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How do you feel when you get paid for the things you are doing for free for long time?(P.S. keep in mind that I am not talking about kissing wife as it is not free if you are kissing other peoples wife. he he) Isn’t it great? Yes and in today’s post I am talking about the site that pays us for writing posts which we are been doing for free for long time. And the program that pays us for posting is……… (No drumroll, please) LOUDLAUNCH. Loudlaunch is a clone (I hope they are not reading this) to payperpost. I think now you have got some idea about it. Yes it pays us for the post we write about the advertiser they are hooked up with. We write they pay. Really simple!
Loudlaunch is the place where advertisers and bloggers are brought together for the benefits of both. Since I am not an advertiser I am just talking about what bloggers can get from it and what are the steps to get in. Okay the first step is to register a free account and submit a blog there. And then if your blog is accepted (I said IF) then you can view advertisers live campaigns and then you can select to blog about campaign releases that match our interests. After that you can blog it and add their small disclosure statement in the post. And then? And then GET PAID IN 30 DAYS! Sounds really simple, isn’t it? It sounds simpler then searching Paris Hilton’s hot tape in internet. And yes it is simple too but my dear bloggers just not forget that there are some requirements to get approved by them.
The general requirements are that you must be 18 years above(are we watching adult movie?) and then you should have verifiable paypal account. Your blog too should be 2 months old with a verifiable readers and you should have little bit knowledge of HTML too (don’t they know little knowledge is dangerous thing, who cares). So these are the general requirements to be eligible for Loudlaunch. if you posses all these things then you are the most ELIGIBLE BLOGGER.
While talking about posting they say that you can post upto 2 posts per day per blog. That means if you have multiple blogs then it is really going to be profitable to you. And the post you write should be on your first page for 14 months and for 45 days on your archive. Payment is done via paypal within the 1st 5 days of each month. So I want to say that since registration is free and chances of earning are more then why not to try Loudlaunch. After all it’s a source of money. At last I want to make you clear that THIS IS NOT AN SPONSORED POST.
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  1. Anonymous October 15, 2007 at 5:26 AM  

    Thanks for the info on Loudlaunch Raobin. I'll have to check them out.