My Nearly A Months HATE-HATE Relationship With KONTERA

Straight to the point, Kontera is my worst money making program. I made such less money with Kontera in a month that I really feel ashamed of thinking about that. I think I feel more bad about my earning from Kontera THAN Tommy Lee feels about the punch he got from Kid Rock. Yeah this is truth and its bitter and I can’t do anything to make it Butter. (What a worst rhyme, now I understand why my teacher always avoided me from writing poems)
Ok firstly for all those Punkass(no offense, please) who don’t know what Kontera is, here is a short description which I theft from some other people’s site. Don’t STARE at me! It HAPPENS! Okay according to that site, “Kontera’s ContentLink is a double underlined contextually relevant keyword on a web page that upon mouse-over opens a small bubble like box that displays and links to an ad from one of Kontera’s advertisers.When a visitor clicks the in text advertisement, they will be taken to the advertiser’s web site and the publisher will make money online. With ContentLink, advertisers reach their targeted audience on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis.” Wow! What a promising and sweet definition.
Okay now let’s talk about the negative side of Kontera in my blog. Okay let’s start from one funny thing. To be accepted from Kontera you need minimum 5, 00,000 page views per month. (Was that a joke, you may ask). Yes that’s joke, because a guy having less than 5,000 page views (that’s me, don’t be surprised) was accepted at the first shot. My first impression on Kontera was great. I thought that the program that requires minimum 5, 00,000 page views must give really good money. I was thinking of keeping Adsense aside and dedicating my blog on Kontera at that time. But after two days when I checked my earning report, ALAS! I just got 0.04 dollars for 2 clicks. GREAT! What I thought and what it gave. It was really bad moment for me so I slapped my brother who was near to me (that’s my ANGER MANAGEMENT technique. Please don’t call child rights center). So paying less money is the most negative side of Kontera.
And other thing is some people really find the ads of Kontera as Disturbing. As the ad displays when you place the mouse on link so there are lots of chances for the ad to display when you are going through the pages. How do you feel when you are seeing the Jessica Simpson’s Boooobs(sorry all my female readers mainly simplyjo, if she stills reads my post) and you got an ad in front of …..
Another negative side of Kontera is you don’t get UP-To-DATE information from Kontera as the reports can be checked after a day or two.
So at last I want to suggest you that before using Kontera please DON’T make big expectation rather I suggest you to make a mind for 1 cent per click. If you do that you will never get frustration like me because you will get WHAT YOU EXPECTED! 1 cent per click. And the proof of the negative Kontera is the reports of big bloggers whose 5% of earning also doesn’t come from Kontera.

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  1. BillyWarhol October 7, 2007 at 10:05 PM  

    Ohhhhhhh God yer killin' me Man!!!!

    U are thee Funniest Blogger out there by a Mile + a Harf!!

    Very Refreshing to have somebody tell it like it is*


    I saw Kid Rock on Larry King + i see Pammy (our Finest Canadian Export) did Marry Rick Soloman (he of Perez Hilton Sex Tape Fame) did get hitched in Vegas this weekend*