Are you tired of adsense or want another pay per click that can be run with adsense on same page? Or you are fed up with old types of ads and want to take another option? If you lie in this category then text-link-ads is for you.

TEXT Link ads helps you to earn money being a Publisher, Affiliate and feedvertiser. And all the professions can be accessed with a single account. Doesn’t it sounds like ONE BULLET AND THREE SHOTS? I don’t know how you think but this is really another cool affiliate program here.

Signing as a publisher in TLA you can control what links appear in your site . It means you have full right to accept or deny the links . And another plus point is IT CAN BE RUN WITH ANY AD SYSTEMS like google adsense or any other.To talk about the payment, the payment is sent out on the 1st of every month and you can be paid by checks or paypal both and the minimum account sent by the cheque is $25 whereas there is not any minimum amount for paypal.So this is the part work and you can run with adsense and other ad network then why not give it a try.
You can click the banner below to sign up for text link ads.

Text Link Ads

You can also earn good amount of cash being an affiliate of TLA. You can make money being a TLA affiliate by setting up a banner or text link referring traffic Any referred traffic that results in a new paid client or new publisher will earn you $25.00. Payments are sent out on the 1st of every month. You can be paid by check or PayPal. In order to qualify for an affiliate payment, a referred publisher must install the advertising script on their site for seven days. At this time the referral will appear in the affiliate's account. If an affiliate refers an advertiser who purchases an advertisement, the referral will appear in the affiliate account within 24 hours and to talk about the minimum payment the minimum payment through checks is $25 and again there is no minimum payment for paypal payments.

So today I wrote about TLA and tips for earning money from it. Next time I will teach you about other money making tools. Keep in touch.