Affiliate marketing refers to selling other peoples products for a commission, they are usually free to join and the owners usually provide marketing tools that can help their affiliates effectively promote their products. Every affiliate marketer is always looking for the successful market that gives the biggest paycheck. But records show that just a little over 15% of all those who get started with affiliate programs will ever make a sale and then only a smaller proportion will ever make good sales, those who have tried affiliate marketing will agree with me that this is the fact. There are simple reasons why many affiliates fail. If you are able to avoid these simple mistakes you will be able to increase your sales and survive as an affiliate marketer online.
What are these five reasons?
- They simply choose the wrong product: the worst mistake any affiliate can make is to promote a product for which he knows little about, most affiliate put commission first before the product and that is why many of them fail it should be the other way round
- Promoting affiliate products without a website: Although it is still possible to earn affiliate profits without having your own website, I don't recommend it because having a website makes it easier to market more effectively and it makes you look more professional.
- They don't learn from their mistakes: Many affiliates simply just don't learn from their mistakes or they give up too easily especially if after their first campaign their performance does not meet their expectations.
- They don't build their list: most if not all top internet marketers and affiliates all agree on one thing, the fact that the money is in the list, this common saying is very true and has been proven over and over again. A full time affiliate needs to have a list to turn to whenever he needs to market any product unless he is already preparing the grounds to fail, my advice is if you don't have a list try and get one.
- They don't attract enough traffic: If you don't attract people to your site, no one will visit your site, no one will buy anything using your link and ultimately means you are not going to succeed, the easiest way to fail as an affiliate is by not promoting your offer it is that simple