This all started last January. I suddenly saw the dvd of Lindsay Lohan starrer MEAN GIRLS in my friends home and I took it without telling him (Please don’t call it piracy; thieving is not piracy). “Oh here comes one hot movie with hot girls”; that was my first impression after I looked at its cover. BUT NEVER JUDGE A BOOK NY ITS COVER. This implied here and I started watching it and seeing Lindsay lohan something strange started happening to me. As I completed watching it I was lost in another world. NO I WAS NOT DEAD WATCHING SUCH A CRAP . Afterall who was watching the movie, I was watching Lindsay lohan. After that I watched that movie so many times that I too cant remember. Please don’t waste your time asking me the story of the movie as me too haven’t find it. But yeah that movie made me fall in love with a gorgeous Lindsay lohan.
TRULY MADLY DEEPLY- Does this word implies in my story. Yeah this time it implies. Yeah I love her truly deeply and madly. When I hear her dating with someone I really feel sad , ISNT THIS LOVE? When she has problems with her father it makes me worried, ISNT THIS LOVE? When she goes to rehab I wish I was there with her to help in each and every step, ISNT THIS LOVE?
Wait…..gentleman! LOVE DOESN’T ONLY MEAN TO GET THE LOVED ONES. I am now thinking that we were going on the wrong direction. I told that I love her but does this means that I will get her. AM I loving her to met her one day and propose her for marriage? LOVE IS ABOUT THE HEART. Yeah this love is like a tunnel with no exit once you enter here. But this loves gives you with so many good feelings. You smile when you hear good about her. You loves to see her smile. You dream about her. This is love ,my love and I am satisfied on it. I don’t want to take another step . I am a simple man with simple dreams . Her name feels like the light in the end of the tunnel for me.
I don’t know when is it going to finish but I really love her now and will love her always.