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It has not been long that I have heard of Kontera. Its only a week ago that I read about it but I was really sad when I read that it required over 500000 page views per month and that was impossible for my blog. I am not a Paris Hilton so that people will give a look in my site to get my new stuffs. I am just a new blogger who is trying his luck on blogging. So I thought that Kontera was not for me. But after some time I got good news that I too can participate with Kontera and thanks to John Chow whose site made it possible. Okay let’s talk about Kontera. In this age of digital media, there are many sources to earn money from blog. Even a personal blog has many chances to earn money because there are many publisher programs in the row. And among them lies Kontera.
When you are approved by Kontera, they provide you with the content links. ContentLinks are contextually relevant keywords discovered in real time on a publisher’s web page that are automatically turned into a link to the most relevant and highest paying text ad from one of Kontera’s thousands of advertisers. As Kontera states they help publishers to maximize their revenue and earn higher click through rates. And the best thing about Kontera is they don’t take your space rather they highlight the appropriate keyword which is the ad. So this makes Kontera unique then other programs which take space of your site. But according to many bloggers, this is the flip side of Kontera too because it can be annoying to the readers. And another problem I have encountered is they provide less money. Yeah they do. So please don’t wish to earn more than adsense through Kontera because I think it’s never gonna happen. But if you want to earn some more with stylish ads then Kontera welcomes you. The good thing about it is you shouldn’t be afraid that adsense will be angry as adsense and Kontera can be used together and also you should not worry about the link popularity. But the main thing to earn more from Kontera is to use as many keywords as possible as they can turn into more ads and more revenue too. Don’t worry about the budget or something as it is free to join and I have read that it helps for search engine ranking too. So there is nothing to lose with signing this text ad as they can help to earn some more bucks. And yeah if you are a beginner then don’t forget to read as they give access to Kontera for the new blogger. So I am using this and I know I will get some more information and don’t worry I will give it to you too. And if you like this post and hope for some more news then don’t forget to subscribe the RSS or EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION in the end of page. KEEP BLOGGING.

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