Simply, YES! Backlinks really works and I can tell this from my 3 months unsuccessful blogging experience. Backlinks are the bone of the blog which helps you to gain spot on top pages of search engines. And not to forget that search engines provides nearly 75% of your total traffic.
Once upon a time, I had many posts but didn't have any nice backlinks. At that time I never had seen the pages of my worst blog in any pages of search engines( believe me, I checked from page 1 to page 10). So my blog was like a ghost blog which never came to the light of Google. Then I started reading lots of FREE SEO E-BOOKS( read my x-ray on Free Seo Ebooks). Then I knew that search engines results madly depends on the backlinks you got. So I thought if I have to see my blog on search engines then I certainly should collect many good and relevant backlinks. Then started my mission for backlink. After some attempt I collected really nice backlinks from the blogs with good PR. Then it went like;" MOMMY! LOOK MY BLOG IS IN THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE." It was true and for certain keywords my blog started to come on the 1st page of search engines. VOILA!
I think I already made you bored by my story (that's my specialty, I can easily make people bored he he). So now I am giving you some ideas about how to collect backlinks. The 1st and easy way of hunting backlink is to explore the adesblog, as this guy is crazy about distributing backlink. I got 2 backlinks from him through the backlink contests which he often does. You can also search on Google or yahoo typing 'get a free backlink' and exploring through the resulted pages. Next way is writing link exchange emails. I too tried it and out of 10 emails, I got 2 backlinks and that's good. Linkbait is also a way to get a backlink.
So I think I mentioned the importance of backlinks and the ways of getting backlinks. So now its your time to collect many good backlinks as much as possible. But I suggest you to take a backlink from the related blogs only. I think it will be really bad if your blog is about easy online money and your backlink is from adult friend finder. It sucks man, totally. At last I want to wish you a very happy BACKLINK HUNTING.
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