If you are doing the online job (or whatever we call it) then John Chow shouldn’t be new name for you and you too may have seen his site. I have written about him many times in my last posts. As I am a beginner taking first steps on online job, I have used his site and I should tell that I have got many interesting ideas and good tips from that site. So I am writing review about one of my favorite site, www.johnchow.com
I WRITE WHATEVER I LIKE- this is the new tagline of John chow dot com. And I too think he writes whatever he likes but the good part of the story is his ‘whatever’ writing also contains good stuffs and are helpful for the bloggers. Powered by wordpress, his site looks attractive and user friendly too. There are many sections on the top like home, archive, advertise, top post and etc. but my favorite stuff on the site is TOP POST category which has the collection of all the top posts of John chow. This site has contained lot of collection of pay per click programs, affiliate programs and other programs like agolco. So this site is also a platform for all the money making ideas.
This site also has comment section where users can leave comment about the topic. So what’s different, almost every blog under the sun has comment section? No the difference is the top commenter will be displayed in the side of this famous blog which will certainly increase the blog traffic of commenter and this is not the end of good news, another good news is johnchow.com is currently distributing eBook full of money making ideas. And that too for FREE!! Don’t you think that is great? Yeah take it as a great bonus of great site.
But this doesn’t mean that it is the best site and it doesn’t have any drawbacks. Nothing is perfect in this world and why this site should be exception? In my view the flip side of this site is its enormous banner ads on the side. There are more than 10 banner ads on the side of johnchow.com which helps the site to look like a dirty kid. And another flip side is these days many articles are made for advertisers rather than publisher or blogger. But as a whole this is really great site with some great content. Recommended.