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It was just five minutes work. I think it was even more less than that. Now I knew that five minutes too have great importance and I am regretting for all the five minutes I wasted for …, well leave it. I may get banned if I start describing how I wasted my many five minutes. I think blogvertise is giving more and more for me in the near future. It is the first paid to blogging site that worked for me. Yeah linkworth too approved me but I haven’t got any assignment yet. I think I will get OLD when I will get reviewme and linkworth assignment and I should take help of my grandchild to complete the assignment. Ha ha .So I think blogvertise is better for me and I will stick with it as CAT STICKS WITH MILK. So why don’t you guys too sign up with blogvertise. And yeah you please don’t worry if you have a PR0 blog like me. If they approved my rubbish site then there are great chances of your sites to get accepted. So there is nothing to loose by giving it a try. And yeah if you want to INCREASE your chances to be approved then SUBSCRIBE to my blog. Ha ha.
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