An Open Letter To Lindsay Lohan.
Dear Lindsay Lohan,
I heard you came back from the rehab. At this time, I think, you are celebrating your return with your GREAT friends of Hollywood who firstly showed you the way to black ocean of Drugs and now are laughing to see you drowning on that deep ocean. They never drowned but you did. And may be you are planning to celebrate with your GREAT dad who once threatened to kill you. Or you are wishing to meet your old boyfriends who banged you and never looked back. Sorry to say Lindsay but the bitter truth is you are surrounded only by the devils.
Before you were a cute little girl playing some movies and commercials and were seen on little space of newspaper and internet. But you were not satisfied with that and you wanted big and easy name. So you started to open up. Your body and your thoughts all were being naked and it seemed like you got nothing private Lindsay. And you know, the crowd went crazy and you were highly famous. You were on MTV, you were on internet, and you were everywhere. There was your name on every lips and your photo was on the front page of ever piece of paper. Lots of people could die just to see you once. And you, you were so happy to see your huge so called fans and I was standing on the wall and laughing at your foolishness. You never understood that they all were phoney; you never understood that the crazy people were not fan of you, they were just crazy about your white naked body. You lost your identity baby; you were just like a sex doll. You were happy having name everywhere but you never checked if it was a BAD NAME.
Last time I did a little research in your name. I just wanted to know what people searches most about the great Lindsay Lohan. And do you know what do people search most about you? You will be shocked Lindsay. Lindsay Lohan nude, Lindsay Lohan upskirt, Lindsay Lohan naked and more of your nakedness is the most famous keywords about you. Where are you Lindsay? Where is your identity? You are just a sex puppet Lindsay. Nobody loves you from the middle of soul. Everybody just wants to sleep with you but nobody wants to take commitment. You changed a dozen of boyfriends in a year Lindsay and now you are alone. Why? I told you before; you are surrounded by phoney peoples. They all played with you and you are still happy thinking that you played with them.
I think this letter is becoming lengthy. So I think its time to stop it. But at last I want to plea you to change. Its time to change Lindsay! You just can’t be like this always. After 20 years, for what you will like to be remembered? A HOLLYWOOD-WHORE. you are thieving other’s husbands, you are toxicated with cocaine and you are sleeping with whoever you want. Are these the stories you will be telling to your grandchildren? Change yourself girl, this is the second chance for you and what if life doesn’t gives you the third chance. And do you know Lindsay, I have a really beautiful sister who likes you and wants to be like you. But you know I DON’T WANT HER TO BECOME LINDSAY LOHAN. Sorry to say Lindsay but you just became a CHEAP sex icon.
Yours sincerely

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