What’s there in NAME? - Shakespeare said.
There is something in NAME- I say.
After reading the title you may think that I have gone crazy. But why would I go crazy? Neither I have watched any Reality Shows lately nor I have heard a new JOKE telling that Lindsay is leaving Hollywood (These two things can kill me man!)Then why the heck are you writing about such a minor thing? Because from my experience minor things too sometimes plays a major role for your blog and I have been witnessing it for last some weeks. Yes profile name really works to a large extent and sometimes may give a sweet surprising result.
Before a week when I checked my site stats on mybloglog then I found that I had some page views from search engine for the keyword Aerobin or Aerobin reviews. I still don’t know what this Aerobin means actually but I am getting much traffic for this word. In fact this word is my profile name. Aerobin, aero for my best band Aerosmith and Bin from my name Rabin. When both meet then there came a word Aerobin. And that word didn’t came along rather it came with some traffic for my blog. I am still getting traffic for this word and I feel really good to have such a lucky user name.
Before, I had written many posts using lots of keywords to come on the first page of the search engine. I wrote a post taking lots of time to place the keywords properly in a proper place and it was a hard work. But to be true none of such pages came on the first page of search engine. But the name I kept so lightly without thinking is giving me lots of visitors. It really feels incredible. So I am writing this post to show my surprise.
I have no idea to suggest you to keep the username that can come on search engine and I am just sharing my experience. And I have no suggestion to give you. I think its all about luck. So keep blogging and I wish you too have a searchable username. But don’t you think my blog has proved Shakespeare’s theory wrong? There is something in name man, really. In fact there are many things in name. Yup, this smartass Sexpeare challenges Shakespeare. He he.
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