1.WHAT THEY ARE WRITING: This is the main thing blogger should keep in mind. They should always know what they are writing. As we know that CONTENT IS THE KING. So blogger should write deeply so that they can gain many readers and the topic too should be described fully. They should give full information on what they are writing and what they want to give to the readers. I think good content is the key topic to get the loyal readers. So always know what you are writing.
2.FOR WHOM THEY ARE WRITING: yeah before writing always think that for whom you are writing and what mass you are targeting. This helps to make your writing better and also helps to convey your message with greatness. For example if you are writing about toys then you should always think that you are writing for children. So it’s better if you use some simple description rather than the game of words. If you want your blog to be read by a lot then always know for which mass you are writing.

3.WHY THEY ARE WRITING: Yeah my good buddies, why are you writing? You are writing just to spread your feeling or you are serious about some bucks you can earn from blogging? If you are writing just for fun then you can write in one way and you can write in another way if you want to pocket some bucks. This is true, if you are writing for yourself then you can write normally but if you are writing for readers and money then you should be serious about contents and its mass appeal. So these things are different. So it will be lot better if you know why you are writing.

4.WHEN THEY ARE WRITING: This doesn’t means about your writing time rather it means about appropriate time. This doesn’t tells that you should write in evening or night but this means writing in the favorable time and appropriate time. You should be up to date and write in appropriate situation. For example now it doesn’t matter if you write about September 9/11 but it will be more effective if you write about Harry Potters Last installment. Yeah I am talking about making articles effective. So always try to write in appropriate time and situation.

5.HOW THEY ARE WRITING: This is the last tip and really important too. About how to write also you should be always sincere. You should be alert about grammar, spelling and other grammatical accuracies too. And yeah always write with confidence and try to make writing interesting by giving examples and other interesting stuff. NEVER LET A READER BE BORED of your writing. All people like interesting stuffs and if you write good thing but in a boring manner then never hope for a better traffic in your blog.
This is my today’s article and I hope you will follow this and improve your writing too. Catch you soon with another article.