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Wait! Before you start thinking I will clarify the title. I am not saying that my hair was planted to Zidane’s head and after that to theRonaldinho’s. I am just sharing the one year journey of my hair. From its size of Zidane’s to its growth to the size of Ronaldinho’s.
It all started a year’s ago. I had quite long hair and I loved it. But unfortunately while escaping from college (I mean bunking college), the bike I was riding banged on the wall and I fell and broke my head (excuse my English). So I had to cut it (I am talking about cutting hair not head!). Then I had a small hair. But I used to feel uncomfortable with that hair as I want to be like rockster and usually rockster got long hair. This was the time when I entered in blogging field. I am in fact a guy with a deep eyes and thin mouth as of Zidane. So I used to compare myself with Zidane that time. And to be frank, I don’t think Zidane is handsome. So I felt sorry for my short hair. As I was waiting my hair to be long, something good was happening to me. That is my online thing was going okay. So I ran both things on same ratio. The growth of my hair and growth of my blog were going up slowly and steadily.
Day went and night went, so was my hair going longer and longer. I really liked this hair. It was slowly converting to Ronaldinho from Zidane and I was happy for that. This is a real great thing (at least for me). But you know, I live in Nepal and you got really narrow minded people here. If you gotta long hair then they think that you are a bad guy. All of your neighbors start to look you in such way. And my parents too are some how conservative so they started to give me pressure to cut my hair. But why would I? Why should I listen to them? I am a youth and a freak. So I neglected them and told them to leave my hair alone (can it be? leave your hair alone?). But when my hair got long I too felt that it was not suiting me too much. So with due respect to my parents (?), I am cutting my hair today and going to put stop in the journey of my hair. But I am wishing that if I was Britney Spears then I could sell my hair to eBay. They can sell everything. If things go this way then I am sure that one day their shit too will be on sale in eBay. Ha ha.
This was the journey of my hair from Zidane to Ronaldinho and today it’s going to stop.
R.I.P my lovely hair.