If any Web host permits its user only to host 1 domain name with 1 hosting account, then user should check that service again before choosing it.

Now let's move further on the discussion of hosting account. If any user is having his/her own multiple website and he/she is hosting each of them with a different hosting account, then it simply means that the web host is making fool to its user as one can host all of his/her websites into one single hosting account and is able to save a lot of money. The hosting of multiple websites through a single hosting account is called "multiple domain hosting" account.

The web hosting industries are getting advanced day by day. Daily new and new technologies are introduced in web world. Recently a new trend entered in web hosting and that is now many web hosts have started to offer multiple domain hosting account. The facility of this service is that user can host multiple websites under 1 hosting account! Now he/she does not need to pay for a full account if he/she supposed to host more websites.

If user can enjoy this facility then it will proved to be a big advantage for him/her. Generally it happens that, all the users go for the higher price hosting services that used to offer incredible amount of disk space and bandwidth with their hosting account, but the client is not allowed to host more than one website with each giant hosting account. Due to this a large part of the disk space and bandwidth goes wasted as most clients don't even use up to 10% of their disk space and bandwidth available.

Check percentage of the disk space and bandwidth

Competition is getting tougher day by day in web world. Now web hosts became smarter so as to attract its customers and that's why they are entering with new policies. The customers of this new era has a new mind set and that is "the more the better" and the hosts are earning profit by making cash from this mindset of the customers. The users who are not experienced or don't have the proper knowledge then don't know that choosing more space or bandwidth can go wasted later on. So user should act very carefully while making the choice.

Solutions so as to stop the wastage:

If user doesn't want to waste the space and bandwidth available then he/she should go for the web hosts that are offering multiple domain hosting account. These hosts allowed its user to host a few domain names under the same hosting account without the need to pay for more. These add-on domains that are hosted under the same hosting account are basically sharing the same disk space and bandwidth of the main hosting account. This is the best way user can utilize all the allocated space and able to stop the wastage.

There is nothing predictable in web hosting; every thing keeps on changing day by day. Each and every company have its own working style it can happen that the big hosting companies that are not offering multiple domain hosting accounts right now will not follow the trend later. Actually domain names are getting very cheap nowadays and many webmasters will usually want to have more than one website. So it can happen that many more companies will start offering multiple domain hosting accounts in future.

Web hosting industry is getting developed every day. Earlier people were not very much aware of it, but now the whole picture has been changed. When the '1 domain per account' web hosts gets started they were not getting the same amount of sales they are getting today, after sometimes they need to consider offering multiple domain hosting accounts. If they don't keep up with the trend, they will not be able to survive.

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