LINDSAY LOHAN- how can i start? for others this a name of a girl who is wild n does lots of party n crashes her car. but for me its more than that i mean a lot more than that. how can i say that i m Truely Madly Deeply in luv wid her. u call it a cheap infatuation. may b u r right but no its not jus a infatuation its more than dat. i know clearly that she is like the star of sky for me as i can just see her and can never imazine meeting her. n i m not a american too so that i could see her in the streets passing by . i knw u call me mad n i can never get her. but her name alone comes to me as a light in the end of the tunnel when i m wondering inside. n i m ready to live mylife like this in her rememberance in sweet emotions .who knows may b one day i will meet her.hope for the best .thank you