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Place: Government Office of the Third wold

Scene 1: Knock Knock; sorry to tell you your work cannot be done. you know you have not done all things required . and i am really busy today. please come after a week or a month then it may happen. thank you
Scene 2: knock knock; sorry you too dont have enogh resouces to have your work done. you see this file cannot be processed (under the table: two grands in the pocket of officer). oh i was mistaken , you have complete thing for your file to be processed( note him how he changed his behavior) you are really nice man and your documents are okay. stay here for some time and you will have your work done.
do you think this is imaginatary article ? no way this is the truth. this is the THIRD WORLD n this is the damn truth we are living on. Corruption rules here and we have to pay the corrupted people.This the the Damn world n we pay here . We are the slave of Corruption. The guy who came to capital before 12 years with no shoes is the millionaire now. He owns big bungalows and great cars. Sorry to say he is our minister. Ha ha ha he is our damn patriotic minister.If u come here once and see the big buildings then dont make mistake to ask about the work of the owner, coz it is certain that he is a government officer. Corruption rules everywhere. The simple governmental officer is rich than a doctor here.Money speaks here even the law is dominated by money. If u are poor and your family member is killed by rich people than please dont go to court. They will put you behind the bars making you the killer. you want proof, go to the jail nearly 100 percent people there are form poor family. Aint it great? ha ha police are on sale here , judge are on sell here everything is in sale here. This is not joke this is not fake coz this is the TTHIRD WORLD CHAOS n corruotion is CULTURE here.