Hello fellas! Since I am engaged with google adsense for more than half a year and made a few bucks of money, I think I know something about adsense. Adsense , this was the thing I first used while starting online business. I think you are now calling me as a stupid person who got money from adsense and now talking a shit about that but please don’t forget that THIS BLOG DOESN’T TALK GOOD ,IT TALKS REAL! Yeah I know adsense is really a good program and it is really helpful for making money. AND I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THE DRAWBACKS OF ADSENSE AND LABELLING IT AS A BAD PROGRAMME I am just talking about my shitty experience with adsense in last half year.I started adsense before six months and I began working on it. But since I was the begineer I didn’t had a great site and good content, so there was no traffic in my site. I WAS THE ONE AND ONLY READER OF MY SITE. How does it feel? And what can you do in such situations? Just sit at home and wait for the reader for all life or do anything to make money. Well I choosed the latter option and I STARTED CLICKING ON MY OWN ADS THROUGH DIFFERENT IP ADDRESS. No wait don’t tell me a cheat bcoz many people here do the same stuff. Okay that was the way and I made a referral luckily and he made 100$ in 3 months and I got the awesome bonus of 250$ and my total became 278$. Now I started to have a problem with adsense. Since pin code is required at first before getting payment I started waiting for pin code. Since I am really far from America (I live in Nepal) it took more than a month for a pin code to come to my hand. As I entered pin code to my account they sent me cheque after 18 days and I went to the bank to deposit cheque and withdraw money. Yeah this was the shittiest time. I waited and waited and waited and after 44 days of deposit I got my money. When I got my money it was like winning a world cup for me as I had nearly lost my patience. This is my story and my shit encounter with adsense. May be this story be urs too if you live in south asia. Well if this shit smelled good to you and you want more shit don’t forget to subscribe me because THIS BLOG DOESN’T TALK ` GOOD, IT TALKS REAL and reality always smells shit

  1. ss June 7, 2011 at 2:10 AM  

    Don't worry. Your experience was far better than what I went through. At least you were patient. Here I deleted my first blog within 4 months of starting it. And yes, I made 0 adsense income from it because I had only 3 real humans to visit my blog within those 4 months. In the end, I impulsively chose to kill it with my index finger. Now things are totally different for my new blog.